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Elishewitz Tao Pen

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Elishewitz Tao Pen
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The Elishewitz Tao Pen is a tactical pen that’s a great fit for when you can't take a knife or handgun. The pen doesn’t appear threatening, but it’s reliable and built to help you defend yourself in case of a surprise attack. Award-winning knife designer Allen Elishewitz has lived in the Far East and has practiced martial arts over the past 30 years. He drew on this training and his experience as a Recon Marine to design these defensive writing instruments.

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Additional Information

Additional Information

Additional Info The Tao Pen is a functional writing instrument which uses the Fisher® Space Pen ball point cartridge, a pressurized design developed for NASA. It has a tungsten carbide ball point and thixotropic ink which will write in freezing cold, boiling heat, underwater and at any angle—even upside down.

According to Elishewitz, "If the user is threatened or attacked, the pens can be used at three levels of defensive force, depending on the type of threat.

"At the lowest level of engagement, the impact crown on the cap can be used to strike the assailant on the head or hands by raking or thrusting. This provides notice of self defense, and may deter the attacker with minimal injury to him.

"At the second level, the more pointed butt of the pen may be used to thrust or provide a disabling pressure point behind the ears, at the armpit or throat.

"At the third level, if the attack persists, the pen point may be thrust for penetration in soft tissues of the throat, chest or abdomen with potentially lethal results if the assailant does not break off the attack."
Tech Specs Made of 6061 aluminum, precision-machined and hard anodized.

The heavy cap is threaded so that it will not pull off in use, and castellated for greater defensive impact.

The flutes and grooves on the pen, combined with the pewter-toned stainless steel pocket clip, provide a secure grip.
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