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17 jumbo packets of 100% non-hybrid and non-GMO, premium quality long term storage seed varieties. Get 17 jumbo packets of 100% non-hybrid and non-GMO premium quality long term storage seed varieties. These open-pollinating varieties (seeds can be harvested and replanted) are ideal for planting a garden now or years from now.

Each variety has been specially chosen and recommended for short season climates with excellent adaptability for most regions. These seeds were carefully dried to their optimum moisture content to increase their storage life.

Seeds can safely store for up to 4 years when stored at cool constant temperatures. Uniquely heat sealed in a triple layered foil bag, our seed packets allow you to reuse their bags by resealing the seeds with a unique E-Z Lock feature.

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Seed Varieties Include*

BeansBlue Lake Bush5 oz
BeetsDetroit Dark Red10 g
BroccoliWaltham5 g
Melon, CantaloupeHales Best Jumbo5 g
CarrotScarlet Nantes10 g
CornGolden Bantam5 oz
CucumberMarketmore10 g
Lettuce, RomaineParris Island Cos5 g
OnionUtah Yellow Sweet Spanish10 g
PeasLincoln5 oz
Pepper, SweetYolo Wonder5 g
RadishChampion10 g
SpinachBloomsdale Long Standing10 g
TomatoRutgers5 g
WatermelonCrimson Sweet5 g
Winter SquashWaltham Butternut10 g
Zucchini SquashZucchini Black Beauty10 g

* If crop becomes unavailable, substitutions of the nearest open-pollinated available variety will be used.

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Additional Info
At a constant 70 degrees, these seeds will store for 4 years.

The Canned Heirloom Garden Seeds also include an insight 14-page guide on planting and using the included seeds

Packaged in a #10 stainless steel can that is double-enameled to prevent aging and rust. #10 can dimensions: 7” high X 6.25” diameter.

Gardening is the most popular leisure activity in the United States. A Brigham Young University study showed that for an average garden you would spend about $30 for seeds but harvest vegetables that would be worth more than $600 per year. Growing vegetables is not only for mental and physical health, but it is also economical and teaches children responsibility.
  • Canned Heirloom Garden Seeds
  • Canned Heirloom Garden Seeds
  • Canned Heirloom Garden Seeds
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