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Canned Drinking Water


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A steady supply of drinking water is more vital to human sustenance than food. 22 fl. oz. per can. Also available in cases of 12. A steady supply of drinking water is more vital to human sustenance than food. 22 fl. oz. per can. Also available in cases of 12. A steady supply of drinking water is more vital to human sustenance than food. It is important to have a reliable source of clean water, like this canned drinking water, in case of emergencies. Disasters can contaminate your water supply, cause a water shortage, or cut off your water supply completely.

It'll do in a crunch

I purchased this item before and gave it a try. it was okay though I was kind of skeptical about tasting it having never seen canned water before but it is water and will do in an extreme situation needed. I believe it will hold up better in an automobile that gets cold in the winter and hot in the summer, emergencies happen in this country everyday, so I feel this is a very good and needed product.

Posted on 10/14/13 by Warren

It all depends on what you want

The shelf life and dependability of this product is what you are paying for here. One can is only 24 oz. So at $4.50 per can, you’re paying about $24 a gallon! If you aren’t worried about chemical or biological attacks and just want plain ol’ water storage, your money is better spent on bottles and jugs. If you ARE worried about chemical or biological attacks, this will give you the peace of mind that your water will be safe and thus is money well spent!

{Response from Emergency Essentials - You bring up a great point Jennifer! Shelf life is definitely the emphasis here. Water itself doesn't have a shelf-life, but it is "friends" with everything it touches. You either have to protect it from accidental contamination, or rotate it frequently. The Canned Drinking Water product offers professionally purified water that is protected by a container that blocks accidental contamination for decades. Bottled water is much more prone to exposure and breakage, and often isn't professionally purified. When it comes to shelf-life, the Canned Drinking Water is extremely tough to beat}.

Posted on 4/14/13 by Jennifer

Canned Drinking Water

World Grocer Canned Emergency Drinking Water is an absolutely wonderful new product. The water taste good (I had to open a can and try it). It stacks well in my outdoor shed, and because the cans are metal, I do not have to worry about rodents tampering with it.

Posted on 1/23/11 by Mary Lou M

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Tech Specs
Emergency Drinking Water goes through the following stages:
  • Boiling the water before canning and vacuum sealing
  • This is followed by cooking the cans which eliminates any bacteria
  • The above process makes it possible to store water safely for 30+ years
  • These cans store and carry well
  • Cans are vacuum sealed
  • Each can contains 22 FL OZ
  • Can dimensions: 4” high x 4” diameter
  • A case contains 12 cans, 288 OZ

  • Being prepared by having an emergency supply of drinking water is wise. Water may be (besides your family) the most important item to have safe and secured in an emergency.
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    • Canned Drinking Water