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Emergency Essentials® butter powder is a must-have staple for your pantry for food storage and even for every day use whenever you need the rich flavor of real butter. Emergency Essentials® butter powder is a must-have staple for your pantry for food storage and even for every day use whenever you need the rich flavor of real butter. When reconstituted it becomes a creamy spread for your table, or can be used for all of your baking needs. Packaged in double enameled cans for long-term storage, so you can enjoy delicious butter now or years from now. Equivalent to 17.5 1/2 cup sticks of butter when reconstituted, making this butter powder a great value!
Label Info
Net Weight:
36 oz
% Daily Value
Serving Size 1 2/3 Tbsp (dry) (9g)
Servings Per Container About 113
Amount Per Serving
Calories 70
Calories From Fat 70
Total Fat 5 g 11%
Saturated Fat 4.5 g 23%
Trans Fat 0 g
Cholesterol 20 mg 7%
Sodium 30 mg 1%
Total Carbohydrate 1 g 0%
Dietary Fiber 0 g 0%
Sugars 1 g
Protein 1 g 1%
Vitamin A 4%
Vitamin C 0%
Calcium 0%
Iron 0%

Ingredients: Butter, Nonfat Milk Solids, Sodium Caseinate, Sodium Tripolyphosphate, and less than 2% Silicon Dioxide as an Anticaking agent.

Allergens: Contains milk product. Processed in a plant that handles wheat, egg, milk, soybean, peanut, and tree nut products.

Directions: To Reconstitute: Add 1 Tbsp of warm water to 1/4 cup Butter Powder. Mix Well.

When used in baking: IT is not necessary to reconstitute. For 1/2 cup of butter, add 3/4 cup of butter powder trot he dry ingredients and 3 Tablespoons of water to the liquid ingredients. NOTE: Oxygen removed by either nitrogen flushing or oxygen absorber. Absorber not for human consumption. Discard packet immediately upon opening!


Great for baking

We love this product. It tastes like butter. We use it in mashed potatoes and baked goods. Instead of using water to rehydrate it, we use other liquids like orange juice in cookies and breads. Yum!

Posted on 4/20/14 by Quail

Waited too long!!

I should have ordered this a LONG time ago. If I knew it would be so tasty, I sure would have. It bakes up just like regular butter and spreads well on bread. The taste is excellent. I used a small amount of veg oil when I reconstituted it.

Posted on 2/5/13 by Cheryl


Fantastic product that truly performs in the consistency of store bought butter,in taste and texture. Adding the water and oil (extra light olive oil,this oil is mild and will not over power the buttery flavor},in small amounts to achieve the end product.

Posted on 3/17/11 by Vita-D


love the convenience

Posted on 5/4/10 by Janet

WOW!!!. . .

I only bought 2 cans as I was uncertain to how this would taste. Just add a (very small) amount of water. After trying it, my first thought was, "This tastes just like the butter you get with garlic bread" when you go out with the family for a pizza. Now I'm back for 6 cans.

Posted on 3/3/10 by Don


So far I've tried the butter out with a few recipes and have definitely fallen in love with it. I use it mainly for baking and cooking. Plus Butter pwd is lower in fat 4.5 grams per tbs versus 11 grams per Tbs. You get all the wonderful flavor of butter without all the fat.

Posted on 2/4/10 by Leslie

So good on fresh bread

I was expecting some kind of stale powder before I tasted this, but I was extremely pleased the first time I tried it. I used it on fresh-baked bread and I was in heaven!

Posted on 12/24/09 by Tim


This is yummy! I use less water that suggested and also add some canola oil. This makes is creamy and of a perfect consistency to spread. We love it. A big plus is I know it doesn't have all the stuff commercial margarine has. I want to try to margarine powder also.

Posted on 5/31/09 by Carol

Great in a pinch!

My husband and I have been experimenting with the powdered butter. It works best in baking when used with something like shortening or lard. If reconstituted according to the recommended ratios we were never able to achieve butter "solids" so it wasn't great for spreading. The taste is great though. I will definitely keep buying it as a staple food storage item!

Posted on 1/25/09 by Erika

I'm Hooked!

I got this butter powder yesterday for the first time. I made a small batch & put it in the fridge for an hour. I spread some on a piece of bread and now I am hooked. It reminds me of the fresh creamy butter from the farm. My husband was really impressed too. Will keep this on my list of must haves.

Posted on 12/11/08 by Charlene

Very Creamy

This butter has a very creamy taste that reminds me of the creamery and Amish butters from my youth. It really grows on you. I'll be glad to be able to bake with it and store it without refrigeration also.

Posted on 9/15/08 by Jean

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Additional Info
For best flavor and nutrition, keep cans constantly stored at 70° or lower. Once opened, keep in air tight containers in dark cool places. To learn more about how long you can expect food to store see our Shelf Life Article.

Packaged with an oxygen absorber in a #10 stainless steel can that is double-enameled to prevent aging and rust. #10 can dimensions: 7” high X 6.25” diameter. To learn more about how packaging makes a big difference in keeping food at optimum levels, view our Food Storage Packaging article.

Not sure how to choose the right food storage items? Check out our 15 tips for food storage shopping to help you make an informed decision.
Add a small amount of vegetable oil for an even smoother texture and to enhance flavor. When used in baking, it is not necessary to reconstitute: Simply add it to your dry ingredients and increase the liquid. Butter Powder also works great to make your own honey butter and herb-flavored butters.
  • Emergency Essentials® Butter Powder - 36 oz
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