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Add instant relief and halt the progress of burn injuries with this remarkable product! Made mostly of water, BurnFree® is specifically developed for first-aid use on burns and scalds. Add instant pain relief and halt the progress of burn injuries with this remarkable product! Made with special ingredients designed to stop the progress of a burn and relieve pain. BurnFree® is specifically developed for first-aid use on burns and scalds. BurnFree® Products are used extensively by paramedics and burn centers across the country. The BurnFree® Pain Relieving Gel will cool, soothe, and moisten the burn site while relieving pain. This amazing product is a first-aid kit essential and is exactly what you need for instant burn relief.

Hot Coals

While helping with a class on dutch oven cooking, a young boy was following his brother who went between the two tables and jumped over the pan of coals. The younger boy fell in the pan of coals before we could catch him. I immediately applied burn free from my car stash on his legs, but missed the spot on his arm that must have also touched the coals. The next day you could not tell that the legs had even been in the pan of coals. If it weren't for the 2nd degree blister on his arm, you would never have known that it had happened.

Posted on 5/18/14 by barb g

Instant relief

I consider myself a very "prepared" kind of guy. I purchased this product after an incident happened to one of my friends while we were camping. He was smoking while putting gas in his generator...needles to say some type of burn gel was needed, but we didn't have any. This conflicts with my "i'd rather have it and don't need it than need it and don't have it" philosophy. So I purchased this gel not knowing how it worked. Then, one of my friends recently purchased a commercial food trailer and asked me to help light their propane grill, because they couldn't get it lit.
Of course I helped...bad idea.. In my haste I forgot to ask them if they had been trying to light the grill prior to me attempting to light it. Needless to say, I got a chance to do a mild Richard Pryor impersonation. My face and my arms got flash burned by a huge cloud of propane. This gel is a MUST have for anyone. I applied this gel to my burns and I got INSTANT relief. However, I did use about half the bottle, but that was only because if I started to feel any pain I reapplied the gel. I have ordered from EE several times, but I never created a permanent account. I did that today just to post a review on this product. In fact i'm purchasing 6 more bottles. That way I can have one in my vehicles, home, and work.
Buy it

Posted on 4/22/14 by sam

Relief from Shingles with BurnFree

I purchased a bottle of BurnFree for my first-aid kit. Just this past week I came down with Shingles. The pain from the Shingles was similar to severe burns, with deep, prickly, sharp twinges of pain. In addition, I had small blisters forming across my forehead, brow, and cheek. I placed a small drop of BurnFree gel on a small blister. The next morning, the “test” blister had scabbed over, and the redness was diminished. With the approval of my physician, I covered the additional blisters with the BurnFree gel. Immediately, I had relief from the pain of my Shingles. I found that the gel gave me relief for about 6 hours. It was not necessary for me to use pain medication to ease the burning pain from the Shingles.

Posted on 4/9/14 by Kelli

Burn Free Gel

Not sure what rating to give it so I'll just say what happened: A lot of boiling water directly on my hand and fingers. I used half the bottle of this gel over the course of 4 hours and the pain was gone. No pills, no hospital, no lost sleep. The next day I could see I had some really ugly 2nd degree burns with blisters. My story, you judge for yourself.

Posted on 5/2/13 by Ben

Burn Free Pain Relieving Gel

This is so essential for the home. Natural remedy. It really cools, soothes and moistens, relieves pain and prevents infections. Have used it just today, and many times in the past I find it is definitely a nesscesity in my kitchen and home.

Posted on 2/14/13 by zimbarb

Saved trip to emergency room

Two winters ago I burned my left temple using a new curling iron for the first time. Injury severe enough for emergency room trip but ER is 22 miles away and road conditions were white out. Used Burn Free with immediate pain relief. Continued use produced fast healing and ultimately no scar.

Posted on 1/31/13 by PRW

Burn gel

We own restaurants and have used many different burn creams and sprays. This gel works much better than any other product we have used in 40 years. We now have it in all of our restaurants, our home, and emergency storage. My wife and i recommend this to all.

Posted on 1/14/13 by joe

Miracle Gel

This has got to be the best gel ever. It is good for burns of any kind but it's also good for fire ant bites, mosquito bites, spider bites and bee stings. The good thing about this gel is that it does not burn when you put it on a burn or bit or even a cut and the pain from what you are putting it on is instantly gone. Everyone should have some of this gel in their homes and in their backpacks. I have some at home, work, 72-hour backpack, long-term food storage. I think everyone I work with has a bottle of this gel and then some. Again, this is the best gel ever.

Posted on 4/3/11 by Debby


I purchased "BURNFREE Pain Relieving Gel" several months ago. I used it on a sunburn and it worked great. But what prompted me to write a review today was that it probably saved me a visit to the ER. I was pouring boiling water into a thermos and it slipped causing me to pour it directly on my hand. I immediate applied "BURNFREE" and it stopped the pain. Thank-You for a great product!

Posted on 1/23/10 by Leslie F

good for sunburn too

I recently spent a long day at the lake sailing on a Cat, fully exposed, After getting home I found I had quite a painful sunburn. I had previously ordered one of these to test, and it worked very well for relieving the pain and the healing of the sunburn, giving almost instant relief and quick healing followed.

Posted on 7/2/09 by Clay

Our son stopped crying within minutes

We bought some of this for our first aid kit and used it when our son got burnt after touching a hot iron. He stopped crying within minutes of it's application.

Posted on 9/6/08 by Richard

Burn Free pain Relieving Gel

I am very impressed with this product. Having a good friend that works in the County Hospital "Burn Unit" I was able to talk to her and ask her opinion on this product.. She had only good things to say about this gel. She said that they use it often, and that it really seemed to help those that needed the use of it. So I ordered it and put it in the First Aid Kit just to have. We have had to use it on a Sunburn and on a burn from a soldering iron. It really does do the trick of easing the pain fast and stopping the burn. Those that may question this product, you will never be sorry if you do purchase this. I keep one bottle close at hand now. Thank you for offering this to us at a low cost.. It is so worth it.

Posted on 7/18/08 by Patsy

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Tech Specs
When using BurnFree Pain Relieving Gel, gently apply a liberal amount to the injured area without rubbing it into the wound. In order for the gel to be fully effective, it is necessary to apply a thick layer over the damaged area.

BurnFree® is classified as a Medical Device by the US FDA and by the European Community. It also carries the "CE" mark as required in Europe.
  • Dissipates heat on contact
  • Cools burn site and relieves pain
  • helps stop the burn progression
  • Meets ANSI standard for water-based burn treatment
  • Portable, easy to use, and completely water soluble
Additional Info
The first step in first aid treatment of burns is to cool the burning. BurnFree provides instant relief, soothing and cooling the burn. BurnFree is the most advanced technology in the first aid treatment of burn injuries using a gelling agent which allows the gel to remain stable when exposed to wide temperature variations. This assures that the BurnFree gel is viscous enough for it to remain on the burn wound and not run off.

Burn injuries can be compared to cooking a roast. Just as a roast will continue to cook after it is removed from the oven, a burn injury will continue to deepen as long as the wound is not cooled. When applied early, BurnFree products help to stop the burn progression and minimize the depth of the injury by cooling the wound immediately.

It is completely non-adhesive, nontoxic, and won’t irritate skin. ***BurnFree® is a highly viscous gel that effectively stays on a burn injury rather than running off the wound as water would. BurnFree® is 100% water soluble, which means it rinses off completely from a burn injury for any further examination and treatment. BurnFree® carries trace amounts of a natural extract called Melaleuca Alternafolia, or Tea Tree Oil. This extract is considered in many countries to have natural germicidal properties, which help to prevent infection and promote healing. BurnFree® contains anti-evaporative, thickening and preservative agents to maintain the gels viscosity and efficacy.
  • BURNFREE® Pain Relieving Gel 4 oz Bottle