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Burnfree 6 x 5 Fire/Trauma Blanket

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Burnfree 6 x 5 Fire/Trauma Blanket
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Burnfree 6' x 5' Fire/Trauma Blanket is made to provide instant pain relief and halt the progress of large or full-body burn injuries. Made with special ingredients designed to stop the progress of a burn and relieve pain, BurnFree products are must-have items for your emergency kit and first aid supplies. BurnFree blankets are designed for emergency and industrial use as first aid for burns and also to provide physical protection from heat, fire, and smoke. When draped over the head and body, the fire-resistant Burnfree blankets are a protective shield for a rescuer or a person trapped by fire. The blankets also can be thrown over a burning area to extinguish flames and thereby create an escape route.
Additional Information

Additional Information

Additional Info Made with special ingredients designed to stop the progress of a burn and relieve pain, BurnFree® is specifically developed for first-aid use on burns and scalds.

Read and follow the instructions on the outer carry bag carefully. Seek professional medical assistance for the victim immediately.

Chemical burns must be irrigated and flushed before being treated with the blanket.
Tech Specs Weight: 18 lbs
Dimensions: approx. 18” long x approx. 8” wide x approx. 7” tall

BurnFree® is classified as a Medical Device by the US FDA and by the European Community. It also carries the "CE" mark as required in Europe.
  • Dissipates heat on contact
  • Cools burn site and relieves pain
  • helps stop the burn progression
  • Meets ANSI standard for water-based burn treatment
  • Portable, easy to use, and completely water soluble
It is completely non-adhesive, nontoxic, and won’t irritate skin.
BurnFree® is a highly viscous gel that effectively stays on a burn injury rather than running off the wound as water would. BurnFree® is is 100% water soluble, which means it rinses off completely from a burn injury for any further examination and treatment. BurnFree® carries trace amounts of a natural extract called Melaleuca Alternafolia, or Tea Tree Oil. This extract is considered in many countries to have natural anti-germicidal features, which help to prevent infection and promote healing. BurnFree® contains anti-evaporative, thickening and preservative agents to maintain the gels viscosity and efficacy.

For immediate first aid treatment, the blankets can be wrapped around a person whose clothes are burning or who has sustained a burn injury. The BurnFree blankets will instantly extinguish fires, while at the same time wetting and cooling the fuel, which is usually clothing.
Contents Burnfree® 6' x 5' Fire/Trauma Blanket

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