Brown Sugar Glazed Pork Chops Recipe


Mountain House Freeze Dried Pork Chops
Salt and Pepper
Brown Sugar
1/2 - 2/3 C
Emergency Essentials Freeze Dried Raspberries (optional)


Option 1) Reconstitute the pork chops as directed—and treat them as you would raw meat.

Once they’re ready to cook, heat your pan on the stove top and add some oil to prevent the chops from sticking. Sprinkle the chops with salt, pepper, and brown sugar on top, and place top-side down into the pan. Sprinkle again with salt, pepper, and brown sugar before turning. The sugar will give the pork chops a nice hint of sweetness and (even more important, in my opinion) a gorgeous caramelized color.

Option 2) Follow the directions above.

In addition to the brown sugar, add some reconstituted freeze-dried raspberries to the top of the pork chop after it has been turned. (You can sweeten the raspberries if you like—I prefer the contrast of the sweet brown sugar glaze on the pork chop against the tangy raspberries).
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