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  • People are Stockpiling Food (and Not Just Because of the Elections)

    stockpiling for elections

    During election years, it’s common for people to amp up their preparedness, and the 2016 presidential election has been no different. People from around the country began stockpiling food before Election Day even rolled around. According to NBC News, sales were up 300% for one preparedness company. This was most likely due to fears of a Clinton victory on November 8, according to the vice president at Blue Chip Group Inc.

    But a Trump win didn’t relinquish the need to prepare. On the contrary, we saw a spike in sales of year supplies the very day after the election. Combos, kits, and water storage are also selling With a new president taking office in January, the future is again uncertain. Fortunately, being prepared is a practical way to counter those feelings of uncertainty.

    Many people saw the ugly politicking of the 2016 presidential election and decided it was about time they started building up their emergency prep. But one man from Cincinnati was well ahead of the game. Dan O’Hara has been stocking up on food, water, and gear for years, and even has an underground storage room where he keeps it all. He has freeze-dried food, garden seeds, and even his own freeze dryer. The reason? To help sustain his family for an extended period of time in case of emergency.

    And a new president is only one of the many reasons to prepare.

    Natural disasters, economic crisis, job loss, civil unrest, and even injury can make it difficult to acquire the necessary food and gear to see you through the hard times. O’Hara is even prepared for a nuclear disaster. But is he just a crazy prepper?

    Prepper, yes; crazy, no.

    variety-year-supply stockpiling An example of our Variety Year Supply.

    O’Hara says he and other everyday people prepare so that when something bad does happen, they won’t have to rely on others for help. Self-sufficiency is an important aspect of preparing. With preparedness comes a sense of hope and comfort, both during times of crisis and times of calm. During an emergency, waiting for help could potentially take days or even weeks. Having the food, water, and gear necessary to get through anything – not just the apocalypse – is a big boon for anyone.

    While the recent elections have sown the seed of fear and uncertainty throughout the nation, this is the perfect time to start preparing with emergency food. If you’ve already started, then use this moment in history to build it up to last you even longer. You never know what crisis may enter your life, so the more prep you have, the better off you’ll be.

    But don’t just work on your prep because of the elections. Work on your prep because it is insurance for a safe and comfortable future, regardless of emergency that strikes the nation, your community, or even your personal life.


    election_buy_supply_blog1 stockpiling

  • Getting Started With Your Year Supply of Food

    Why Have a Year Supply of Food?

    Having a year supply of food is more than just for hunkering down and waiting for the next apocalypse to blow over (although it certainly could be used for that, too). Having a year supply of food in your emergency storage can help see you through many a turbulent time.

    Empty ShelvesThink about it. Job loss can happen to anyone – anytime, anywhere. Without a steady income, providing food for your family can be downright difficult. But with a year supply of food storage, you and your family can still eat healthy and well until a new job can be found.

    Likewise, disasters can block truck routes, damage crops, and otherwise make getting food to the grocery store or to your pantry. Or have you ever seen store shelves be emptied right before a hurricane or blizzard? Having a year supply of food can help you remain relaxed and comfortable when the world around you is buzzing in chaos.


    What to Look for in a Year Supply of Food

    Your food storage should be based on calories per day rather than amounts of servings. One serving could range from far too small to provide the proper energy and nourishment. By making sure your year supply is focused on calories, you’re ensured to have enough of what you need to keep you going.

    Of course, you can get nearly the same amount of calories from a candy bar as you can from a full, home-cooked meal, but the meal will undoubtedly be more filling. So while you’re counting calories, make sure they will sustain you through to the next meal. Empty calories like those found in sweets may taste good, but they won’t be very useful in the long run.

    Young  father and his daughter having breakfast togetherAdults generally require between 2,000 and 2,800 calories per day. School-aged children typically need less, ranging from 1,600 to 2,500 calories per day. For children between the ages of 1 and 2, they will need approximately 1,000 to 1,400 calories per day. Of course, there may be certain situations that will require you to tweak these numbers to fit your needs, but on average, this is what you’ll need in terms of calories per day.

    You’ll also want to have a variety of foods to provide different health benefits. Some food, like pasta, provides lots of carbohydrates which are a necessary part of your daily diet. Likewise, foods with good amounts of vitamins and minerals will also help maintain your health. Fruit, vegetables, meat, and other foods are all viable options for your year supply.

    If you’re not sure where to start, that’s OK. A year’s worth of food is quite a bit. To make it easier for you, we’ve broken it all down into different categories and various other options. Keep reading to learn more about how you can easily get a year supply of food that fits your needs.


    Varieties of Year Supplies

    Homemade Plus Year Supply Homemade Plus Year Supply

    When creating your own year supply from scratch, doing the math and figuring out just exactly what – and how much – you need might get a bit confusing. To make things easier, we’ve created a variety of pre-constructed year supplies so you can get all the food you need and want without the extra effort. And, since your aptitude for cooking won’t change in an emergency, we’ve organized our year supplies by how the food is prepared.

    Love cooking and making homemade meals? If so, the basics are all you need to whip up delicious meals for you and your family, which makes the Homemade Year Supply or Homemade Year Supply Plus the options of choice. These year supplies give you all the cooking and baking essentials you need to create homemade meals from your tried and true recipe book.

    Not a fan of cooking and prefer boxed dinners and pre-cooked meals? If that’s the case, our Convenience Year Supply is the way to go. The meals in this year supply simply require you to add water and your food is ready to it in no time. It also comes with fruits, vegetables, and desserts, helping to round out your meals.

    Maybe you enjoy cooking from scratch but still enjoy a nice, quick meal as well. Featuring both just-add-water meals and ingredients for cooking and baking, the Variety Year Supply might very well be the option for you.

    Everyone has different tastes, which is why we have a variety of year supplies to choose from. Each of the year supplies mentioned above contain 2,000 calories per day, however there are also options for supplies with less calories should you like. There are other options for a year supply of food, including  buckets and even a year’s worth of grains and legumes, so be sure to check out all your options here so you know what’s best for your circumstances.


    Other Food Storage Options

    If purchasing an entire year supply of food all in one go isn’t financially feasible, take it in stride with monthly payment options. Known here as Prep As You Go, we send you a portion of your year supply each month for a year. This lets you pay in smaller installments, much like what you might do when buying a car – only without the interest rate. Then, after a year, you’ll have that year supply in its entirety. Prep As You Go is an affordable option in getting your emergency year supply together without a lot of hassle.

    However, sometimes a year supply of food isn’t necessarily the best option for you, such as when your finances won’t allow it, or your home or apartment is too small. In such instances, smaller might very well be better. Consider investing in a 6 month supply of food, or even a 3 month supply, which is still far superior to none at all.


    In the end, what it all boils down to is how much room you have, what your budget is, and your personal preferences in preparing food. No matter what those answers are, however, there is always room to prepare. Whether it’s a full year of food on hand or just three months, your preparations will help keep you safe and comfortable during the hard times.

    Click here to purchase your own Year Supply and be prepared for anything the future has in store!



  • BIG SALE on Gourmet 2000 Year Supply of Food Storage

    You’ve probably heard that Emergency Essentials is running a big sale on our Gourmet Year Supplies of Food Storage. If not, read on—we don’t want you to miss out.

    This sale is a great way to get your complete year supply of food for an unbeatable price. And the more you buy, the more you’ll save on each supply. Here’s the pricing on the Gourmet 1600 and 2000:

    Gourmet Savings

    Both of these year supplies feature delicious freeze dried and dehydrated meals which give you unrivaled convenience and supreme quality. Here are five reasons the Gourmet Year Supplies of Food are so great:

    • Just-add-water preparation—you’ll get delicious, high-quality meals and desserts without any cooking or baking.
    • The Year Supplies include breakfasts, lunches, dinners, sides, drinks, and desserts.
    • Meals and desserts are ready in 10 minutes!
    • Each supply will sustain one adult for one full year.
    • The Emergency Essentials Year Supplies have a shelf life of up to 30 years, and sometimes more depending on storage conditions!

    Here are some ideas for getting the most out of this sale:

    Use your tax return! Invest your tax return in a different kind of “savings” or “insurance” by investing in food storage. Food storage is a reliable way to provide for your family during an emergency, crisis, or disaster situation. 

    Buy multiple supplies. If you were to buy the cans one-by-one it would cost you $5982.03 for a single Gourmet 2000 Year Supply. You’ll save about $2000 per supply when you buy four or more Gourmet 2000s.

    I can see what you’re thinking: “Thousands of dollars on food storage! Are you crazy?!” I know it’s a lot of money to part with on one purchase—but the peace of mind you’ll have knowing you’ve got a year’s worth of food (and delicious, easy-to-prepare food at that) is worth every penny.


    Still, if you can’t afford it, it’s best not to go into debt to get it. If you don’t have the money to buy several supplies, here’s another great option: 

    Make a group purchase. You don’t have to buy the multiple supplies by yourself—you can get several families in the neighborhood to make the purchase together. In fact, you could even split a year supply. The more supplies you buy, the larger the discount, so it makes sense to get your preparedness team in on this sale.

    If you have the money, this is the time to buy your Gourmet Year Supply of food. Now all you need to do is figure out where you’re going to store it!

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