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  • Twitter Alerts Have Improved

    Twitter Alerts

    Twitter has just made it easier for iOS and Android users to receive critical information during times of crisis. On Dec. 19th, Twitter added new features to its emergency alert system.

    Twitter Alerts now lets users subscribe to emergency alerts directly from a participating organization’s Twitter profile. Simply click on the bell-shaped icon next to the follow button to enroll for emergency alerts and to follow that participating organization. When facing the threat of a natural disaster, or in another emergency, these organizations will send alerts and information to your electronic device. These alerts appear as a separate bar of text along the bottom of your Twitter stream.

    Twitter Alerts first appeared in September 2013, and in the past three short months over 120 organizations from seven different countries have been enrolled. According to Gabriela Pena, a blogger on The Official Twitter Blog, “More than 50 U.S. organizations — state, regional, federal — have Twitter Alerts enabled. Participants include the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), Department of State, Department of Homeland Security and the Red Cross.”

    Read the rest of the story from Mashable or straight from The Official Twitter Blog.

    Communication during times of unrest is vital. Apps like Twitter Alerts are being created so you can be better informed during an emergency when other communication sources may not work.

    To learn more about communication during emergencies, check out our Insight Article Communication During and After a Disaster


    Do you have any kind of emergency alerts set up on your devices? Which ones?


    Photo Courtesy of The Official Twitter Blog

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