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  • Alternative Transportation: Bug Out Vehicle

    Looking for a great Bug out Vehicle idea?

    To go along with our post on last mile transportation vehicles, we wanted to share a DIY Bug out vehicle that our customer Kevin White created. If you are interested in using alternative transportation in case of an emergency, you might want to check out what he did.

    Using his 2006 Police Electra-Glide motorcycle, Kevin and his wife, Debbie, attached a trailer hitch for a 42”x 48” trailer that held all of their camping gear “to cover heat, light, shelter, food, water, cooking, sleeping, and clothing for a period of at least four days for two people.”

    In order to lighten the load and remove the need for refrigeration, Kevin and Debbie brought along freeze dried foods purchased at Emergency Essentials® and reviewed a couple of our products while they were at it. Kevin’s take on motorcycles as bug out vehicles is that “they are great if there is not mud or icy conditions” (weather is something to keep in mind if you’re considering pulling a trailer with your motorcycle).

    Here are all the items that Kevin and Debbie brought along on their trip using their trailer.

    kevin white vehicle

    And here is a list of everything they brought along with them:

    battery operated fan
    1 13'x9' tent
    1 Queen-size double-chamber air bed
    1 battery/12 volt rechargeable air pump
    2 sleeping bags
    2 pillows
    2 single burner propane stoves
    1 bottle (1 pound size) propane
    1 set of cookware( pot and frying pan)
    1 10 cup percolator
    1 full set cooking utensils
    2 lanterns (battery operated, one with hand crank)
    2 flashlights
    1 can of insect repellent
    1 camera
    1 set extra batteries for all equipment
    Food for 2 for 4 days ( spaghetti, sauce, taco seasoning,FD sausage crumbles, whole egg powder, ground beef, salsa, tortilla shells, coffee, sugar, creamer, cranberry juice, pop, water, cheese, salt, pepper, lettuce, tomatoes and prob some stuff I have forgotten
    1 ice chest
    1 mallet
    Silicone waterproofing spray
    150' rope
    Bungee cords
    2 camp chairs
    1 extended length lighter to light stoves
    3 plastic containers with lids for rehydrating foods
    3 coffee cups
    1 multi-port cell phone charger that plugs into charge port on bike
    Dish soap, dish rag, paper towels, styrofoam plates, plasticware, febreeze spray
    Extra clothing: jeans, socks, shirts etc.

    What do you think? Do you have a motorcycle? Would you ever consider one as a viable option in an emergency? Chime in via the comments.


  • Alternative Transportation: Last Mile Transport Vehicles


    iStock_000013811692XSmall_vintage scooter

    Getting stuck in traffic during an emergency evacuation can potentially become a life or death situation (if anyone has seen the movie, Deep Impact, visualize that congested highway scene at the very end . . .). So, when you plan your emergency evacuation plan, you may want to consider a couple modes of alternate transportation in case the roadways are blocked.

    The guys at Gizmag suggest that research on current road infrastructures indicates that our roads cannot accommodate everyone driving full-sized cars. This is because as populations increase, and developing nations grow, more people are able to purchase full-sized cars. More people with full-sized cars=more traffic on the road.

    Since expanding roadways costs a lot of money and a lot of time, some companies are turning to alternative brands of transportation—referred to as last mile transport vehicles—to decrease congestion on the roads. Major car companies are also creating concept cars with additional space to include a last mile transport vehicle inside. So, if you are in traffic you can just pop out your last mile transport vehicle from your trunk and weave through the cars to get to work.

    But what are these last mile transport vehicles like?

    The Yikebike –this 25.4 pound miniature electric bike can travel 9.3 miles at 15 mph per charge.  Simply fold it up and store it in your trunk or carry it with you as you evacuate. Check out this video to see the Yike Bike in action:

    The Zeit Eco Electric Scooter—traveling at 15 mph, this scooter has an aluminum frame with a side pocket for storage. According to its creators, “the 250 - 350 W brushless geared hub motor gets its power from a 350 Wh LiFePO4 battery.” The battery can be charged from a home outlet!

    Gizmag also highlights some futuristic evacuation vehicles that scientists and automobile companies are currently developing. Check out these articles on Electro Hydrodynamic Thrusts that could one day become a silent airplane. Also take a look at the completely impractical (but kind of awesome) Off Road Limo and Diablo jeep.

    To see more developing last mile transport vehicles check out this article:


    And before you get your last mile transport vehicle, learn how to make an emergency car kit to keep yourself safe and prepared while on the road.


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