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  • Why SuperPails?

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    Emergency Essentials Superpails are designed to keep your food fresh for years to come. Inside each Superpail, your bulk food is stored in a metalized bag which helps protect it from light, and also deters rodents and other would-be intruders. This combination of bag-in-bucket makes the Superpail perfect for long-term storage.

    Each Superpail holds about the same amount of food as eight #10 cans, making Superpails a great way to bulk up your food storage while saving money. Our Superpails are even built for stacking, efficiently preserving precious floor space in smaller storage areas.

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  • What Makes SuperPails So Super?

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    FS-P SuperPail Illustration

    Six-gallon SuperPails hold an amount of food equal to about eight #10 cans. In addition to saving you money, the pails are stackable, so they save space in tight storage areas. Each item (except honey) is sealed in a metallized bag and has an oxygen absorber enclosed.

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