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  • November Sale Items

    There are a lot of excellent November sale items at Emergency Essentials. Here are my Top 5 must-have preparedness items on sale this month. I’ll tell you what they are, how they work, and why you should consider getting them.

    #1. Volcano Collapsible Cooking Combo (On sale for $174.99, a $221.78 value)

    If you’re a grill master, you know some foods taste better depending on the type of fuel you use. With the Volcano, you can use your choice of three different fuel sources—charcoal, wood, or propane—in one grill (not at the same time, of course!). You can use it as a grill or you can cook on the griddle (sold separately).  You can even cook food in a Dutch oven (also sold separately) right inside the grill!

    The combo includes the Volcano grill, a propane attachment, an Oven lid, a handy handle (combination lid lifter/holder), and the Volcano Cookbook and Technical manual.

    Volcano Collapsible Cooking Combo

    #2. Roadwise Emergency Kit (On sale for $38.95, a $67.55 value)

    Since winter is coming, you’ll want to have a Roadwise Emergency Kit in your car just in case you get stuck in a winter storm. This kit includes hand warmers, a multifunction tool, a headlamp, food calorie bars, water, toilet paper, a light stick to use as a flare, and much more. This kit can act as a backup grab and go bag if you need to evacuate your home in an emergency. This kit considers a number of needs if you ever get stuck on the side of the road or you just need an emergency kit to survive an unexpected situation.

    Roadwise Emergency Kit

    #3. Katadyn Hiker Microfilter (On sale for $49.99, a $79.99 value)

    If you’re a hiker, backpacker, or emergency preparedness buff, you’re going to want a Katadyn Hiker Microfilter to filter any water sources you find on the trail or to store in your emergency kit. It’s lightweight and compact, taking extra weight off your shoulders as you hike. Its unique, pleated cartridge filter prevents clogging and eliminates bacteria and protozoa in your water. Check out what our customers are saying about this product. They give it 5 stars!

    This November sale item is a great deal because the sale price is the same as the price of a replacement filter. So, for the cost of a backup filter cartridge, you can have an entire additional filter!

    Katadyn Hiker Microfilter

    #4. Holiday Red Emergency Candle Gift Combo (On sale for $49.99, only $4.17 per candle)

    Have you ever been invited to a holiday party at last minute and forgotten to get a gift? You scramble to find a gift in your house and all you have is a journal with a pony on it (not that there’s anything wrong with that if ponies are your thing) . . . If you’re looking for quick and easy small gifts to give to neighbors and friends, the 100 hour Emergency Candle gift combo is perfect. It comes with 12 emergency candles, 12 gift bags, and 12 bows. Insta-gifts!

    Holiday Red Emergency Candle Gift Combo

    #5. Thanksgiving Dinner Combo (On sale for $94.99, a $126.09 value)

    And last, but not least . . . the Thanksgiving Dinner Combo. Have you ever had a craving for a Thanksgiving feast in the middle of . . . July? Well now you can have Thanksgiving dinner all year long with less stress and less work. You can even have all the fixings of a holiday meal if you ever have to celebrate during an emergency. This combo includes the basics of a Thanksgiving feast: Freeze Dried White Turkey, Instant Mashed Potatoes, Gravy mix, Green Beans, Corn muffin mix, and Raspberry crumble (I’m drooling just writing about it . . .).

    All you have to do is just add water and reconstitute everything (a little baking is required for the cornbread) and your feast is ready. As our catalog so eloquently states, “Football and afternoon nap optional.”

     Thanksgiving Dinner Combo

    These are just five November sale items,  but if you look through your catalog you will find over 40 items on sale. If you are thinking about holiday shopping, these sales may be the place to start looking for the perfect gift for your family and friends.

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  • I don’t want to spook anybody, but the 31st is just around the corner. And you know what that means, right?

    . . . the end of October sales! Eek!

    If you haven’t checked our sale items out yet, take a peek to see all the wicked deals on gear and food that are going on right now.

    But beware, time is running frighteningly short! October sales prices are only good through midnight, October 31st if you’re ordering online; 6:00 p.m. MT if you’re ordering by phone.

    Hurry! Don’t delay! Don’t look back! And for heaven’s sake, don’t go down to the basement!


    black and white photo of a young woman opening a door

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  • There are some awesome new preparedness supplies in our October catalog that you’ll want to know about. These products not only make cooking from food storage easier, but they also make preserving food in your #10 and MyChoice cans even better. Here are my top four new preparedness supplies to watch for:

    Universal Cream Sauce and Soup Base (Now on sale for $14.99. Normally priced at $16.50)

    Found the perfect recipe, but don’t have the condensed soup or cream sauce it calls for? This versatile just-add-water sauce can be used in any recipe that needs cream or condensed soup. You can make Alfredo sauce, enchilada sauce, Thai peanut chicken, soups, gravies, or tater tot casseroles just from one can of this cream sauce base.

    Universal Cream Sauce and Soup Base

    >Fruit Crisp and Cereal Combo (Now on sale for $64.99. Normally priced at $83.90)

    Use the fruit crisp and cereal combo to create the perfect fall apple, peach, or blackberry crisp. You can even enjoy a bowl of our popular, Cinnamon Almond Granola each morning without even going to the store for a carton of milk (instant nonfat powdered milk is included in the combo!) A definite crowd pleaser and family favorite.

    Fruit Crisp and Cereal Combo

    Gossner Brand Milk Cartons (Now on sale purchase a 3-pack for $2.75, or a case of 27 (nine 3-packs) for $20.99)

    This milk is SO good. Unlike standard milk bought at the grocery store, these individual 8oz. cartons of milk can last 6-12 months without refrigeration during storage. Comes in a variety of flavors including Rootbeer float (a personal favorite!), cookies and cream, strawberry, chocolate, vanilla, skim, whole, and reduced fat. Great for storing in emergency kits, or to pack in school lunches.  Comes in a pack of 3 cartons.

    Gossner Milk

    Small Metallized Zip Top bags with Gusseted bottom (Purchase a 10-pack for $8.50)

    Have you ever opened a #10 can and wished that there was a better way to keep your food fresh after opening? Problem solved with these gallon-size metallized bags. They’re made of the same material as the bags in our Superpails—so they’ll help keep out oxygen, light, and moisture.

     Small metallized bags

    Simply pour the food from your #10 or Mychoice can into this bag and zip the top (just like a freezer bag). Place back into your #10 can and the bag will sit upright in the can because of its gusseted bottom! These bags do a really good job of keeping your food fresh, but you’ll still want to pick up some oxygen absorbers to go along with them  to make sure your food is as fresh as possible.


    These are my top 4 new products to check out this October. But be sure to check out all of our New Products.

    What are your favorite NEW Emergency Essentials products?


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  • October Group Specials

    Have your friends and neighbors been pestering you about the October Group Specials? If not, then get on the stick and tell them about our amazing Group program and how you can all get discounted products and free shipping, just by ordering together.

    If they have been pestering you, I’ve got the news you’ve all been waiting for. The October Group Specials are here, and they’re delicious!

    18 oz. cans of Provident Pantry Freeze-Dried Green Peas, normally $18.50, are only $12.00 when you order 12 or more. Not only is that a whole lotta goodness for side dishes, stews, and casseroles, but peas are a fantastically compact source of protein, fiber, and iron.

    Freeze-Dried Green Peas

    Who doesn’t love granola? This month, get any combination of Dehydrated Granola with Milk and Blueberries LRP and Dehydrated Granola with Milk and Bananas LRP for only $1.25 a pack when you order 30 or more (better than 50% off!). That’s cheaper, lighter, and way longer lasting than that fast food egg muffin thing you had for breakfast this morning.

    dehydrated granola with blueberries

    Remember the 10 Piece MRE Side Dish Combo deal that you thought you missed out on last month? Well, it’s your lucky day. Till the October deadline, you can still get $6 off each pack when your group orders 10 or more packs. These sides are an easy way to bulk up a meal or work as a stand-alone breakfast or snack.

     10 piece MRE Side Dish Combo

    “Okay,” you say. “But what if I open one of these yummy meals and don’t use it all?” A-ha! Just for that eventuality, we’ve got the 10 Pack Small Metalized Zip Top Bag with Gusseted Bottom on sale for $5.00 (regularly $8.50). Protect leftovers or the contents of an opened food storage can from heat and moisture with these re-sealable gallon bags—or use them to stash delicate non-food items.

     10 pack Small Metalized Zip top bag

    Happy October, from our Group to yours!

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  • September Group Specials

    We’re offering five great Group Special items for September.

    Our Shield School Emergency Kit continues from last month at the excellent back-to-school price of only $5.00 each when you buy 10—a savings of 33% off the regular price of $7.50. Show this to your PTA or get together with other parents from your child’s class—only $150 would provide kits for a class of 30! Each kit contains a 400-calorie food bar, a box of water, an 18-hour hand warmer, a poncho, and an emergency sleeping bag—comfort and sustenance for the kids during any stressful time.



    The brand-new MRE Side Dish Combo offers a selection of six popular varieties of fruit or gain side dishes. Partner them with MRE entrees or enjoy them alone as a snack or for breakfast: Applesauce, Raspberry Applesauce, Pears, Mixed Fruit, Cornbread Stuffing, or Santa Fe Style Rice.  Each Combo contains 10 side dishes. When you order 10 combos you’ll get them for just $12.00 each—a 33% savings!


    Every home and business needs a handy Emergency Gas Wrench to shut off the gas valve properly and securely in case of a gas leak, fire, earthquake, or other emergency. This tool includes diagrams and emergency instructions, and is available for only $3.00 when you purchase 15, a savings of 39% over the regular price of $4.95.

     MS-L350 Emer Gas Wrench - Back

    Hurry to get your order in for our Provident Pantry Freeze-Dried Roast Beef Steak, as quantities are limited! These small cubes of steak are perfect to add to vegetable soup, stew, pasta, pizza, stir-fry, casseroles, breakfast burritos, and more. One #10 can is $26.00, a super saving of 48%--nearly half-off the regular price of $49.95 if your group buys 12 cans. Reserve your order today to be sure you get some.



    Here’s a great way to have a creamy Alfredo sauce ready anytime for pasta, pizza, or steamed  vegetables: our just-add-water Provident Pantry Alfredo Sauce Mix. Each 16-oz. MyChoice can is only $6.00 if your group purchases 12, saving you 39% off the regular price of $9.95.


    Remember: get your group orders in by September 26 so we’ve got time to process them before the end of the month!

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  • September Sale Items

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    Our September sale items will bring you remarkable savings this month. After looking through the September catalog for great deals, I found 8 sale items that would help you cover the essentials for emergency preparedness—light, food storage, shelter, water, and emergency and first aid kits.


    Charger Hand Crank Flashlight-on sale for $5.89 (50% off this month!). This flashlight has 3 LEDs and 2 brightness modes. One minute of hand cranking charges the internal NiMH battery for up to 30 minutes of light. Can charge basic cell phones (excludes most smart phones). The perfect addition to your emergency kit.

    CL-L330 EEI Red Charger Light copy

    Food Storage

    Supreme Pizza Combo-on sale for $99.99 (31% off this month!). This combo includes all the ingredients you need to make a supreme pizza—sausage, onions, peppers, mozzarella, dough mix, and sauce. This versatile combo comes in four Provident Pantry®#10 cans and four MyChoice™ cans. You can use the ingredients in other recipes as well.

    SPECIAL SALE- All Mountain House #10 cans—on sale for 40-50% off this month!

    For the whole month of September, we are having our best sale EVER on our Mountain House #10 cans. If you love Mountain House products, now is the time to stock up and get incredible savings on your favorite items like chili mac, raspberry crumble, and granola with blueberries and milk. Check out all the great Mountain House Deals for September.

    Mountain House Chili Macaroni at the dinner table



    Deluxe Portable Privacy Shelter-NEW item! On sale for $69.99 (22% off this month!) This portable pop-up shelter is perfect for camping, pool parties, and outdoor events. It’s the perfect size for one person to sit or stand comfortably while changing, showering, or for sanitation needs. Provides cool features like a detachable tarp floor, towel hanger, and toiletry pockets for the ultimate privacy and convenience.

    CH-S110 Portable Privacy Shelter copy


    SteriPen Emergency Handheld Water Purifier-On sale for $36.99 (26% off this month!). Use UV light to destroy waterborne microbes that could make you sick. Eliminates 99.9% of bacteria, viruses, and protozoa in water. Treats one liter in 90 seconds, and ½ liter in 48 seconds. Perfect for backpacking and hiking to purify water found on or off the trail.


    Emergency Kit

    Roadwise Emergency Kit-on sale for $32.99 (originally $38.95). This car emergency kit can serve as a second emergency kit if you evacuate your home during an emergency. Kit includes hand warmers, poncho, water boxes, toilet paper, a multi-tool, headlamp, and 400 calorie bars, and much more! It’s the essential “bug-out-bag.”

    KC-A600 Roadwise Kit

    First Aid Kit

    Medic’s (192 piece) First Aid Kit-on sale for $69.99. (originally $79.95). Includes 175 medical items traditionally used by paramedics and emergency medical technicians. Comes with EMT shears, fine point tweezers, and a Wilderness and Travel Medicine Guide. The perfect item for a comprehensive emergency kit.



    We’ve got some incredible deals this month, so don’t miss out! Remember to check out our Mountain House #10 can sales—with 40-50% savings, items are bound to go fast. Happy Prepping!

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  • This September, we are having a Mountain House sale that will knock your socks off. For the whole month, ALL Mountain House #10 cans are 40-50% off! If you love Mountain House products, now is the time to stock up and get incredible savings on your favorite items.

    If you’ve never tried any Mountain House products, there’s no time like the present to try some and stock up on the items you like. Mountain House #10 cans are ideal for long-term food storage. It’s been scientifically proven that Mountain House #10 cans have a shelf life of 25+ years, getting you the best value for your buck.

    Here’s a preview of some of the great Mountain House products you can get during this awesome sale:


    Mountain House Chili Mac with Beef- 40% off! On sale for $15.89 (originally $26.49) A savory combination of macaroni, beans, and ground beef mixed in a delicious tomato based chili sauce. A personal favorite (it’s SO good).

    Mountain House Chili Macaroni at the dinner table

    Mountain House Granola with Milk and Blueberries40% off! On sale for $23.99 (originally $39.99). This great breakfast item is easy to prepare and delicious. Just add water to a bowl of granola, and enjoy the familiar taste of granola, blueberries, and milk.

    Check out more Mountain House Entrees on sale this month




    Since Mountain House Combos include Provident Pantry items, you’ll receive 30% savings on all Mountain House Combos. The Mountain House items within the combos are discounted to go along with our September sale and bring the combo price down by 30% overall.

    Breakfast Combo- 37.3% off!  On sale for $99.99 (originally $159.48). This combo includes granola, scrambled eggs with bacon, scrambled eggs with ham, sliced strawberries, milk, and orange drink mix. A hearty and simple breakfast that is ready in minutes.

    Beef Entrée with Vegetable Side Combo- 31.4% off! On sale for $104.99 (originally $153.06). This combo contains four of our most popular beef entrees (Beef Stroganoff, Beef Stew, Spaghetti with Meat Sauce, and Chili Mac with Beef). Includes freeze dried broccoli and super sweet corn. All of the meals in this combo are fast and easy to make. Just add water and wait 10 minutes.

    Check out more Mountain House Combos on sale this month.


    Other Favorites

    Mountain House Strawberries- 50% off! On sale for $15.24 (originally $30.49). Add to granola, cereals, or French toast. MH strawberries are an excellent source of vitamin C that is a great natural sweetener. Perfect for smoothies and jams. Rehydrates quickly and retains much of its original color, and flavor.

    Mountain House Freeze Dried Chicken Dices- 40% off! On sale for $29.39 (originally $48.99). The perfect addition to stir-fry, pasta, or casseroles, MH Freeze Dried Chicken Dices rehydrate quickly and retain their original shape, color, and flavor. A great gift for someone just starting their food storage.

    Check out all the Mountain House items on sale this month.

    Now that we’ve whet your appetite, it’s time to get shopping! Don’t miss out on these incredible savings. For the whole month of September Mountain House #10 cans are on sale for 40-50% off!

    Limited Time Offer!

    Mountain House has offered us a limited quantity and special buy on cans of a few varieties that were manufactured in 2011 and 2012. These cans are scientifically tested to store for 25+ years, leaving over 22 years remaining, and at a terrific discount – 50% off! No tricks or gimmicks, just a fantastic opportunity we are passing along to you. Mountain House cans of freeze dried foods offer terrific flavor and quality, and now you can enjoy their foods at an unprecedented price.

    Varieties included in this limited-time offer are:

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  • Inventory-Reduction-Sale

    Do you know about Emergency Essentials’ Inventory Reduction Sale? It’s summertime and we’re ready to make some space in our warehouse, not to mention give you another great reason to shop for emergency supplies and food storage.

    You’ll want to save your time for shopping so I’ll make this quick. Here are three highlights from our sale:

    Save 58% on Provident Pantry’s Freeze-Dried Salmon. I made Salmon Burgers with this salmon and let me tell you, this freeze-dried fish is tasty! Normally it sells for $50.95, but as part of our Inventory Reduction Sale you can get it for $20.99. And if you buy six or more #10 cans you can get it for $19.99 each! We don’t carry this product year-round, so once it’s gone, it’s gone. (Note: this product hasn't quite reached our warehouse yet, so although the website says "backordered," for the time being it's actually on "pre-order" status, so call and reserve your cans today!)

    Our Premium 2000 Year Supply of Food Storage is on a special sale this month. Putting this combo together from individual cans would cost $3359.33; you can get the 168-can combo this June for the sale price of $2599.99. That’s more than $750 of savings!


    Freeze-Dried Tomatoes from Provident Pantry are something no food storage supply should be without. You can use freeze-dried tomatoes in sooo many ways (click here for ideas) and at 40% off, this bargain shouldn’t be passed up. Maybe this will make it a little more clear: this is a $43.95 value that you’ll be getting for $25.99. Or call your friends, order together, and get it for $24.79 if you buy six or more!


    Be sure to check out the items we’ve put on sale for Father’s Day. There are SO many great deals and they’re going to sell fast. (Pssst… here’s a tip. Check out the Ridgeway Hydration Pack by Kelty. We have very limited quantities and they’re on sale for $59.99, a $100 value. Quantities are so limited that we’re not even posting this on our website. Look in your catalog and call our Customer Service reps to get one! If there are any left, that is…)

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  • If you've been tirelessly looking all winter for great deals on preparedness items for the spring and summer months, look no further. Our May Group specials will add versatility and vivacity to your food storage supplies. Group orders qualify for free shipping when the minimum purchase amounts are met.  Just check out what our May Group specials have to offer:


    Freeze-Dried Miniature Meatballs

    Prepared and packaged for long-term storage, enjoy these succulent beef and chicken meatballs now or in years to come. Simply re-hydrate to restore the original flavor, size, and texture. Use them in pasta dishes or in a sub sandwich. This delicious addition to your food storage can be purchased for $23.00 each (48% off of the regular price of $44.95) when you buy 6 or more.


    Freeze Dried Mini Meatballs


    Burnfree Pain Relieving Gel-4oz. Bottle

    Specifically made for cooling, soothing, and providing instant pain relief to a burn related injury, BurnFree gel is an essential for any first-aid kit and provides amazing results. Take the gel with you on your next camping trip or store it in any place where a burn can happen. This product is originally priced at $4.95 each, but with your group savings, you can purchase this preparedness essential for $3.00 a bottle. That is 39% off its regular price. At least 24 bottles much be purchased to receive this discount. Stock up and share them with friends!

    MF-B515 BurnFree 4 oz. GelTomato Powder

    If you love to make sauces, soups, or juices, you have to try our Provident Pantry Tomato Powder. This excellent addition to your food storage will provide you with nutrition, rich flavor and color to spice up your meals. The best part?—there are no additives or preservatives! By purchasing 12 cans, you can receive a 30% discount from the regular price. Just $16.00 per can (regularly priced at $22.95 each).

    Tomato Powder

    Instant White Rice

    White rice perfectly complements many meals. Use this dehydrated food as a side dish, in a casserole, or in a dessert. Our instant white rice is packaged for long-term storage, so you can enjoy this delicious side item now or years from now. This item can be purchased for $8.00 per can! That is 27% off the regular price of $10.95. At least 12 cans must be purchased to receive this discount.

    Instant White Rice

    Eight Pack Utility Flame Gel Packets

    Have you ever been on a camping trip and just couldn’t get the fire to start? Well, with our Utility Flame Gel packets, you can get that fire started, your family fed, and your toes warmed in half the time. This non-toxic fire-starting gel is reliable and produces no smoke or odor. It doesn’t evaporate, freeze or melt, and it’s water soluble. Utility flame gel is an ideal accessory to have in any climate that you may camp in. Simply tear open the package, squeeze out the gel, and light it. The byproducts are only water, sand and carbon dioxide, meaning that there is no mess to clean up. If you buy at least ten 8-packs, you can receive a 28% discount. That means you’ll only pay $10 for each 8-pack instead of paying the regular price of $14.00.

    Utility Flame Gel



    Our group program is an excellent way for families, friends, and neighbors to work together to obtain incredible discounts on a variety of preparedness items. If you’d like more information on how our group program works, check out our group programs page for all the details.


    Be on the look-out each month for more amazing savings through our Group Specials program!


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  • You’ve probably heard that Emergency Essentials is running a big sale on our Gourmet Year Supplies of Food Storage. If not, read on—we don’t want you to miss out.

    This sale is a great way to get your complete year supply of food for an unbeatable price. And the more you buy, the more you’ll save on each supply. Here’s the pricing on the Gourmet 1600 and 2000:

    Gourmet Savings

    Both of these year supplies feature delicious freeze dried and dehydrated meals which give you unrivaled convenience and supreme quality. Here are five reasons the Gourmet Year Supplies of Food are so great:

    • Just-add-water preparation—you’ll get delicious, high-quality meals and desserts without any cooking or baking.
    • The Year Supplies include breakfasts, lunches, dinners, sides, drinks, and desserts.
    • Meals and desserts are ready in 10 minutes!
    • Each supply will sustain one adult for one full year.
    • The Emergency Essentials Year Supplies have a shelf life of up to 30 years, and sometimes more depending on storage conditions!

    Here are some ideas for getting the most out of this sale:

    Use your tax return! Invest your tax return in a different kind of “savings” or “insurance” by investing in food storage. Food storage is a reliable way to provide for your family during an emergency, crisis, or disaster situation. 

    Buy multiple supplies. If you were to buy the cans one-by-one it would cost you $5982.03 for a single Gourmet 2000 Year Supply. You’ll save about $2000 per supply when you buy four or more Gourmet 2000s.

    I can see what you’re thinking: “Thousands of dollars on food storage! Are you crazy?!” I know it’s a lot of money to part with on one purchase—but the peace of mind you’ll have knowing you’ve got a year’s worth of food (and delicious, easy-to-prepare food at that) is worth every penny.


    Still, if you can’t afford it, it’s best not to go into debt to get it. If you don’t have the money to buy several supplies, here’s another great option: 

    Make a group purchase. You don’t have to buy the multiple supplies by yourself—you can get several families in the neighborhood to make the purchase together. In fact, you could even split a year supply. The more supplies you buy, the larger the discount, so it makes sense to get your preparedness team in on this sale.

    If you have the money, this is the time to buy your Gourmet Year Supply of food. Now all you need to do is figure out where you’re going to store it!

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