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  • Green Eggs and Ham - on sale!?

    Do you like green eggs and ham? Do you like them Sam I am?

    Would you like them in a storm? Would you like them nice and warm?

    Would you eat green eggs and ham?

    Would you eat them from a can?

    Eat them! Eat them!

    Here they are!

    Okay, okay… So Mountain House doesn’t actually sell green eggs and ham, and you’ve probably got a green St. Patrick’s Day breakfast to take care of, so let’s just get down to business, eh?

    Mountain House® Scrambled Eggs with Ham and Red & Green Peppers - 19.4 oz. makes approximately 17 servings. That’s enough for your whole family and then some!

    Here's what Dave in Iowa has to say about the MH Scrambled Eggs and Ham with Red and Green Peppers:

    Eggs/ham/green peppers is a winner!!! Now, frankly, eggs are only so good as a freeze dried item, but I find this mix more than adequate. Very flavorful.

    Get yours before our sale on Mountain House #10 cans ends. Each can is 20% off, unless you buy six or more of the same item in which case you’ll get 25% percent off.

    Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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  • Mountain House Long Grain and Wild Rice Pilaf

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    Emergency Essentials is holding another great sale, but it ends on March 21. All Mountain House #10 cans are 20% off. If you buy six or more of the same item, we’ll give you 25% off!

    To kick off our sale, here’s a featurette of a Mountain House product you may not have previously considered: Long Grain and Wild Rice Pilaf.

    The Mountain House® Long Grain and Wild Rice Pilaf is a delicately seasoned blend of white, brown, and wild rice; mushrooms; broccoli; green beans; sweet red peppers; and parmesan cheese.

    First of all, who knew you could get gourmet sides into your food storage? Doesn’t it sound delicious? Secondly, this is great food storage option for vegetarians. And thirdly, considering that you’ll get approximately ten 1-cup servings per can for for $24.39 , I’d say that it’s a great deal.

    Here’s what one Emergency Essentials customer had to say:

    “Yummy! A friend recommended freeze dried food as the ER food that tastes the most "real." She was right. The long grain rice & wild rice pilaf is very good. I will know to keep it on hand for quick dinners at home.” – Terry, California

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  • Sale on Mountain House #10 cans!

    Emergency Essentials is rolling out another great sale starting today, March 15th, and ending March 21st. All Mountain House #10 cans are 20% off. If you buy six or more cans, of the same item, we’ll give you 25% off!

    As long as it comes in a #10 can, you can pick from any Mountain House product. You can mix-and-match your favorites, or try out a few new entrees. If you’re totally new to freeze-dried and dehydrated foods, read about them here, and check out our best-sellers:

     Beef Stew

    Beef Stroganoff

    Turkey Tetrazzini

    Lasagna with Meat Sauce

    Chicken a la King with Noodles

    Mountain House entrees could be a pillar in your food storage supply. They have a 25-year shelf life and provide life-sustaining nutritional value for even longer.  Here are some ways to use the Mountain House entrées even when it’s not an emergency:

    -          Put individual portions in zip-top bags (or other compact containers) and take them with you on your next backpacking trip.

    -          Make a quick meal at home when you’re busy or have surprise visitors.

    -          Consider stocking up if you’re taking a family vacation and want to save money and time on meals.

    We’ll be highlighting a different Mountain House #10 canned item every day until the sale ends. You’ll get more information on popular entrees and on some surprising additions to the freeze-dried food line up. I can’t let the cat out of the bag but you’re not gonna believe what they’re freeze-drying at Mountain House…


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  • November Mountain House Sale

    It’s that time again! Time to get all the Mountain House products you’ve been eyeing… because they’re on sale for 20-32% off through the end of November.

    I’ve had my eye on the Rice Pilaf (it’s de-li-cious), and I don’t know if I can resist buying the Chili Mac, Scrambled Eggs with Bacon, and Chicken Stew since they’re 32% off.
    What about you? Are you planning to buy some Mountain House items while they’re on sale this month?

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  • Mountain House Sale and Giveaway!

    November 3rd through the 30th we have all Mountain House #10 Cans on sale for at least 20% off with select entrées a monster 32%off! This sale only happens twice a year, so don’t miss out. And we’re so excited we’re giving away three cans—one for breakfast, one for lunch, and one for dinner. If you win you’ll get:

    ·         1 #10 can of Scrambled Eggs and Bacon (approx. 16 servings, on sale for 32% off)
    ·         1 #10 can of Chicken Stew (approx. 10 servings, on sale for 32% off)
    ·         1 #10 can of Chili Mac (approx. 10 servings, on sale for 32% off)
    Mountain House Chili Mac
    Here’s how you enter:
    Leave a comment below to let us know your experience with Mountain House: Have you ever tried it? What flavor is your favorite? Planning to stock up this month?Be sure to include your email address in your comment so we can contact you if you're the winner.
    That’s it! Also check out the rest of our Mountain House Sale at BePrepared.com.
    New to Mountain House? Check out these blog posts to learn more about freeze-dried foods:

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  • Mountain House Assortment Buckets

    Did you know we now offer some of the most popular Mountain House® entrée pouches in Classic and Essential Assortment buckets? They're pretty new, and they're on sale this month!

    These buckets offer an assortment of Mountain House meal pouches at a great value. They also allow you to open only the number of servings you need immediately and keep the rest sealed for future use. The pouches have a shelf-life of 25 years if stored properly, and the bucket makes them easy to store, stack, and transport.

    On the 8th I received this email from Dawn in Oklahoma with her thoughts on one of the Mountain House® Assortment buckets:
    I love the new Mountain House Essential bucket. I was planning on putting together just such a bucket for my grown kids for Christmas this year.  They are in their 20's
    and don't realize yet how important it is to be prepared for any emergency that comes along. 
    I had already bought them the water/sanitation boxes from Emergency Essentials and had started collecting hand warmers, matches, candles, 1st aid and such.  This makes the rest of my shopping so easy.  I'll also save a lot of money off the per pouch price and I won't have to purchase a bucket to put it all in as it comes in one.  What wonderful timing on the part of Emergency Essentials to have these just before the holidays so we can give such a great gift to all of our loved ones that are not as well prepared.
    Shopping with Emergency Essentials is so easy and delivery is always quick.  I have always had the best service when dealing with this company.
    W. in Oklahoma
    Have you considered purchasing one of the Mountain House® Assortment buckets for yourself or as a gift? Have you already purchased one? We’d love to hear your feedback.
    Thanks, Dawn!

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  • Mountain House® Product Review

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    We want to take this opportunity to share with you why we like Mountain House’s products so much. Here are some advantages of Mountain House foods:

    Trusted name – Mountain House's reputation has been growing for nearly 40 years. It is no wonder they have award-winning meals.

    Flavor – We love the taste of Mountain House entrees. They offer 22 of the most popular home-style dishes, including Beef Stroganoff, Spaghetti, Chicken a la King, and Beef Stew. You can read some customer reviews at the bottom of this post, or on our website BePrepared.com.

    Storage benefits – Due to the freeze-drying process, the cans are lightweight and last 25 years (when properly stored).

    Ease of preparation – Simply add hot water, wait 10 minutes, and enjoy. The meals have already been prepared, so they just need to be re-hydrated and warmed up.

    Beef Stew FN-B510
    We decided to prepare a few selections here at Emergency Essentials. We were impressed with the convenience of preparation, vibrant color, mouth-watering aroma, and of course, the delicious taste!

    Here are some comments that have been posted on our website about these great Mountain House foods:

    "This stew (
    Beef Stew) makes great leftovers. It tastes homemade. We ladled this over egg noodles and feasted for days." Richard, OHIO

    "I recently attended a meeting about Emergency Preparedness/Food storage... I brought a few different cans of Mountain House freeze-dried products to show and try. No one there had tried the freeze-dried products before... I made one can of the Chicken a la King and brought it into the room... Everyone was surprised at how good it was and how easy it was to make... This is a great product and you need to try this one. It will make a believer out of you." Kevin, CONNECTICUT

    "This stuff (Beef Stroganoff with Noodles) is really pretty good. I was sorting my emergency food recently and had some pouches of this. I decided to try one, had never tried any of the MH cans I have. I ate the whole 2 person pouch it was so good... Very happy." Mia, TEXAS

    "I have been stocking foods for emergency situations and trying some as I go. Granola and Blueberries with Milk is a great buy! I usually heat it up and eat it for a breakfast that really can't be beat! Taste great - no lie!!" Ron, OHIO


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