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  • May 2013 Sale Items

    Oh, boy… have we got some great stuff for you in May.

    First things first. Remember the 160-gallon Water Reserve we introduced you to a couple of weeks ago? Well, we’ve bundled two Water Reserves together with a 50-foot drinking-water-safe hose and 6 Aquamira Water Treatments (three sets) to make the Ultimate Water Reserve Combo. And for this month only we’re selling it at an introductory price of $779.99. (It’s a $1099.99 value, and will regularly sell for $849.95.)

    So, if your water storage situation isn't in order, now would be a great time to make it happen.

    Ultimate Water Reserve Combo (320 Gallons) 320-Gallon Ultimate Water Reserve Combo

    Whole Egg Powder is 27% off

    $15.99 for a #10 can (reg. $21.95)

    $5.99 for MyChoice™ can (reg. $6.95)

    Who says you can’t have a wonderful brunch in a disaster? Keep powdered whole eggs on hand for baked items like cakes, cookies, and casseroles; or whip up delicious breakfast foods like quiche, scrambled eggs, or pancakes.

    Dried Whole Egg Powder - #10 Can Dried Whole Egg Powder - #10 Can


    Save 31% on the Fruit and Vegetable Favorites Combo

    $99.99 for 6 #10 cans

    Get a nice assortment of fruits and veggies in one fell swoop. This combo includes freeze dried strawberries, peaches, bananas, green peas, tomatoes, and super sweet corn. They’re favorites for a reason—they are delicious and really easy to use. Snack on them straight from the can, or add them into your favorite dishes. Rehydrate with water for a few minutes, and then treat them like fresh produce that’s pre-chopped and ready to go!

    Fruit and Vegetable Favorites Combo Fruit and Vegetable Favorites Combo

    All Mountain House Pouches are on Sale

    If you’re planning some backpacking, camping, or other outdoorsy fun this summer, stock up now on Mountain House pouches, and take some delicious entrées, wrap fillings, side dishes, and desserts with you!

    Road trip? Pack some pouches and fill a Thermos with hot water at home or along the way; you’ll have great meals without settling for whatever fast food joint or questionable diner you can find on the road.

    These pouches are also a great option for emergency kits—just be sure to pack extra water for reconstituting them.


    This is just a lil’ sampling of what we’ve got on sale this month. Check out the rest of our May sale items here.

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  • April Sale Items

    Spreadin' the News about Emergency Essentials' April Sale

    Every month Emergency Essentials gives you the opportunity to buy great products for a great price. And I’m not just saying that because I work here. Emergency Essentials really does offer the lowest prices around. And we offer a low-price guarantee so that if you do find it cheaper somewhere else, we’ll honor that price. So, with that out of the way, here are some of the food storage sale items that caught my eye this month (we’ll talk gear in another post):

    Yellow Cornmeal is on sale for $8.99, and even cheaper if you buy six or more cans. You probably don’t need me to tell you what to do with yellow cornmeal, but here’s a link to some of our recipes, just in case.

    Peanut Butter Powder is on sale for $13.39 (that’s 44 ounces in a #10 can). Later this month we’ll be posting some ideas on how to use Provident Pantry’s Peanut Butter Powder (try saying that 5 times fast!). I will tell you now that it is a delicious addition to the Provident Pantry Gourmet Creamy Hot Cocoa (which, incidentally, is also on sale). Excuse me while I whip up a quick mug of that goodness. Mmmmmm. Yum.

    I could go on like this about all the sale items, but here’s a quick mention of some things that might interest you:

    • AWESOME sale on freeze dried Grilled Chicken Breast with Rib Meat Bits. It’s 53% off, so you’ll get a #10 can for $19.99.
    • Italian Seasoning and Lemon Pepper are both on sale. We all know how common those two seasonings are in just about every American kitchen. (And if they’re not in yours, they should be—they’re incredibly versatile.)
    • Super Sandwich Organic Sprouts (alfalfa and clover) pack quite a punch of nutrition. You can use them in salads and other foods, not just sandwiches. I think they’d be especially handy in a winter emergency situation when fresh vegetables might not be available at the grocery store.
    • The Mountain House Just In Case 72-Hours Emergency Meal Kit is on sale for $47.99. This kit was created to give one person three days of meals. It’s ideal for emergencies because the meals weigh less than three pounds combined. Ah, the beauty of freeze dried foods!
    • Freeze dried Tomato Dices. You can get both MyChoice and #10 can sizes, ‘cause yep—both are on sale.
    • Canned Heirloom Garden Seeds – you’ll definitely want those. You can plant now, or keep ‘em in storage. Having a couple #10 cans of Heirloom Garden Seeds might make a big difference in your family's ability to be self-reliant long term.
    • The 3600-Calorie Datrex Food Bar is on sale for $5.99. It will do a lot great job of keeping you powered up in an emergency.

    So prepper friends, as you can see, April is shaping up to be pretty great month for sales. You don’t even have to take my word for it. Feel free to shop around; I’m confident you’ll find the best prices at Emergency Essentials.

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  • April Group Specials

    Hey, hey, hey! April is shaping up to be a great month for sales at Emergency Essentials. Here’s what’s on for the April Group Specials.

    Get at least ten 8-packs of Utility Flame Gel Packets and you’ll only pay $10.00 for each 8-pack. That’s 28% off regular price. The Utility Flame Gel is an eco-friendly, nontoxic fire-starting gel that doesn’t produce smoke or odor. Its only byproducts are water, sand, and carbon dioxide. It also doesn’t evaporate, freeze, or melt—and it’s water soluble. All you have to do is tear open the package, squeeze out the gel and light it! Pretty darn cool, eh?

    WP-P315 copy

    Hydropacks are still on a GREAT sale of 50% off. If you didn’t pick any up last month, get them now. They’re great for trips in the outback when you don’t want to, or can’t, pack a lot of water. But at least 5 10-packs to get them for $15.00 a pack.

    Instant White Rice, packed for long-term storage, is on sale for $8.00 per can when you buy 12 or more. This is a just-add-water product; it’s ready to eat in just 5 minutes. 48 ounces of instant rice for $8.00? I don’t need more convincing.

    #10 cans of Tomato Powder are part of the group specials. This stuff is so versatile that I’m calling it a must-have item for food storage. I’ve used it in meat dishes, soups, casseroles, dips, sauces … heck, you could sprinkle it on popcorn if you wanted. Each can has a net weight of 68 ounces – that’s a lot of tomato powder for $16.00! It’s 30% off regular price which seems like a good deal to me. Get yours now – you won’t be sorry!

    FN-C975 FD Meat, Fruit, & Veg Combo copy

    Emergency Essentials has a new combo out. We’ve put together meat, fruit, and vegetables to give you a well-rounded supplement to your food supply. Most of us have grains in our food storage. That’s a great foundation, but I sure wouldn’t want to live off bread alone. This Meat, Fruit, and Vegetable Combo lets you expand the variety of meals you can make when relying on food storage. In this combo you’ll get beef, chicken, bananas, peaches, green beans, and peas. Sounds like an odd combination, but think about the versatility this combo offers. Suddenly your oatmeal, rice, and wheat got more interesting to eat! Buy three or more combos at $120 each and you’ll save over $50 per combo!

    Need more information on how the group program works? Check out our Group Program page for all the details.

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  • FREE Shipping Offer!

    Today only, you can get FREE shipping on your first order over $50. Check out all of our Black Friday offers here.

    Note: Your order doesn't have to include any Black Friday special sale items to qualify for free shipping.


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  • Black Friday Preview

    Check out our Black Friday preview! The sale starts at 8:00 a.m. MST on Friday, November 23rd. To get all the details, including what time it starts for your time zone and other special sale items, click on the image below. Happy shopping!

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  • November Mountain House Sale

    It’s that time again! Time to get all the Mountain House products you’ve been eyeing… because they’re on sale for 20-32% off through the end of November.

    I’ve had my eye on the Rice Pilaf (it’s de-li-cious), and I don’t know if I can resist buying the Chili Mac, Scrambled Eggs with Bacon, and Chicken Stew since they’re 32% off.
    What about you? Are you planning to buy some Mountain House items while they’re on sale this month?

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  • We’ve had a lot of fun this month celebrating 25 years of “Helping People Prepare.” Along with our weekly giveaways, we’re saying thanks by having a great sale.  There are only three days left of October, so don’t act fast. Here are some sale items you won’t want to miss out on:

    - On sale this month for $1,749.99 (individual component price: $2,245.75)
    A combination of food storage basics, gourmet mixes, and high-quality freeze-dried and dehydrated foods
    - Includes 126 #10 cans, 14 of whichare Mountain House® freeze-dried entrées (yum!)
    - See a detailed list of contents on BePrepared.com
    - On sale this month for $1,199.99 (individual component price: $1,578.99).  
    - Adds variety and nutrition to your food storage
    - 60 #10 cans of freeze-dried entrées, fruits, vegetables, and drink mixes.
    - See a detailed list of contents on BePrepared.com)

    - On sale this month for $84.99 (MSRP $155.00).
    - Nomad 7m Solar Panel is an ultra-compact yet powerful solar panel that enables you to charge  electronic devices using built-in USB and 12

    Volt DC charging ports
    - Lighthouse LED lantern provides light and charging capabilities.  
    -(See more details BePrepared.com)
    - On sale this month for $65.99 (MSRP $99.95).
    - I Includes AM/FM and NOAA weather alerts
    - Time, calendar, and alarm functions
    - LED flashlight and 5-LED reading lamp
    - Power with the built-in hand crank charging system or adjustable solar panel and
    - use the built-in USB port to charge your small electronic devices       
    - See more details BePrepared.com                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              
    These are just a few of the great items on sale this month. Check out the rest of our October sales items. Thanks again for 25 wonderful years!

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