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  • Get Prepared and Give Back

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    Many of you have been asking how you can help those affected by Superstorm Sandy. Well, here’s a way we can all help out:

    Emergency Essentials has teamed up with Goal Zero to promote their ‘You Buy One, We Give One’ relief program. Goal Zero will match every purchase—dollar for dollar—with relief in the form of Goal Zero solar recharging kits.
    All Goal Zero products count toward this program. So if you’ve been thinking about buying a solar power pack, solar panels, or even some lights or speakers to go with your existing Goal Zero products, now is the time. You’ll not only get the products you need and want, but you’ll help restore power to those who need it most.
    Hurry! Program ends November 15th.

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  • Staying Charged and Connected in a Major Disaster

    New Yorkers gather around power strips to charge cell phones
    in the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy.

    Superstorm Sandy left millions of northeasterners without power, some of whom may have to wait more than a week before it’s restored.1 Lack of power to charge important electronic communication devices like cell phones, smart phones, and laptops are among the many problems caused by the lack of electricity.

    Many people in affected areas are relying on generators to keep their cell phones and laptops charged, and Wi-Fi hotspots or businesses with Wi-Fi to stay connected to the internet. One major carrier has set up mobile charging stations around New York City2 and local officials in other affected cities have set up designated charging stations. Throughout these cities, people can be seen huddled around generators  Wi-Fi hotspots.
    New Yorkers gather near a building with 
    working Wi-Fi.

    It’s no surprise that communication is a high priority in the aftermath of this major disaster. For those who know where to find power and internet service, it’s possible to stay connected. But many people are still without phone or internet service. To make sure you
    always have power for your electronic devices, here are some items you may want
    to add to your emergency kit:
    The GoalZero™ Nomad 7m Solar Panel is a small, portable folding solar panel capable of charging devices through USB or 12-volt cables. This can charge a cellphone, smartphone, mp3 player, and other small devices. It also has an optional 12V car charger adapter. The 7-Watt solar panel charges a cell phone in 1-2 hours. It’s 6” x 9” x 1” folded and 19” x 9” x 1”
    unfolded and weighs 13 oz. If you had to evacuate, you could easily carry it in
    you emergency kit.

    The GoalZero™ Guide™ 10 Plus Power Pack allows you to charge NiMH AA batteries from a USB power source or from
    the sun in as little as 1.5 hours using the Nomad 7 solar panel. It’s about the same size as a cell phone, so it’s easy to carry. You can use this Power Pack to charge a cell phone 1-3 times if the pack itself is fully charged. You can use the included rechargeable batteries to power other battery operated items.
    It even has a built in LED flashlight that can run up to 20 hours  on a full charge.
    Goal Zero™ also makes larger solar panels and power packs, some powerful enough to run a
    refrigerator. Whether you use a smaller unit to charge your cell phone, or a larger one to power appliances or medical equipment, you’ll be better off in a major disaster if you have a way to stay powered up and  connected. 


    1 CNN Wire.  “'A loss for everybody': Communities start cleanup afterSandy.”  31 October 2012.   CNN.com. Web.  Accessed 1 November 2012.

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  • Emergency Kits Bring Confidence in Face of Storm

    Our customer service team received the following email from a customer in Massachusetts on Tuesday morning. Hearing stories like this—and helping give people the confidence she mentions—is exactly why we love helping people prepare.

    It’s Tuesday morning and all is quiet here. We are fine as is my Emergency Essentials Bug-out Bag with the emergency medical items I need.  It was simply amazing to have that bag arrive Friday in time to pack for [Hurricane] Sandy.
    My grandchildren away at college have also tested their Emergency Essentials Bug-out Bags—as has my husband. Again, they are all warm, safe, etc. and they have what they need to weather not just safely, but appropriately and pretty comfortably.
     Once again, just knowing they were “all set” was a tremendous peace of mind. They knew they were “set” as well, so they could sit back, catch up on study, sleep, etc. without worrying.
    I do want you guys to know that all the emergency people who check on us look at how [my emergency kit] is packed, smile, and seem to derive great relief from just seeing the big red bag. It’s one more person they don’t have to worry about. Apparently most people don’t prepare in advance here, so we’re people they can cross off their list unless something really unusual happens.  [emphasis added]
    Emergency Essentials (R) 3-Day Emergency Kit
    She mentions two specific points I think are important:
    1. Having emergency kits and the items customized to their needs gave her and her family the confidence they needed to face the storm—and allowed them to do so in relative comfort in their area.
    2. Having the items you need to support yourself in an emergency frees up emergency personnel to help those who are injured, separated from loved ones, or have other needs that require assistance from professionals.
    Our thoughts and prayers are with those still being impacted by Sandy, and those who are starting recovery efforts in her wake.

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