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  • December Group Sales

    Happy December! We hope your halls are decked and you’re feeling jolly. You’ll be feeling even jollier in a second. Why? Because the December Group Sales are here! In all your wrapping, caroling, and jingling, don’t forget about these fantastic monthly discounts for you and your friends and neighbors. Here’s what we’ve got for you this Yuletide:

    Provident Pantry Freeze Dried Broccoli 

    Need a vitamin boost this season? Bulk up your food storage with ultra-healthy broccoli from Provident Pantry. Only $12.00 each (regularly $18.50), when your group orders 12 or more.

     Provident Pantry Freeze Dried Broccoli


    Red Feather Canned Butter

    Back for an encore, the Red Feather Canned Butter is on our list again this month. Real butter, soft and spreadable, and shelf stable for more than two years—what’s not to love about this? And at $5.00 (instead of $7.50) when you order 24 or more, you could break some out for Christmas dinner and still keep plenty in your food storage.

     Red Feather Canned Butter Group Special

    Reflective Emergency Sleeping Bag

    Winter’s the right time to stock up on those things that will keep you warm in an emergency. This little guy utilizes your own body heat to keep you toasty if you get caught in the cold. Stash them in your car, in your emergency pack, and with your camping supplies. Regularly $5.95, they’re on sale right now for $3.75, but buy as a group (10-23 units) and get them for only $3.50. Get 24 or more (great for stocking stuffers!), and the price drops to $2.00!


    Emergency Siphon Hose with Garden Hose Adapter

    I mean, c’mon. Who doesn’t put this on their Christmas list every year? The siphon hose lets you conveniently access water in a storage barrel, and the bonus garden hose adapter makes this useful even when you’re not dipping into your emergency water supply. Regularly $11.99, get it this month for just $7.00 when you buy 10 or more.

    Emergency Siphon hose with garden hose adapter


    Merry Christmas, and happy Group shopping!

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  • Group Specials for November

    We’re offering four great products for group specials this month. Alert your group members to get their orders in early since these items will go fast, and you simply can’t afford to pass them by!

    What luxury to have delicious, real butter stored without refrigeration on your shelves, ready at any time to open and enjoy! Red Feather™ Canned Butter is guaranteed to last for at least two years in cool and constant temperatures. This limited supply was manufactured between November of 2012 and February of 2013, so each can has a guaranteed shelf life of at least 12 to 15 months. Determine how much butter your family would use during that period, and order accordingly. Each 12-ounce can is selling for only $5.00, a saving of 35% over the regular price of $7.50 per can. Your group must order at least 24 cans in order to get this price.

    Red Feather Butter


    We’re continuing our sale on Provident Pantry® Freeze Dried Green Peas. These peas are crunchy and fun to snack on right from the can. They’re also an excellent side dish or addition to soups, casseroles, salads, or stir-fry. If you’re looking to add more vitamins and nutrients to your diet, these peas are a good source of Vitamins A and C, protein, fiber, and iron. This month, they’re on sale for $12.00 each, 35% off the regular price of $18.50 per can. An order of only 12 cans per group gets you this terrific bargain, so if you missed them last month or want more, here’s your chance!

    Provident Pantry Freeze Dried Green Peas


    Another popular holdover from October is our brand-new product, the Small (gallon-size) Metalized Bags. These bags are perfect for preserving freeze dried or dehydrated foods once the can has been opened. The convenient zip-lock top means no re-sealing is necessary. A package of 10 bags is only $5.00 each, 41% off the regular price of $8.50 per package of 10 bags. It’s a great time to stock up on these! At least ten packs must be ordered per group to get this excellent discount.

    Small Metallized bags


    Back by popular demand, and in limited quantities, our lightweight breakfast packets of Granola with Milk and Bananas LRP or Granola with Milk and Blueberries LRP are on sale fro $1.25 each (a huge saving of 57% from the original price of $2.97 per pack)! “LRP” stands for “Long Range Patrol.” Like MREs, LRPs are developed for military use. This means they are lightweight and easy to pack for camping, hiking, or backpacking trips. They also are a great addition to your grab-and-go bag, car emergency kit, or home storage. Simply add water and enjoy. A total of 30 pouches must be purchased per group to get this whopping discount. Feel free to mix and match flavors to meet the 30-pouch quota.

     Granola and Banana LRP

    Don’t delay! Group orders should be placed by November 21. Since some of these items have limited quantities, the earlier you place your order, the better!

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  • October Group Specials

    Have your friends and neighbors been pestering you about the October Group Specials? If not, then get on the stick and tell them about our amazing Group program and how you can all get discounted products and free shipping, just by ordering together.

    If they have been pestering you, I’ve got the news you’ve all been waiting for. The October Group Specials are here, and they’re delicious!

    18 oz. cans of Provident Pantry Freeze-Dried Green Peas, normally $18.50, are only $12.00 when you order 12 or more. Not only is that a whole lotta goodness for side dishes, stews, and casseroles, but peas are a fantastically compact source of protein, fiber, and iron.

    Freeze-Dried Green Peas

    Who doesn’t love granola? This month, get any combination of Dehydrated Granola with Milk and Blueberries LRP and Dehydrated Granola with Milk and Bananas LRP for only $1.25 a pack when you order 30 or more (better than 50% off!). That’s cheaper, lighter, and way longer lasting than that fast food egg muffin thing you had for breakfast this morning.

    dehydrated granola with blueberries

    Remember the 10 Piece MRE Side Dish Combo deal that you thought you missed out on last month? Well, it’s your lucky day. Till the October deadline, you can still get $6 off each pack when your group orders 10 or more packs. These sides are an easy way to bulk up a meal or work as a stand-alone breakfast or snack.

     10 piece MRE Side Dish Combo

    “Okay,” you say. “But what if I open one of these yummy meals and don’t use it all?” A-ha! Just for that eventuality, we’ve got the 10 Pack Small Metalized Zip Top Bag with Gusseted Bottom on sale for $5.00 (regularly $8.50). Protect leftovers or the contents of an opened food storage can from heat and moisture with these re-sealable gallon bags—or use them to stash delicate non-food items.

     10 pack Small Metalized Zip top bag

    Happy October, from our Group to yours!

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  • September Group Specials

    We’re offering five great Group Special items for September.

    Our Shield School Emergency Kit continues from last month at the excellent back-to-school price of only $5.00 each when you buy 10—a savings of 33% off the regular price of $7.50. Show this to your PTA or get together with other parents from your child’s class—only $150 would provide kits for a class of 30! Each kit contains a 400-calorie food bar, a box of water, an 18-hour hand warmer, a poncho, and an emergency sleeping bag—comfort and sustenance for the kids during any stressful time.



    The brand-new MRE Side Dish Combo offers a selection of six popular varieties of fruit or gain side dishes. Partner them with MRE entrees or enjoy them alone as a snack or for breakfast: Applesauce, Raspberry Applesauce, Pears, Mixed Fruit, Cornbread Stuffing, or Santa Fe Style Rice.  Each Combo contains 10 side dishes. When you order 10 combos you’ll get them for just $12.00 each—a 33% savings!


    Every home and business needs a handy Emergency Gas Wrench to shut off the gas valve properly and securely in case of a gas leak, fire, earthquake, or other emergency. This tool includes diagrams and emergency instructions, and is available for only $3.00 when you purchase 15, a savings of 39% over the regular price of $4.95.

     MS-L350 Emer Gas Wrench - Back

    Hurry to get your order in for our Provident Pantry Freeze-Dried Roast Beef Steak, as quantities are limited! These small cubes of steak are perfect to add to vegetable soup, stew, pasta, pizza, stir-fry, casseroles, breakfast burritos, and more. One #10 can is $26.00, a super saving of 48%--nearly half-off the regular price of $49.95 if your group buys 12 cans. Reserve your order today to be sure you get some.



    Here’s a great way to have a creamy Alfredo sauce ready anytime for pasta, pizza, or steamed  vegetables: our just-add-water Provident Pantry Alfredo Sauce Mix. Each 16-oz. MyChoice can is only $6.00 if your group purchases 12, saving you 39% off the regular price of $9.95.


    Remember: get your group orders in by September 26 so we’ve got time to process them before the end of the month!

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  • August Emergency Preparedness Group Specials

    It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for . . . August Emergency Preparedness Group Specials are finally here! Our group program is an excellent way for families, friends, and neighbors to work together to get great discounts on preparedness items. Group orders even qualify for free shipping when the minimum purchase amounts are met!

    Check out this month’s incredible deals. Then, if you like what you see, read more about how you can join our group program at the end of this post.

    Freeze-Dried Roast Beef Steak (New item!)

    48% off! Regularly $49.95, only $26.00 when you buy 12

    Enjoy the rich flavor and texture of real roast beef steak. Add variety and versatility to your emergency preparedness food menu by adding our Freeze-Dried Roast Beef Steak to pasta, salad, stir-fry, stews, and breakfast burritos.


    MyChoice™ Alfredo Sauce Mix (New item!)

    39% off! Regularly $9.95, only $6.00 when you buy 12

    Our MyChoice™ Alfredo Sauce Mix is the perfect addition to your food storage. Enjoy the taste of fresh delicious pasta sauce anytime without worrying about keeping it fresh in a refrigerator. As the ideal comfort food for your emergency preparedness stores, you can use this sauce on pizzas, breadsticks, and veggies.


    Shield School Emergency Kit (New item!)

    33% off! Regularly $7.50, only $5.00 when you buy 10 kits

    Get your children prepared for the upcoming school year by getting them the Shield School Emergency Kit. This kit is perfect if an emergency happens when your child is at school. Each kit includes: an emergency sleeping bag, rain poncho, hand/body warmer, 400 calorie food bar, and Aqua box with straw.


    ASAP Silver Solution

    33% off! Regularly $14.95, only $10.00 when you buy 10 bottles

    Designed to boost the immune system and reduce fatigue, the ASAP Silver Solution turns the small, bacteria-killing particles of silver into a safe and effective liquid that fights disease and illness. This doctor-recommended formula is safe for children.

    WP-S800 ASAP

    2 Person Mobile Hygiene Kit

    60% off! Regularly $19.95, only $8.00 when you buy 10 kits

    Perfect for a car emergency kit or just for travel, this personal hygiene kit includes soap, shampoo, hand sanitizer, Aqua towels, Deodorant, Razor, Shave Gel, Body Wash, and Hand and Body lotion.


    What is the Group Program?

    Our group program is a great way to begin your long-term storage with the help of your friends, neighbors, or family.  Select a group leader who will then place orders for the group (that you all decide on), and keep everyone informed on each month’s specials that are highlighted on page 50 of our catalog. Then start saving!


    To learn more about our group program or to sign up, check out the group program page on beprepared.com.

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  • July 2013 Group Specials

    Check out our July Group Specials—there are deals here you won’t want to miss. Not sure what the group program is? Read more at the bottom of the post—after you check out the specials, of course!


    Provident Pantry Freeze-Dried White Chicken Chunks with Smoke Flavor
    Fully-cooked, freeze-dried smoky chunks of white chicken are ready to reconstitute and use in salads, pasta, soups, stir-fry, or any recipe that calls for chicken. The smoky flavor would be especially good with barbecue sauce or in Mexican dishes. An order of at least 12 #10 cans gives you the price of $24.00 per can, a 44% discount off the regular price of $42.95.

    Provident Pantry White Chicken Chunks with Smoke Flavor

    ASAP Silver Solution
    Silver is a natural antibiotic, and this brand has a patented process that turns the tiny, bacteria-killing silver particles into a safe, highly-effective liquid containing 10 ppm. It boosts the immune system, and is great as a spray for sore throats or to help a wound heal. Each 8-oz bottle is $10.00 on Group Special when your order 10 or more—a 33% savings over the regular price of $14.95. A great addition to your medicine cabinet or first-aid kit!

    ASAP Silver Solution

    Dehydrated Cabbage Flakes
    This brand-new product adds the fresh flavor and super nutrition of cabbage to soups, stews, casseroles, stir-fry, or coleslaw. (Each serving provides 100% of your daily requirement of Vitamin C.) Order 12, and each #10 can is just $12.00, a savings of 36% over the regular price of $18.95.

    Shredded Dehydrated Cabbage

    2-Person Mobile Hygiene Kit
    Convenient travel-sized items for two people. Includes soap, shampoo, lotion, deodorant, body wash, hand sanitizer, Fresh and Go travel toothbrushes (paste included), Aqua Towels and more. This hygiene kit is great for travel or a staple for your emergency “bug-out” bag. Order 10 or more and you’ll get them for $8.00 each, a whopping 61% discount over the regular price of $19.95!

    Two person Mobile Hygiene Kit


    What is the Group Program?
    Our Group Program is a great way to build your long-term supply of food and other necessities and help others do the same at a discounted price! Simply get together a group of people—family, friends, neighbors, church, club, co-workers, etc.—who are interested in building an emergency supply, order together, and take advantage of the monthly Group Specials on page 50 of each catalog.


    What are the advantages?

    • Significantly discounted prices on great items
    • Free shipping on orders that meet one of the minimum group item requirements (free shipping only in the 48 contiguous U.S. states)
    • The option of putting a group order on hold to give people time to decide and pay by the 25th of the month. This assures that those items placed on hold early will be available (with such good discounts, group items can often sell out).


    For further information visit our website at www.BePrepared.com/group. If you’re interested in becoming a Group Leader, call 1-800-999-1863 or email Group@BePrepared.com.

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  • Hurricane Sandy: Neighbors to the Rescue!

    Large Group of Happy People standing together.

    How well do you know your neighbors?

    A recent poll conducted by the Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research found that during the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, residents in New York and New Jersey believed that their neighbors were more helpful in providing assistance and support than the state and national government.

    While sixty-three percent of the 2,025 individuals polled in this survey suggested that they turned to friends, families, or neighbors close to their homes, only seven percent said that they contacted their state government during the storm. Additionally, only nineteen percent of those surveyed sought help from the federal government.

    Commonly, in disaster situations, the perceived notion is that a “fend for yourself” attitude comes out in the community. However, this survey found that seventy-seven percent of people reported that the Hurricane brought out the best among their neighbors.

    Neighbors helped each other by sharing food, water, shelter, generators, or access to power. In neighborhoods hardest hit by the storm, sharing was even more common. Many people stated that they really got to know their neighbors as they bonded to help each other through this crisis.

    The most important point that we can take away from this survey is that according to the Associated Press, “data showed that neighborhoods lacking in social cohesion and trust generally had a more difficult time recovering. People in slowly recovering neighborhoods reported greater levels of hoarding of food and water, looting, stealing, and vandalism, compared with neighborhoods that recovered more quickly.”

    Hurricane Sandy teaches us that now is the time to start getting to know your neighbors. Learn about what resources and skills that you can pool in order to help your community survive in case a disaster hits. To learn how to create a community preparedness plan or join our group program to prepare with your neighbors, check out these resources:





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  • Burnfree Pain Relieving Gel




    When I was fourteen-years-old, my great-uncle experienced a third degree oil burn while frying fish for our family dinner. My grandmother and I, who were the only ones home, had no idea what to do and my uncle refused to go to a hospital. Growing up in the depression era, my uncle was used to using home remedies to solve all of his ailments, but this burn needed greater medical attention than his home remedies could provide.

    As a fourteen-year-old, I was terrified at the sight of the burn and knew nothing about burn care. If only I had known about Emergency Essentials and products like the BURNFREE Pain Relieving Gel, my uncle may have been saved a portion of the medical expenses and treatments that he had to face because he did not know how to properly take care of his burn wounds.

    Imagine cooking a family meal in the kitchen, like my uncle was, and then having a burn emergency that requires urgent care. What would you do? How would you treat the burn effectively? If you have a BURNFREE Pain Relieving Gel stored in the kitchen, you can pop out the gel and use it to immediately avoid any infection to the area and begin to lessen the pain. *

    The BURNFREE Pain Relieving Gel was specifically developed for first-aid use on burns and scalds. By storing one of these bottles in your home, you can begin to care for burns properly before the burn creates any devastating effects to your body. And because not all burns are third-degree magnitude, this gel allows you to treat burns in a variety of situations.

    MF-B515 BurnFree 4 oz. Gel

    Help your family know exactly where to turn for aid in the event of a burn emergency by getting the BURNFREE Pain Relieving Gel. This gel is originally priced at $4.95 each, but with your group savings, you can purchase this preparedness essential for $3.00 a bottle. At least 24 bottles much be purchased to receive this discount. These incredible savings will potentially save you or your loved ones from the painful and lasting effects of a burn injury.


    *In the event of a third degree burn, seek immediate medical attention


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  • May Group Specials

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    If you've been tirelessly looking all winter for great deals on preparedness items for the spring and summer months, look no further. Our May Group specials will add versatility and vivacity to your food storage supplies. Group orders qualify for free shipping when the minimum purchase amounts are met.  Just check out what our May Group specials have to offer:


    Freeze-Dried Miniature Meatballs

    Prepared and packaged for long-term storage, enjoy these succulent beef and chicken meatballs now or in years to come. Simply re-hydrate to restore the original flavor, size, and texture. Use them in pasta dishes or in a sub sandwich. This delicious addition to your food storage can be purchased for $23.00 each (48% off of the regular price of $44.95) when you buy 6 or more.


    Freeze Dried Mini Meatballs


    Burnfree Pain Relieving Gel-4oz. Bottle

    Specifically made for cooling, soothing, and providing instant pain relief to a burn related injury, BurnFree gel is an essential for any first-aid kit and provides amazing results. Take the gel with you on your next camping trip or store it in any place where a burn can happen. This product is originally priced at $4.95 each, but with your group savings, you can purchase this preparedness essential for $3.00 a bottle. That is 39% off its regular price. At least 24 bottles much be purchased to receive this discount. Stock up and share them with friends!

    MF-B515 BurnFree 4 oz. GelTomato Powder

    If you love to make sauces, soups, or juices, you have to try our Provident Pantry Tomato Powder. This excellent addition to your food storage will provide you with nutrition, rich flavor and color to spice up your meals. The best part?—there are no additives or preservatives! By purchasing 12 cans, you can receive a 30% discount from the regular price. Just $16.00 per can (regularly priced at $22.95 each).

    Tomato Powder

    Instant White Rice

    White rice perfectly complements many meals. Use this dehydrated food as a side dish, in a casserole, or in a dessert. Our instant white rice is packaged for long-term storage, so you can enjoy this delicious side item now or years from now. This item can be purchased for $8.00 per can! That is 27% off the regular price of $10.95. At least 12 cans must be purchased to receive this discount.

    Instant White Rice

    Eight Pack Utility Flame Gel Packets

    Have you ever been on a camping trip and just couldn’t get the fire to start? Well, with our Utility Flame Gel packets, you can get that fire started, your family fed, and your toes warmed in half the time. This non-toxic fire-starting gel is reliable and produces no smoke or odor. It doesn’t evaporate, freeze or melt, and it’s water soluble. Utility flame gel is an ideal accessory to have in any climate that you may camp in. Simply tear open the package, squeeze out the gel, and light it. The byproducts are only water, sand and carbon dioxide, meaning that there is no mess to clean up. If you buy at least ten 8-packs, you can receive a 28% discount. That means you’ll only pay $10 for each 8-pack instead of paying the regular price of $14.00.

    Utility Flame Gel



    Our group program is an excellent way for families, friends, and neighbors to work together to obtain incredible discounts on a variety of preparedness items. If you’d like more information on how our group program works, check out our group programs page for all the details.


    Be on the look-out each month for more amazing savings through our Group Specials program!

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  • January 2013 Group Specials

    Hey team! Check out our January group specials below. In our first group special of 2013 you’ll save 30-45% off regular prices PLUS free shipping within the 48 contiguous states. We’re here to help you get your food storage off to a great start!

    $24.00 each when 12 cans are purchased together. Regular price: $43.95.
    Toss a handful of these tasty tomato chunks into a veggie omelet, or simmer some to perfection in a pot of your own homemade chili or vegetable soup. No matter how you use them, these tender freeze dried tomato chunks add even more possibilities to your food storage. Each can has a net weight of 4 oz.
    $14.00 each when 12 cans are purchased together. Regular price: $22.75.
    For baking needs, or simply for spreading on a fresh slice of bread. Butter powder offers flavor and convenience to your food storage. Each can has a net weight of 34 oz.
    $20.00 each when 6 bags are purchased together. Regular price: $32.95.
    This granola is a morning favorite when combined with freeze-dried fruits, as topping on a cobbler, or as a tasty trail mix. For emergency preparedness it is a useful storage food for a quick energy boost right out of the bag. Packaged for long-term storage it comes in a re-sealable, metalized 7-lb. bag.
    60 cents each when 80 warmers are purchased together. Regular price $1.00.
    In cold weather, hands and feet often feel the effects of the chill first. With the 18-hour Hand and Body Warmers, you can add comfort to chili days and nights and protects yourself from injury and frostbite.
    So those are the group specials for January 2013. Orders for Group items should be placed by January 24, 2013. If you meet the minimum purchase requirement for one group item, shipping is free. To learn more about the Group Program click here for all the program details.
    Happy grouping!

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