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  • Customize Your Homepage

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    Did you know that you can customize the Emergency Essentials homepage? You can select what you want to see most and that’s what will show up first when you go to the EEL website. Here are the nine options; click on any of the images below to go directly to that customized home page.

    1. Sales

    The website is set to automatically show you the current sales. This is the default option, so if you don’t select one of the other customization options, this is the homepage that will always come up. If you select another customization option, and later want to reset your customization to Sales, you’ll find the option fifth in the drop-down menu.

    2. Most Popular

    This customization option will show the most popular products, education pieces, blog articles, and recipes on our website. If you'd like easy access to any of the above, this is the homepage for you. Clicking on any of the images on the Most Popular homepage will take you directly to that product, article, or category.

    3. Emergency Kits

    Choosing to customize your homepage for Emergency Kits will show you a variety of kits. You'll also see several options for products to supplement your kits, emergency-kit related articles on our blog, shipping and other general information.

    4. Food Storage

    Foodies, this is the customization choice for you! By setting your homepage to Food Storage you'll always be able to see some of our popular food storage items and items that are on sale. On this homepage there are also several links to important articles about food storage and a link to our Food Storage Analyzer.

    5. Group Specials

    Updated monthly, the options on this homepage will keep you in-the-know about our group specials. This is the perfect customization choice for Group Leaders and other people interested in buying in bulk. One benefit this homepage has, that the others don't, is that it provides a link to our Facebook page where you can receive exclusive offers. By liking and following our Facebook page you'll get the word on promotions that we don't offer anywhere else. As with all of our excellent homepage choices, in addition to featuring products, this homepage provides links to educational materials. It doesn't get easier than this!

    6. Urban

    If you live in a crowded metropolis, or are interested in urban preparedness, customize your homepage using the Urban option. This homepage is chock-full of links to information on how to prepare for a disaster or emergency for your particular situation. We also promote products we think work well for people with limmited space for food and water storage and emergency kits.

    7. Outdoors

    The Outdoors homepage customization features gear that we think lead a great double life; one in your backpack and one in your emergency kit. Clicking on any of the product images will take you to detailed information about that product. Once there, you can always click on the outdoors tab to view more products under specific categories like sleeping bags, backpacks, and cook stoves.

    8. Scenarios

    If you're looking for information on a specific scenario this is a great customization option. Here you'll find links that will take you educational pieces on disasters like tornados, earthquakes, and even how to survive unemployment. Most exciting is the link that will take you to information on natural disasters that commonly occur in your state. This is a great option if you've just moved to a new area or if you are new to preparedness.

    9. Education

    Our Education homepage will keep a lot of valuable knowledge a mouse-click away. The only products featured here are books and other educational materials. The most popular links on this page take you to our Prep School curriculum and other insightful articles on our blog. This customization will also connect you to information about our company's programs, videos on our YouTube page, and the Emergency Essentials Forum where you can communicate with other preparedness-minded people.

    Choosing to customize your homepage to see the products and information you want most will save you a lot of time by minimizing your searches. If you do customize your homepage you'll always be able to search for products in the cream-colored box on the top, right-hand corner of the page.

    We love all the options our new website offers and hope this article helps you tailor the website to work for you.

    Happy customization! 

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  • Emergency Kits Bring Confidence in Face of Storm

    Our customer service team received the following email from a customer in Massachusetts on Tuesday morning. Hearing stories like this—and helping give people the confidence she mentions—is exactly why we love helping people prepare.

    It’s Tuesday morning and all is quiet here. We are fine as is my Emergency Essentials Bug-out Bag with the emergency medical items I need.  It was simply amazing to have that bag arrive Friday in time to pack for [Hurricane] Sandy.
    My grandchildren away at college have also tested their Emergency Essentials Bug-out Bags—as has my husband. Again, they are all warm, safe, etc. and they have what they need to weather not just safely, but appropriately and pretty comfortably.
     Once again, just knowing they were “all set” was a tremendous peace of mind. They knew they were “set” as well, so they could sit back, catch up on study, sleep, etc. without worrying.
    I do want you guys to know that all the emergency people who check on us look at how [my emergency kit] is packed, smile, and seem to derive great relief from just seeing the big red bag. It’s one more person they don’t have to worry about. Apparently most people don’t prepare in advance here, so we’re people they can cross off their list unless something really unusual happens.  [emphasis added]
    Emergency Essentials (R) 3-Day Emergency Kit
    She mentions two specific points I think are important:
    1. Having emergency kits and the items customized to their needs gave her and her family the confidence they needed to face the storm—and allowed them to do so in relative comfort in their area.
    2. Having the items you need to support yourself in an emergency frees up emergency personnel to help those who are injured, separated from loved ones, or have other needs that require assistance from professionals.
    Our thoughts and prayers are with those still being impacted by Sandy, and those who are starting recovery efforts in her wake.

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