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  • Why SuperPails?

    When it comes to storing your food long-term, there are a few things you'll want to keep in mind when selecting the container it comes in. Do you want cans, or maybe one (or eight) of our Superpails? Although cans are great (really, they are), Superpails have some benefits that cans - and other storage containers - just don't provide. And so, without further ado, I give you four reasons why you should start getting your food in Superpails.


    1. Shelf-Life

    Your first thought should be about shelf-life. How well will a certain container preserve your food? After all, you bought it with the intent to use it during an emergency way down the road. It would be a shame to open up a container during a crisis and find the food has already spoiled. Stored in ideal conditions (namely cool, dark places like a basement or, um, a dungeon), these Superpails will keep your food good and fresh for up to 25 years. Not too shabby at all!


    2. Protection

    Second, how secure is said container when it comes to rodents and other would-be intruders? Obviously, the pail itself is a great deterrent to those lil' critters that like to mooch off your food. However, inside the pail is an added layer of protection in the form of a metalized bag. Your food is packaged in this bag (which is packaged in the pail), which keeps the smell of the food tucked away nicely, so even if you did have rodents and other pests, they wouldn't be able to smell your food anyway, so they'd just leave that big plastic bucket to itself. The metalized bag also protects your food from light. Yes, light can actually effect the quality of your food. Fortunately, the metal bag deals with that swiftly, helping it to bounce harmlessly away.


    3. Save Money

    Buying in bulk can save you money, and we all love to save money! These pails hold about the same amount of food as eight #10 cans, but costs much less than it would for those eight cans. For example, you can save over $20 on our Soft White Wheat when you buy in a Superpail rather than eight #10 cans. Now, don't get me wrong, sometimes you need to buy cans, and they're still great. But if you have the storage space, you can save big by going with our Superpails!


    4. Storage Room

    Speaking of storage space...these Superpails are constructed in such a way that they stack ever so nicely, thus leaving you with more floor space in your storage area. And no matter how big your storage area, you'll almost always want more room.



    So you see, these Superpails are anything but ordinary. Think of it as Clark Kent compared to Superman. Clark Kent is your mild-mannered reporter. Nothing special about him, really. But on the inside, he's Superman! He's the crime fighting, cape wearing, high-flying superhero we all wish we could be! Our Superpails are the same. On the outside, they may just look like ordinary storage containers (ie. Clark Kent), but on the inside they are strong and dedicated to protecting your food (ie. Superman).

    Yes, Superpails are that amazing. No, they don't come with a cape. And yes, if you want something more for your emergency food supply, this is it. Go ahead, add a league of justice to your emergency food storage (it'll thank you).

    Superpails Infographic


  • What Makes SuperPails So Super?

    FS-P SuperPail Illustration

    Six-gallon SuperPails hold an amount of food equal to about eight #10 cans. In addition to saving you money, the pails are stackable, so they save space in tight storage areas. Each item (except honey) is sealed in a metallized bag and has an oxygen absorber enclosed.

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