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  • Meet Angela


    Hey everyone!

    As the newest blogger at Emergency Essentials, I am excited to get to know you and to share experiences in emergency preparedness together. Growing up near the Washington, D.C. area has given me some unique insights on the definitions of emergency preparedness, and food storage in general.

    As a child, the term emergency preparedness referred to:

    • The 55-gallon water barrel that my mom purchased and then left in the back yard being filled completely by rain water for about 10 years (shameful, I know).
    • Making an emergency kit and having my brother eat the granola bars from it later
    • A map, route, and meeting place to reconnect with the family in case of emergency.

    As a college student, I learned the value of food storage. I had heard many other students express difficulties at building a food storage supply in college, so I began to collect cans of food, and built a basic supply over the years. One thing that I did learn from my mom about food storage was how to use it to create unique meals in a bind. In college I created a bean dip-like concoction that my husband affectionately refers to as “southwest in recession.”

    I know a little bit about emergency preparedness, but I still have a lot to learn. This is why I am so excited to work at Emergency Essentials and to learn from all of you.

    I am probably most excited to learn more about the various food preparation and cooking techniques used to create great meals in the midst of natural disasters and emergencies, like I started to do in college. I also want to start collecting supplies for emergencies and storing food.

    As a somewhat recent college grad, I think that the poorness of school has left me under- prepared. I would love to hear about how others stored up for emergencies during tough financial times.


    Stay tuned to hear what I have learned and other interesting tidbits that I discover and can share with you! I would love to hear your comments that would help me in my quest in emergency preparedness, food storage, and even camping. Especially since I might go on a camping trip with the in-laws soon . . .



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