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  • September is Preptember™ (a.k.a. National Preparedness Month)

    Don’t you just love September? The crisp air, the football games, the iodine tablets. That’s right, folks. It’s Preptember™ once again! And what better way to celebrate National Preparedness Month than with a blog series?

    This year we’re taking it back to the basics: we’ll be talking all month about easy ways to get started in emergency preparedness, simple strategies for maintenance, and how to master the bare essentials. So, if you’re overwhelmed and feeling “stuck” when it comes to preparing for emergencies, this is the ideal month to tune in.

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    Just to tempt you (I know, you’re already tempted!), here are a few of the topics coming down the pike this month:

    • Water storage: it’s way easier than it sounds.
    • Food storage: start small. Oh, and how to make it palatable. Because food storage doesn’t have to (and shouldn’t) be gross.
    • Gear: what’s crucial and what can you skip?
    • Survival: you may not be Bear Grylls, but we’ll teach you how to hold your own.
    • “Slow & Steady”: time vs. money when building your store of supplies.

    Our goal is to shake you from paralysis in the face of your daunting to-do list and show you how manageable it is to chip away at preparedness a little at a time. We all want to save ourselves time, money, and stress, so let us walk you through the most important practices and principles.

    Have a topic you really want to learn about? Let us know in the comments!


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