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  • Textured Vegetable Protein

    What is Textured Vegetable Protein? Textured Vegetable Protein made from soybeans. The oil is removed from the bean before it is ground into flour. After the flour is formed into the desired texture or size, it is flavored to become any number of imitation meat products, including bacon bits, meat granules, or even large pieces of sausage or chicken.
    When cooked, Textured Vegetable Protein  resembles ground beef or chicken. Most people have actually eaten Textured Vegetable Protein without knowing it. It is used to make or enrich vegetarian burgers, hot dogs, chicken patties, ground beef, chili, stew, sausage, and lunch meat. Many bacon bits that you use on salads and potatoes are made of Textured Vegetable Protein. It is also used by most convenience and fast food outlets as a meat extender.
    FS-M110 Chicken TVP copy
    Chicken Textured Vegetable Protein

    Here are some benefits to using Textured Vegetable Protein in place of meat:

    • Inexpensive
    • No animal fat
    • Good source of protein and fiber
    • Long shelf life, convenient, and quick to use
    • Good source of iron
    • Extends meat
    • Easier to digest than regular meats


    FS-M120 Taco Mix TVP copy
    Taco Textured Vegetable Protein

    After Textured Vegetable Protein has been hydrated, it can be added to any recipe that calls for meat. You can also use it as a meat extender. For example, if your recipe calls for 2 pounds of meat and you only have one, you can add Textured Vegetable Protein to make up the difference. Taco-flavored is great for burritos, tacos, and enchiladas. Sausage-flavored is great for quiche and casseroles. Beef-flavored works great in lasagna and casseroles. You can also add it to your spaghetti sauce.

    Textured Vegetable Protein is very easy to prepare - easier than real meat. In addition, it is a great meat substitute for those on a budget. Our Bacon Bits and Beef Flavored Textured Vegetable Proteins are other great selections! Don't miss this opportunity to add these items to your food storage.


  • Make Your Own Yogurt & Cream Cheese Using Powdered Milk

    The following 2 recipes (submitted by Lynn from Canada) are a great way to rotate and use your powdered milk:

    Yogurt with blackberries


    4 Cups Dry Milk Powder
    4 Quarts Warm Water
    1 Cup Starter
    Optional compliments (freeze dried fruit, jam, vanilla, etc.)

    Mix the milk powder with the water in a blender until smooth. Heat mixture to a scald over stove top in large pot or in a crock pot (not too hot or it will kill the yogurt's live culture). Watch so it doesn't burn if you are doing this on the stove top. Cool to room temperature (lukewarm to the touch with your finger in it counting to 10. Or if you have a thermometer...till it reads about 120 degrees F).

    Add the following and mix well: 1 Cup starter (plain yogurt or freeze dried yogurt starter or saved yogurt from your previous batch - this needs to be renewed after a month or the taste becomes sour).

    Put into a gallon glass jar with a lid and place in some kind of hotbox (wonder box or thermal box) in a warm room for 12- 14 hours until thickened. If you don't have a hotbox, leave it in your crockpot, unplugged, and wrapped in a large towel to keep warm. You can also put it in a cooler wrapped in warm towels.

    Once thickened: Refrigerate up to 12 hours. May need stirring before use. It does thicken more as it is refrigerated. You may add freeze dried fruit, jam, or a bit of vanilla for flavored yogurt. However, remember to set some plain aside first if you are going to use it as a starter for the next batch.

    Hint: Freeze your remaining purchased plain yogurt in ice cube trays to have on hand for the next batch's starter when needed. Good for 6 months in the freezer.




    You can also make homemade cream cheese from your own yogurt that you've made. Take one cup of yogurt and place it in the center of a clean TERRY face cloth or a CHEESE cloth (these are sold at your local food store) that is laid over a small bowl. This cloth will act as a "strainer" for your yogurt. Fold the cloth up. Then take a rubber band and wrap the rubber band around the cloth just up past the point where the yogurt comes to. At this point it will look like you've wrapped up a tennis ball in a cloth with a rubber band to hold the "present" closed. Then take a hanger and hook the rubber band onto the hook of the hanger. Hang the hanger up on your kitchen cupboard door knob or hang the hanger onto a large pot or something strong enough to let it hang. Place the small bowl under your wrapped hanging yogurt and let it just hang there to drip the liquids out for 4 hours.

    If you want to (and are home), you can just give it a gentle squeeze now and again to softly wring out some of the liquid. But that step is not necessary. You can just leave your yogurt hanging for 8 hours if you want to while you are gone to work, too. After this there will be liquid in your bowl. Open up the cloth.....you will find a round soft ball of plain CREAM CHEESE! It's THAT simple! Keep refrigerated once this is completed. You can always flavor it with a little bit of sea salt and dill or a little pepper or whatever favorite seasonings you like. You can use it on crackers, breads, toast, bagels or flavor it with fruit extracts instead of the seasonings.


    Thank you Lynn for these great recipes and tips!

    Bagel with cream cheese

  • Freeze Dried Strawberry Slices

    Our Freeze Dried Strawberry Slices are a tangy and delicious addition to your food storage. Keep them handy for a quick snack or for using in your favorite recipes. Here are some suggestions taken from customer reviews:


    "...We use the strawberries often on cereal or just straight out of the can. There are an amazing amount of strawberries in the can and they are large whole slices."



    "These have become a favorite snack for my 3 year old. She'll eat them right out of the can. They are truly delicious. They also rehydrate quickly for use in smoothies and desserts. HIGHLY recommend them!!"

    Haylee, ARIZONA

    Cereal with dried strawberry slices

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