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  • Crazy for Christmas! Holiday Gift Combos


    Round here, at what some like to call the “North Pole” Santa’s little helpers are getting pretty stoked about the coming holidays. In fact, try as we might, we haven’t been able to restrain them from singing carols and obsessively checking the Naughty/Nice list.

    The bad news? Reindeer droppings in the office. The good news? Early deals on great gift ideas.

    Two of our favorites are the holiday gift combos. No wrapping paper? No time? No problem. These little babies come with 10-12 gifts, along with the same number of gift bags and bows. You can have the perfect little present assembled in seconds, with zero time spent hunting through red and green bins for bits of ribbon or tissue paper. Buy in bulk and you can check neighbors, teachers, co-workers, the bus driver, and the mail lady all off your gift list in one fell swoop. Genius!

    Right now, we’ve got two holiday gift combos available. Get one of each, and spread twice the Christmas cheer!

    Hotspots Holiday Gift Combo 

    Caroling, sledding, snowball battles—all our favorite winter outdoor activities are more fun when we can feel our fingers. Give the gift of warmth with 10 [Hotspot heat packs]. The packs are reusable and stay warm for up to two hours. Great for emergency storage and seasonal use—and the cheery color scheme looks so festive with our transparent gift bags and bright green bows! The Hotspots Holiday Gift Combo comes with 10 Hotspot heat packs, 10 gifts bags, and 10 holiday bows—each gift only coming to about $2.50!

     HotSpot Gift Combo


    Emergency Candle Gift Combo

    Need something a bit more substantial? How about 100 hours of peace of mind for that special someone? These smokeless, odorless emergency candles not only look snazzy in red, but lend themselves to all sorts of sentimental metaphors (“light of my life,” “you light my way,” “I’ll be your candle on the water…”) (Too much?). A thoughtful gift that can be used in an emergency or for every day, the candle gift combo comes with 12 candles, 12 gift bags, and 12 bows—and it’s currently more than 40% off the regular price! Each one of these candle gifts you give your loved one only costs you about $4.20.

     Emergency Candle Gift Combo

    We’ll keep you posted as more fantastic gift-giving deals become available…but right now, there’s an elf stuck in the Xerox.

  • Light During an Emergency

    Light sources are important for any emergency preparedness plan. Children and individuals with special needs especially need light not just to see, but also to feel safe. Preparedness experts recommend having several emergency light sources available.

    When emergency light sources are mentioned, most people think of flashlights. Flashlights are great because they are small, portable and easy to use. Flashlights are good for directional light, but are not as effective for lighting a whole room. Certain batteries can be recharged many times, even by the sun. Rechargeable batteries are one way to be sure you’ll have power for your flashlights. Be sure to purchase a battery charger for your rechargeable batteries. Solar charger kits like the Goal Zero™ Nomad Guide Combo come with a portable solar panel, battery pack, and 4 AA rechargeable batteries, so you can keep batteries ready if you can’t access electricity. We recommend having a flashlight at your bedside in case of an emergency during the night.

    Another option is a hand crank flashlight. This type of flashlight has a lever that you crank or pump for light. The Charger™ Emergency Hand Crank Flashlight with Mobile Phone Adapter will not only give you light, but the ability to charge cell phones and other devices using their car charger. The Wavelength Emergency Radio, Charger & Flashlight also charges your devices, and has a built in radio.

    LED (light emitting diode) bulbs use technology that allow an incredible life span of thousands of hours and emit a bright light. Because they don’t have a sensitive filament to break, they can withstand more abuse. LED flashlights are highly recommended for any preparedness plan because of their longevity and reliability. LED headlamps are great for emergency kits because they’re hands-free, lightweight, and point wherever you’re looking.

    Old-fashioned decorative kerosene or lamp oil lanterns are another light source. In the category of liquid fuel lamps, kerosene and lamp oil lanterns are the safest type for indoors and put off a good amount of light. There are all kinds of different sizes, styles, and types of lanterns you can buy. Propane lamps are great for outdoor use, but shouldn’t be used indoors because of harmful fumes.

    Candles are a reliable light source and all you need is a match to light them. Wax candles are inexpensive and most of us already have them around the house. Scented candles are great decorations and can provide both light and a comforting smell during an emergency. 100-hour liquid paraffin candles last longer than wax candles. Liquid paraffin is smokeless and odorless, which is nice for indoors. The longer the wick the more light it will emit.

    Use gear like the 100-hour Plus Candle for light in an emergency

    Chemical lightsticks are also recommended for emergencies. These lightsticks are lightweight and easy-to-use. They are a great light source when flammable fumes or possible gas spills make fire and electric power unsafe. They are completely safe in any emergency and will offer light for up to 12 hours.

    emergency lightstick

    As you prepare yourself and your family for emergencies, don't forget about light sources. Consider how much light you will need for your house. Be sure to consider the people in your house who will need lighting. When the power does go out, you will be thankful you took the time to prepare.

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