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  • Introducing Mountain House Multi-Day Emergency Food Supply Kits

    All KitsLet’s face it – you need to eat. It’s not only a necessity, but it’s something you actually enjoy doing! After all, what’s life without food? Sometimes, though, finding good food for an extended period of time can be difficult. Fortunately, Mountain House has developed a way to keep you fed in a simple, convenient manner that will blow your taste buds away. So without further ado…Mountain House Just-in-Case Emergency Food Supplies!

    There are many kits to choose from, but the concept remains simple. Each kit comes with a certain number of Mountain House food pouches – enough for two or more days, depending on the kit chosen. That means if you only need four days’ worth of food, all you need to get is the 4-Day Emergency Food Supply. Simple enough, right?

    But that’s just the beginning! By mixing and matching these kits, you’re able to get yourself even more days that what it says on the boxes. For example, if you need a week’s worth of food, your options include a 4-day and a 3-day, or a 5-day and a 2-day. Need food for two weeks? Why not get one of each!

    The benefit in getting different kits to reach your meal count is that each kit contains different meals than the other kits. That means each 3-day kit has the same meals for that day count. Similarly, each 5-day kit contains the same meals for that kit. So, each meal you find in the 3-day kit won’t be in the 5-day kit, and vice versa. This is especially useful if you want more variety in your food storage.

    2-Day ExplodingInside the kits are pouches of freeze-dried meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for however many days you choose. One of the perks of pouches is their small, personal-sized contents. If you’re out on a camp out, you may not want to haul around a #10 can of your favorite entrée. Pouches allow you to pack and prepare your food in convenience. By using the pouch, you can reconstitute the contents inside without even having to pour it into a separate container. This makes it so you don’t have to carry any plates or dishes around, either. Then when it’s ready to eat, the pouch is now your serving dish. Convenient indeed.

    But what about taste? After all, that was one of the very first things mentioned above as something crucial in our meals. Not to worry! Mountain House has some of the best-tasting freeze-dried food around. They have professional chefs create their meals from scratch, so you know the food you’re getting is quality. Mountain House also offers a Taste Guarantee, in which if your pouches don’t taste like they did they day they were freeze-dried in 12 years, then they will send you a replacement straight up. That’s how confident they are. Third party tests have also declared Mountain House the best of its competitors in taste, appearance, and other categories.

    If you’re looking for great tasting, convenient emergency or camping food, look no further than these Mountain House multi-day emergency food kits. Just grab a kit and you’re good to go for up to five days. Add more kits and you will have as much food as you need for as long as you need without having to figure out the math behind it all.

    Being prepared with great food can make a huge difference in your camping and hiking trips, and especially during an emergency. Mountain House makes it easy for you to continue eating flavorful, home-style meals when traditional methods of cooking are no longer available.

    Visit http://beprepared.com/just-in-case.html to get your Mountain House Multi-Day Emergency Food Supplies!


    What's in your ideal emergency food supply? Let us know in the comments below!

  • Guest Post: MREs for Hiking

    We recently moved to Salt Lake City from Nebraska. We have purchased online from Emergency Essentials, and love the fact that we can go to a retail store. We purchased several MREs from one of the scratch and dent sales. We also purchased heaters to go along with them. We love to mountain bike, hike, walk, and just enjoy the outdoors.

    Couple hiking on a trail

    On one of our recent hikes in the mountains, we took along a couple of the MREs. We stopped along the way, and spread out our blanket, made some coffee with our ultra-light stove, and cooked the MREs. They were wonderful and tasted awesome. They were also light and took up very little space in the backpack. The heaters also served a dual purpose. We were able to utilize them to heat up water to clean up our utensils and coffee pot.

    MREs with MRE Heaters

    MREs are easy to pack for a mountain bike excursion, as they take up so little space in a bike bag or hip pack. You can stop anywhere along a trail and have a meal, giving yourself the energy and nutrition to continue.

    Light weight, convenient, tasty, multi-purpose, and easy to pack. So many benefits from such a small and inexpensive product. One other benefit of the MREs is that you can use the box that they are in to light a fire if necessary. The box and plastic sleeve that is left over are easy to pack out and clean-up is simple.

    It is really hard to believe that these things can taste so good, considering it is a pre-packaged food product. We will continue to purchase MREs and use them in our adventures. I am sure we will discover new uses for them as time goes on.

    Jeff and Sherry, UT

  • 72 Hour Food Planning

    A crisis or emergency is a high stress time for everyone. It is especially important to have high energy foods available during these times. Food that is high in calories (even empty calories) is recommended for these times. If you plan ahead, you can have meals that are not only high in energy, but also nutritious.

    You can live several days without food if you have water to drink, but you won’t be very comfortable when you are used to eating three meals a day plus snacks. Besides the nutritional benefit you gain from the food, there is also a positive psychological benefit of doing things the way you did before a disaster. Eating three meals a day will help make the stressful time seem more like normal.

    Food will probably be provided at an emergency shelter for you and your family, but government officials and relief agencies usually take 72 hours to get set up. You have the responsibility to be self reliant and plan your own meals for those three days. Foods that are lightweight, compact, and require little preparation are the most suitable for your 72 hour kit. Since an emergency situation is not the time to try out new and unusual foods that your family is unaccustomed to, you should try out your emergency foods before you need them. Whenever possible, stick to simple tastes that you are used to.

    Consider these possibilities:

    Stress Foods

    Foods that provide sugar energy and are comfort foods are good to pack in your 72 hour kits. These types of food include chocolate, hard candy, dry sugar cereal, fruit bars, etc. In high stress situations your body requires a higher caloric intake, not just nutrition. For those who can’t eat sugar, pack alternative high caloric food such as peanut butter, dried fruit, and sugar-free candy.

    Compressed Food Bars

    Compressed food bars include granola bars, trail bars, and high calorie food bars that are sealed for long term storage. These are lightweight, nutritious, and high in calories, making them a good choice for your 72 hour kit.



    Survival Drink Mixes

    These types of drink mixes are high in protein, vitamin and mineral content, such as protein drinks, diet drinks, and survival drink mixes. These should be just-add-water-mixes, so you must remember to store extra water just for mixing these drinks. Remember that any diet drink mixes you include should be high in protein and not just for weight loss.

    FD-A520 Creamy Select Strawberry in glass copy

    Trail Mixes

    Trail mixes can be made of ingredients such as granola, raisins, nuts, seeds, dried fruit, or chocolate chips. They are very tasty and full of energy and nutrition. You can make your own trail mix to accommodate your family’s taste, but be aware that it could become rancid if you try to store it for a long period of time. Storing trail mix in your refrigerator or freezer is a good way to preserve its shelf life.

    Dried Foods

    Dried foods, such as fruit and meat (jerky) are excellent additions to your 72 hour kit. They are tasty, nutritious and satisfying, and they can make up a part of a meal.

    Freeze-Dried Foods

    Freeze dried foods are probably the best tasting, most “normal” things you can pack in your 72 hour kit to supply you and your family with a “real” meal. They are lightweight and easy to prepare, but require extra water and some cooking. Plan ahead by storing the water that you need and a way to heat it.

    Instant Soups, Meals, & Milk

    Instant soups and meals, (such as cup of noodles, cup of soup, and instant mashed potatoes) are a great way to supplement meals for three days. They are lightweight and easy to pack in your 72 hour kit. Instant milk is a good way to make sure you get the calcium you need. These items also require additional water to use.

    MRE’s (Meals ready to eat)

    MRE’s, designed for the military, are the easiest meals you can put in your 72 hour kit. They have an incredibly long shelf life (up to 10 years when stored at temperatures below 70 deg. F) which makes them an easy solution for a 72 hour kit. MRE’s also do not require cooking, water, or any preparation. For more information on MRE’s see the Insight article entitled MRE- Meals Ready to Eat.


    Snack Foods

    Snack foods are an essential part of a 72 hour kit. If you eat snacks during normal times, you will want snacks during emergencies too. Plus snacks are a good way to help relieve the stress of emergency situations. You can store snack-packs of cheese and crackers, packages of crackers or nuts, or peanut butter snacks. MRE snacks are a good way to store snacks because they can be stored for 5 or more years and they taste good.

    For Babies or Toddlers

    If you have a nursing baby, you should pack formula in case you aren’t able to nurse because of shock or stress. Include both powdered formula and liquid formula in case water is not available to mix the powdered formula. Include baby food for an older baby or toddler. Instant cereal, fruits, and vegetables are a good choice. Remember to store extra water to reconstitute these items, and to update your 72 hour kit as your baby grows.


    Equipment and Utensils

    Sometimes when you are planning your food menu, you forget that you need certain utensils to cook and eat with. Essential cooking items include:

    •          small cooking pots

    •          spoons, forks, knives, (plastic or metal)

    •          Sierra cups (metal camping/backpacking cups that you can heat food in or drink from)

    •          mess kits or camp plates

    •          napkins or paper towels

    •          small, trial size of dish soap

    •          hot pad or wash cloth

    •          can opener

    •          waterproof matches or matches in waterproof container

    •          canned solid fuel and folding stove

    •          zip lock bags

    As you plan your 72 hour kit, you must also remember the little extras that make life more comfortable, such as: toilet paper, diapers, wipes, first aid kit, toothpaste, soap, razors, reading material, stress relieving games, and so forth. If you put a little planning into your 72 hour kit, you and your family won’t need to panic when an emergency occurs.

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