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Equipment and Tools for an Emergency

In a major disaster, the modern conveniences we take advantage of every day might not be available. Having the right emergency equipment and tools can help you maintain some degree of normalcy in basic day-to-day tasks. Imagine being able to cook, wash clothes, take a hot shower, light and heat your home, listen to the news, charge your cell phone and other electronic devices, or run large appliances even if the power and water are shut off. Consider how you might benefit from the following items in an emergency:

  • camping stove
  • hand-powered grain mill
  • hand-powered clothes washer
  • portable hot shower
  • hand-crank flashlight
  • indoor propane-powered heater
  • hand-crank radio
  • solar-powered battery charge with USB plug in
  • solar-powered generator capable of powering a refrigerator

These are just a few of the items that could reduce stress and provide comfort during an emergency. With the right equipment and tools, life can go on with less interruption even in a disaster.

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