If You're New to Preparedness . . .

September 11, 2013


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If you’re new to preparedness, the best piece of advice we can give you is this:

 You don’t have to do it all at once.

This Preptember™ we want to help you start prepping one step at a time. There are six major areas that you should consider when you start to prepare. Here are a few articles, books, and checklists to get you started in each area:

Emergency Plans

Planning for an Emergency

Evacuating from Home in an Emergency

Practicing your Family Evacuation Plan

Emergency and Evacuation Plan Checklist (downloadable/printable)

Emergency Kits

Emergency Kit

Getting Started on an Emergency Kit or Bug-Out-Bag

Special Considerations for Emergency Kits (small children/babies, elderly, etc.)

Emergency Kit Checklist (downloadable/printable)

Food Storage

Introduction to Food Storage

15 Tips for Food Storage Shopping

Eat What You Store

Storing Non-Food Items

Water Storage (including filtration and purification)

Water Storage Overview

Water Storage Options

Water Filtration and Purification


Equipment Tools for an emergency

Emergency Shelter

7 Tips for Choosing a Sleeping Bag

First Aid & Sanitation

First Aid First

Sanitation and Hygiene during an Emergency

First Aid Skills (CPR, Allergic reactions, breaks and sprains, etc.) [See our Recent Blog First Aid Series]


General Resources

Checklist and Insight Articles

Emergency Plans and Checklists (downloadable/printable)

Insight Articles (educational articles that give tips, skills, and techniques in the 6 areas listed above)


Emergency Essentials Tips for Preparedness Book

Wilderness and Travel Medicine

Food Storage in a Nutshell 

Newspaper article

2013 Deseret News Emergency Essentials Preptember™ Insert

Check out our blog all this month for more prepping basics and articles in honor of National Preparedness month.

Happy Prepping!

Experienced and New Preppers: How did you start your emergency preparedness plan? What did you do to make emergency preparedness less overwhelming?

We’d love to hear your advice!


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