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Power Outages in Tulsa May Last Several Days

 Fallen Power Line

Last night and this morning, the Tulsa, Oklahoma area got hit with some pretty strong winds and lightning. This morning more than 100,000 customers had no electricity— and it could be several days before power is restored. Read more here.

What have you done to prepare your home and family for a power outage? Here are some items we suggest you have on hand for those “so-rainy-and-blustery-it-knocks-out-the-power” kinds of days.

Emergency lights and Flashlights
Light sticks
Solar Power
Battery or solar-operated fans to cool down
An indoor-safe heater that doesn't require electricity
Hand and body warmers
Wool blankets
Emergency bivvy or sleeping bag
Games or other entertainment to help pass the time and keep young children calm (make sure activities are easy to do by lantern or candlelight)


When was the last power outage in your area? How long did it last? Were you prepared ahead of time?


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3 thoughts on “Power Outages in Tulsa May Last Several Days”

  • Mark

    Water - some of us have well pumps

  • Jennifer

    It would probably be a good idea to have some food storage that doesn't require cooking, if you have an electric stove. Otherwise invest in a portable gas grill of some kind so that you can still cook. I know I wouldn't have too many options if my power went out tonight. I'd be stuck eating canned peaches and dry ramen noodles. Oh wait, I don't buy ramen noodles. Canned peaches it is.

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