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Food Storage Personal Pizzas on the Volcano Grill

Closeup shot of Pizzas on a Volcano Grill

We've been craving pizza around here at Emergency Essentials, so we grilled up a few personal pizzas on a Volcano Grill last week. 100% food storage. 100% Awesome.

Here’s our recipe—I hope you love it as much as I do.



Food Storage Personal Pizzas


Adjust any of these ingredients to taste

You know what to do…

  1. Make the bread dough according to the directions on the can. Divide the dough into as many parts as you want for your pizzas.
  2. Mix up and spoon on the sauce.
  3. Sprinkle on some cheese.
  4. Add your preferred toppings.
  5. Toss on a little more cheese to keep everything in place.
  6. Grill.
  7. Relish the awesome flavors that you combined with your own hands.


_MG_9980Volcano Grill with Heat Deflector Plate

Here are a few things we learned during this process:

  • If you are using a Volcano Grill to cook your pizza(s), open the vents slightly. It needs to "breathe" when the propane burner is running.
  • To avoid a fuel smell with the propane, adjust the burner air-to-fuel ratio by adjusting the air shutter valve.
  • Cover the Heat Deflector Plate (which goes over the flame inside the Volcano) with aluminum foil, then punch some holes in it to let the heat through—that will direct the flames farther outward so the pizza cooks more evenly.
  • It doesn't take very long to cook these pizzas—especially if they’re personal pizzas. So keep an eye on them, and if they look like they’re cooking unevenly, rotate them in 5 minute increments until done
  • Covering the grill rack with aluminum foil makes cleanup quick and painless.
  • You can make a REALLY great deep dish pizza in the regular oven if you use a whole (or most of a whole) batch of dough in a 9x13” pan and load it up with toppings. (Uhhhh. Yum. See the photo of that pizza below.)


Deep Dish Pizza from Food Storage

Hungry yet? Dig in!

Do you have a favorite pizza recipe? Maybe a magical sauce? Let us know in the comments.


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