Butter Powder Tip

June 2, 2009 | 15 comment(s)


... I use less water than suggested and also add some canola oil. This makes the butter powder creamy and of a perfect consistency to spread...
          -- Carol, North Carolina
Butter powder is available in a #10 can or a MyChoice can.

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  • DeniseCa1  |  June 3, 2009

    I have read some awful things about Canola oil. From what I understand it is made from rapeseed which has no known natural predators which to me means no other animal is dumb enough to eat it. Just seems like there might be a better choice to add.

  • Anonymous  |  June 3, 2009

    Mix in olive oil with the water and then mix with the butter powder (not canola oil) for better flavor and health. If the electricity is out -- store your unused butter in a Butter Keeper. It will keep your butter fresh for up to a month!

  • Anonymous  |  June 3, 2009

    Do you use it on toast and things?<br /><br />Shane

  • Momturtle  |  June 3, 2009

    I have also received an e-mail reporting on the horrors of rapeseed. A lot of the information in the e-mail is false. Rape is planted frequently in wildlife feed plots and a lot of wildlife eat the dickens out of it. It is a brassica related to cabbage, turnips, mustard, broccoli, etc. and the greens are quite tasty. The flower heads can be cooked like broccoli and because it is very deep rooted, it can help break up hard soil. Don&#39;t believe every e-mail you read.

  • Mom McD  |  June 3, 2009

    Thank you for these comments-I have wondered about this product and how good it is.

  • Mom McD  |  June 3, 2009

    Thanks for your comments on this powder butter-I have wondered about it.

  • Anonymous  |  June 3, 2009

    Our daughters are in their 40&#39;s now. When they were toddlers, we purchased some butter powder. I had been delaying throwing it out. Our daughter, at my request, took a can, opened it and compared it in taste with a newly purchased can of butter powder. She could not tell the difference in taste.

  • Ted  |  June 4, 2009

    can you bake with it?

  • Barb  |  June 4, 2009

    I know someone who tried to use this and couldn&#39;t get it to a spreadable consistency. What is the ration of powder to oil and water

  • ewjones2  |  June 4, 2009

    How can a person living alone, currently unable to work due to medical reasons (ie. renal dialysis) and with a small budget prepare for an emergency?

  • Emergency Essentials®  |  June 5, 2009

    We have found that the butter powder works great for baking. We just made some lemon bars the other day with it and they turned out great! Simply add the powder to your wet ingredients. If the recipe calls for 1 tablespoon of butter, add 1 tablespoon of powder. We have found that in general you really don&#39;t need to add any additional liquid. But this may depend on the recipe. Give it a try!

  • Scott  |  June 10, 2009

    My friend made me lemon bars using butter powder and they were honestly incredible.

  • Laura's Blog  |  June 10, 2009

    To ewjones2 who wrote: &quot;How can a person living alone, currently unable to work due to medical reasons (ie. renal dialysis) and with a small budget prepare for an emergency?&quot;<br /><br />Start with storing water. Water is free. Have people save soda bottles for you and you can fill those. I also save water in bleach bottles, detergent bottles, etc--but DO NOT DRINK THAT WATER--use that water for handwashing clothing or flushing a toilet. I also store water in those huge plastic kitty litter containers--again, that water is NOT for drinking, but no reason you can&#39;t use it to clean with. That will make your water stored in food-grade containers last longer since you won&#39;t be wasting your &quot;good water&quot; for flushing toilets, washing your hands, or common chores.<br /><br />Get your water stored up first since that&#39;s the most important thing you need to live, plus the cheapest thing to store.

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