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Food Storage Sweeteners

Sweeteners like sugar and honey are food storage necessities for several reasons. As carbohydrates they provide fuel for the body. Simple carbohydrates like sweeteners provide quick, but short lived bouts of energy. They also enhance flavor, texture and color in any baked good. Sugar assists yeast in adding volume to breads, counter balances acid in tomatoes and is even used as a food preservative.

White Sugar

Honey is a great food storage basic. Unlike many food storage items, honey does not need to be dried in any way. There is no need for an oxygen absorber in a #10 can or a bucket of honey because it stores well due to its nature. With only a few ingredients, including honey, you can have a delicious whole wheat bread. Here is one of our favorite wheat bread recipes using honey as the sweetener.

Honey Whole Wheat Bread

6 C warm water
3 T Yeast
2 C Whole Wheat Flour
Mix, let rise 15 minutes

2/3 C Honey
2/3 C Vegetable Oil
3 T Dough Enhancer
1 1.2 T Salt
12-14 C Flour Whole Wheat (add more if dough is too sticky)

Knead until dough can be stretched and not break easy.
Let rise in a bowl for 20 minutes. Divide into 6 sections and mold into loaves. Bake at 350 degrees until lightly browned, about 45 minutes. Enjoy!

Honey is an excellent natural sweetener.

5 thoughts on “Food Storage Sweeteners”

  • Anonymous

    Do you sell quantities of honey for storage? How long does honey keep? I am really limited on funds. I help raise four grandkids, and am on Soc. Security. I don't want to buy a large quantity that will not keep a really long time. Thank you.

  • Emergency Essentials®

    We carry Honey in a # 10 can for $30.95 (9 lbs., approx. 192 1-Tbsp servings) and a 5 gallon bucket for $159.95. Honey does not require an oxygen absorber or similar treatment option like other food. It stores really well - there is no exact date in which it expires. It can crystallize with time which only requires heating to return it to its normal consistency.

  • Anonymous

    I love storing honey because it doesn't spoil. While we use it on a regular basis, and therefore rotate it, it could sit on the shelf indefinitely, and still be usable-- and taste great! When it crystallizes, simply heat it on low heat, and it will melt back to it's more familiar and usable state.

  • Arlyn

    I love to use honey as an alternative to sugar.I just came across your site and love the products you have =)Thanks!

  • Anonymous

    I've been looking for a simple and good whole wheat bread recipe like this - and using the honey, too. Wonderful!

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