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Peanut Butter Powder Tips

Peanut Butter Powder

"...For those dieters out there, the reconstituted peanut butter has a third of the calories and fat of normal peanut butter -- and no added anything! You can even control the sodium, which is wonderful. As far as taste, it is very peanutty, and is best when reconstituted with milk instead of water, for a little more flavor. And it's great in baking! Gives baked goods a delightfully peanut taste without all the sugar..."
                               Kumie, CALIFORNIA

"... I use a TBSP or two mixed in with a protein shake to add a little extra protein and to add the peanut butter flavor. Good stuff."
                                        Jim, WYOMING

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  • Anonymous

    Mix it with some honey crystals or powdered honey, and you have a great hiking snack - instant pb & honey - for spreading on pita, bagels, etc. JDM

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