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Cooking Essential: YEAST


Yeast is a necessity when it comes to baking. It would make sense that any storage plan that includes grains would also include yeast.

Active Instant Yeast has smaller granules with a high concentration of live cells compared to other forms of yeast. Instant yeast does not require re-hydration, it can be added to any dry dough mixture.

We have always liked SAF Instant Yeast, and are excited to now carry SAF Instant Premium Yeast. SAF Instant Premium Yeast is a new and improved storage yeast. It provides larger volume, ferments faster and is more active than other dry yeasts. It can store up to 5 years in the freezer!

If you are wondering if the yeast you have stored is still active, please follow these directions to find out: Mix 1 tsp. white sugar into ½ cup of warm water (around 110 degrees), mix in 2¼ tsp. of yeast. If the mixture has risen to the top of the container within 10 minutes, the yeast is active and does not need to be replaced. It is wise to test your yeast if you have any concerns regarding its quality.


½ cup warm water, 1 tsp. sugar, 2¼ tsp. yeast


After 10 minutes (liquid and yeast have risen from ½ cup to 1 cup)

Recent customer comment:

"I love SAF yeast. It has a long shelf life. I like to use it with dough enhancer to make hearty whole wheat bread. Even with hard red wheat flour, the dough rises & makes a light & fluffy loaf of bread. My favorite feature is that the breads & goodies don't get that stale day-after taste if they sit on the counter for a few days."

10 thoughts on “Cooking Essential: YEAST”

  • TheSurvivalMom

    Great blog! I just discovered it and have been taking notes. :o) Very helpful info re: yeast.Lisa

  • norriscal

    I like this test for the yeast great info!!! Jenna what is your recipe for your wheat bread I have some hard red wheat and would like to make a nice loaf of bread with it.

  • Laura

    I love this yeast, but have a question...what is dough enhancer? I've never bought or used it, and wondered what is it made of and how does it work?

  • Emergency Essentials®

    Dough enhancer helps make fluffier baked goods, enhances natural flavor, and increases dough strength and shelf life. It's perfect for breads, pizza dough, cakes, rolls, scones, muffins, and much more. You can add dough enhancer to your favorite recipes for softer texture, longer shelf life, better flavor, and increased strength. It's main ingredients are whey, soy lecithin, tofu powder, enriched wheat flour and dry yeast. A recent customer said "I love this product. It makes a much better homemade product. The finished product has a much softer texture, and it won't dry out as quickly."

  • Aunt Bea

    I like SAF Yeast the best. I know a lot of folks put it right in with their dry dough, but I still like mixing it with warm water and letting it activate separately, then adding it to the flour.I like to use honey in my bread recipe, not just for the yeast activation but the flavor! A little extra honey and, after the first punch down, I roll the dough into balls, let it rise, then fry it and make jelly doughnuts... I use a metal baster to suck up the jelly and then insert it into the doughnuts and pump a little in. Cover with a glaze and...ahhh.

  • Tim

    Wow those donuts sound really good! I'll have to try that one.

  • GrannyJ

    In a true emergency, we won't have a freezer. How about posting a good recipe for a sour dough starter (also how to feed it to last when we need it most). And different recipes of breads, biscuits and treats using this ingredient that our foremothers used every day.

  • Nora

    I was wondering if anyone has information about a "living yeast", and is that the same as a sourdough starter. I'd appreciate any information!

  • KennQ29

    great post, I really like it. Thanks for posting. :)

  • Anonymous

    Yes, that is me, after some bad experiences I fear yeast! I look for ways around it ;) But everything is better with it. With wheat, it is a necessity. So I'm trying to overcome my fear and looks like that will involve dough enhancer also.

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