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Comfort Foods

In American culture, sweets and desserts are associated with good times and celebrations (birthday cakes, holiday pies, sweets, etc.) Studies have proven how our emotions can affect our bodies. Foods high in sugar or food associated with pleasant memories can cause the release of certain chemicals that affect how we feel.

During hard times such as extended unemployment, food shortages, or during the aftermath of a natural disaster, sweets remind people of better times and give them a sense of normalcy and comfort. Normalcy should be a priority in preparing our families for an emergency.


We recommend storing some “comfort foods.” Comfort foods include desserts, macaroni and cheese, chicken noodle soup, and peanut butter. A common adage is "store what you eat and eat what you store." Storing food that you eat on a regular basis and having a way of re-creating these meals in an emergency is wise. Food storage options are broadening to provide more of these comfort items in easy "Just add water" and "Ready to east straight from the package" form.

Some of these "Just add water" and "Ready to eat straight from the package" foods include:


Best Picture of FD Ice Cream copy



  • and many more...


Spices are also a great addition so you can make your own favorite comfort foods.

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  • Lorrie

    The Mountain House Mac and cheese is excellent

  • Jesse Crouch

    Not specific to this blog post -I think it would be great if there were a user forum hosted by emergency essentials. There's a huge user community as clearly indicated by this blog. I think a place where we can all discuss anything at all openly would be an awesome resource.

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