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May 2013 Sale Items

Oh, boy… have we got some great stuff for you in May.

First things first. Remember the 160-gallon Water Reserve we introduced you to a couple of weeks ago? Well, we’ve bundled two Water Reserves together with a 50-foot drinking-water-safe hose and 6 Aquamira Water Treatments (three sets) to make the Ultimate Water Reserve Combo. And for this month only we’re selling it at an introductory price of $779.99. (It’s a $1099.99 value, and will regularly sell for $849.95.)

So, if your water storage situation isn't in order, now would be a great time to make it happen.

Ultimate Water Reserve Combo (320 Gallons) 320-Gallon Ultimate Water Reserve Combo

Whole Egg Powder is 27% off

$15.99 for a #10 can (reg. $21.95)

$5.99 for MyChoice™ can (reg. $6.95)

Who says you can’t have a wonderful brunch in a disaster? Keep powdered whole eggs on hand for baked items like cakes, cookies, and casseroles; or whip up delicious breakfast foods like quiche, scrambled eggs, or pancakes.

Dried Whole Egg Powder - #10 Can Dried Whole Egg Powder - #10 Can


Save 31% on the Fruit and Vegetable Favorites Combo

$99.99 for 6 #10 cans

Get a nice assortment of fruits and veggies in one fell swoop. This combo includes freeze dried strawberries, peaches, bananas, green peas, tomatoes, and super sweet corn. They’re favorites for a reason—they are delicious and really easy to use. Snack on them straight from the can, or add them into your favorite dishes. Rehydrate with water for a few minutes, and then treat them like fresh produce that’s pre-chopped and ready to go!

Fruit and Vegetable Favorites Combo Fruit and Vegetable Favorites Combo

All Mountain House Pouches are on Sale

If you’re planning some backpacking, camping, or other outdoorsy fun this summer, stock up now on Mountain House pouches, and take some delicious entrées, wrap fillings, side dishes, and desserts with you!

Road trip? Pack some pouches and fill a Thermos with hot water at home or along the way; you’ll have great meals without settling for whatever fast food joint or questionable diner you can find on the road.

These pouches are also a great option for emergency kits—just be sure to pack extra water for reconstituting them.


This is just a lil’ sampling of what we’ve got on sale this month. Check out the rest of our May sale items here.

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