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Baby Steps: Gardening

Interested in gardening but feel like a complete novice? Today’s Baby Steps will give you three ways to start off on the right foot.

1. Find out what climate zone you’re in.Know your climate zone for gardening will help you decide what to grow. This link from the National Garden Association will take you right to climate maps and other helpful information.

2. Decide what you want to grow. Grow your favorite veggies and herbs, or grow the ingredients to some of your favorite foods.

3. Buy seeds.The Emergency Essentials Heirloom Seeds are a great way to get started. These heirloom seeds are non-hybrid and open pollinating. That means you’ll be able to harvest your own unique seeds for next year! Available in a large can with 17 varieties, or the boxed combo shown below, which includes 10 varieties. Click here to make your selection.

Here’s a great post from GardenWeb with more information on starting your garden right. 

For all you Master Gardeners out there, please leave tips and ideas below in the comment section. We’d love to have your input!


Each Friday for the next month Baby Steps will feature gardening tips; our goal is to get you gardening. We’ll post Baby Steps on skills like composting and building garden boxes, so be sure to come back every Friday.


Happy Gardening!

3 thoughts on “Baby Steps: Gardening ”

  • Lauralee Hensley
    Lauralee Hensley March 24, 2013 at 5:40 pm

    Well this year I'm going to get some big sheets of white gauze to put over my plants when the sun is much too hot, so I won't get burn spots on the veggies while they are growing. The University Extension Office Gardening Class I took suggested it, as they'd been having to do the same thing, because last year leaves were even getting burned by the sun as well as the vegetables and some fruits. That's what happens when droughts are in your area, you have to plan for a way to cool down the plants some, while still letting some of the sun in.

    • beprepared

      Hi Lauralee -- thanks for the great suggestion. Did you see NOAA's Spring 2013 Outlook? They're saying drought conditions will continue. Thanks also for following us on Twitter and for the retweets!

  • JoAnne Ryan

    If I was just starting (and to a certain extent everyone is just starting as there is always something to learn) I would focus on the high reward items. Tomatoes, potatoes ,beans ,onions,carrots, beets, squash. you can get a lot of great food without too much trouble with these veggies.Then when you have success add from there.

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