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Pennies for Prepping: February 2013 Results

Friends, can you believe it’s March already? February absolutely flew by. And good riddance, right? I’m ready for spring to start.

In February my plan was to save $5 toward preparedness supplies since I only saved about $2 in January. Well, guess what? Since I was thinking about it more, I actually saved almost $20! Here’s how I did it:

1)      I took out cash for my monthly expenses (outside of larger expenses, like rent, that I pay for by check).

2)      I requested the cash in $20 bills.

3)      When all that was left of a $20 was loose change and $1 bills, it all went into my prep fund jar and I broke the next $20.

4)      The end result was that I never even missed that extra change or the $1 bills.

So, my ending balance from January was $1.01. In February I saved $19.55, bringing my total to $20.56. Here’s what I bought:

I’m going to try saving just as much in March—we’ll see how it goes. Eventually I want to buy a small stove, a tent, a bivvy, and some MREs. But I’m also going to consider items that are on sale each month (like some of the great sale items this month), so I have to be patient and pace myself.

What about you? Were you able to save some pennies and get something for your preps in February? What’s your goal for March?

 P.S. Guess what? I got a Katadyn Vario™ water filter as a gift in February! I couldn't believe it—what a blessing! I would have had to save my pennies for the rest of the year to buy that!

11 thoughts on “Pennies for Prepping: February 2013 Results”

  • tara

    I was able to buy a box of seeds that will cover 1/4 of an acre of garden space with mixed seeds and a 2 tray sprouting system...I spent 34.00 for both items from emergency essentials....

  • Justin

    I really enjoy this post, but how could it be only $16? Wouldn't there be a shipping charge?

    • beprepared

      Hi, Justin--you're absolutely right. Since I live and work right here in Utah and our corporate office is attached to our warehouse, I don't end up paying shipping. That's definitely something people will have to take into consideration. For example, if I were not living in Utah, I might save up for 6 months and then buy, or try to get someone to go in on an order with me to split the cost of the shipping charge. Otherwise, it doesn't make much sense to save up, spend $16 on product, and spend another $6 on shipping.
      Another great option is to see if there's anyone in your area doing the Group Program. When one group item is purchased at the minimum quantity, the entire order gets shipped for free, so group members could add individual items without any shipping charge. --Sarah

  • linda

    In January we decided we needed to find a way to save more money. So after paying our bills and making our major grocery needs we pull out cash for other purchases. It is much harder to pay with cash than by check or ATM

  • Donald Stevens
    Donald Stevens March 7, 2013 at 4:28 pm

    Dear Pennies
    What a great idea,,, so my wife and I found a qt jar to start with and we are going to saving all our loose change, sorry not the $1 bills because we are on ssi and only get a check once a month but we will see next month what we will have to spend.... Thank again for the great idea, and happy prepping.

  • Darla Bryce

    My Church is always talking about emergency preparedness, but I have not been able to save for this. I will take this suggestion, and I am sure that I will do fine. Thanks. --Dee

  • bugnutz

    Hey! I save that way, too, but not for prepping! This month, I spent half of my grocery "allowance" on Mountain House and Provident Pantry. I HOPE I got more than 1/2 month of food, since it's just for myself. Not sure how many entree servings to expect out of 6 #10 cans, though. I am hoping to be able to build that up to nearly my full grocery allowance so I am constantly stocking up AND rotating.

  • drew

    when I'm shopping for my miscellaneous items I.e. toothbrushes,handsanitizer I shop at the dollar store it really helps save. you mentioned something about a stove, check out "rocket stove" on the internet, you can make a camping stove using soup cans and a # 10 can

  • Arleen Cook

    I do that with my tips and change. Used to go in bank but now it goes into my very secure safe. Added up fast.

  • kirsten h

    always a good idea... as an added note: ask the local produce folks (and food pantry if you use one) about getting any produce or other goods that "will not keep".

    our local food bank ROUTINELY hands us boxes of produce that will not keep until the next food bank date... we dry or can them that day.
    this doesn't deprive anyone, as it would otherwise be thrown out...

  • Lauralee Hensley
    Lauralee Hensley March 10, 2013 at 3:45 pm

    Got seeds, many of which I'll plant soon, then transplant outside. From the plants that grow I'll harvest even more seeds this year. Haven't really harvested my own seeds too much before beyond bell pepper seeds and cucumber seeds, but this year I am going to harvest and save many, many more. We used part of the income tax return money to get a little bit of prep food, but it's a start. Also waiting on a Faraday bag for an important item we have that needs to be protected. Especially since NASA has seen a sun spot that is 6 times larger than the earth developing on the face of the sun. If that goes I could see a potential problem with an EMP. Glad to have a sun oven in case it does, since we don't have a wood burning fireplace or a wood burning woodstove.

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