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A Primer on Preppers

Check out this great article entitled "Stop Demonizing Preppers." Whether you self-identify as a "prepper" or not, you will surely be able to recognize some of the false stereotypes the author talks about. A great article that shows not all preppers are alike.

In fact, the prepper community includes a lot of political and cultural variety. If there is right-wing survivalist DNA here, there is also the DNA of the Whole Earth Catalog and several generations of bohemian back-to-the-landers, plus a fair number of families whose inspiration isn't much larger than the Boy Scout motto, "Be Prepared."

This is a great article to share with those who aren't familiar with prepping or preppers, as well as those whose exposure to the idea through media has left them with a less-than-realistic impression of what emergency preparedness is all about. (Click here for the full article.)

4 thoughts on “A Primer on Preppers”

  • Ron Rock

    I wish more people would read this. It would give them a better idea of what Prepping is all about. Great article.

  • Barbara

    That is a great article. 1There are as many reasons to prep as there are stories of human misfortune and suffering.

  • Darla White

    Most Preppers I know are your basic garden variety of American citizens who work hard, pay their taxes, and live within their own means. They want to be able to protect their spouses & kids (from harm) like anyone with grit would do. We don’t have the luxury to be able to rely on our government anymore, because it is out doing stuff we no longer approve of. We tell them NO and they go right on and do it anyway. We need to fire every one of them liars in congress and bring in a whole new crew. Doing your political stint should be a 1 or 2 term thing. It’s not meant to be a “lifetime” appointment where you can make up new laws to keep yourself financially set forever and in the office forever so you can bleed the people dry that you work for. So we sit tight and wait and we prepare—as best as we can. Many of us have tried to do the political thing for the last 4-6 years—but the progressives have infiltrated it to such a huge degree that it will more than likely take an act of God to fix that at this point. It’s very sad. Our God given rights are being attacked from every direction by progressives.

    Preppers want to be ready for ANY situation. It could be a natural event like a hurricane, tornado, sink holes, tidal waves or manmade events like a pandemic, a terrorist atrocity, or an invasion from a foreign country. After all---It’s not like this can’t happen is it? It has happened in the past many times all over the world. We live and learn from our world history.

    Many Preppers are currently doing their best to pay off their debts, as well as to prepare-- so that (if) the financial economy falls they will be free from it. In a Preppers mind---Nothing is out of the realm of possibility of bad things that can happen to us. Yes some ideas are bizarre and outlandish as in the TV show the Doomsday Preppers. These “specific kinds of Preppers” do NOT represent the majority of Preppers! The TV show is so outlandish that they are obviously doing it for higher ratings. The majority of Preppers are everyday people trying to survive and get ready as best they can while taking their kids to baseball games, music lessons and picnics.

    The term- Be Ready means exactly that--"Be Ready"--for anything. People who attach a weird label to it- like the progressives have done in the blogs---have no idea what we are about. They have no concept of what it is, means, or why we do it. They just can't comprehend of anything happening in their own little world where the government won't save them. We learned from world events like Katrina that it could be days or weeks before help arrives. We will be ready to wait it out (and strive to do for ourselves) before the good guys can come—even if it takes weeks or months. After all OUR heroes are people like John Wayne, Audie Murphy and ALL of our founding fathers -John Adams, Samuel Adams, George Washington, Ben Franklin just to name a few. :-)

    The smart asses of the world (the Progressives) who make fun us and call us names in all the blogs--- will be the first to fall. But our families God willing will be safe, well fed and ready for whatever comes. :-)

  • Michael Underhill
    Michael Underhill March 5, 2013 at 11:43 pm

    If you do not have some kind of emergency kit ready you are in big trouble. Be it mother nature, or man made. You should have enough supplies set aside for at least 5 days. This is for each member of your family. Not being ready does not make you stupid. But a least start by listening to those who are ready. Also help educate those who need it.

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