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Baby Steps for the Weekend - September 14th

What are your plans for this weekend? I’m getting over a week-long bug, so I’m planning to take it easy this weekend. I still want to do some prepping baby steps, though.

1. Create a bedside kit.

This is a small thing you can do to prepare for an emergency that could happen in the middle of the night. Include the following items (and other items you think you’ll need based on your location):

  • Shoes - to keep your feet safe and clear of broken glass or other dangerous items
  • Light stick or flashlight - to help you find your way out in the dark
  • Jacket – to keep warm if it’s cold outside and you can’t return inside immediately
  • A snack – because a snack is always a good idea (especially for keeping kids distracted and to help mitigate grumpiness brought on by low blood sugar)

2. Make a meal using your emergency cooking equipment.

If you’ve got emergency cooking equipment, be sure you know how to use it. Cook an entire meal this weekend using only your emergency cooking supplies. Make note of the items you wish you had available, and add those to your emergency storage shopping list.

3. Add a week’s worth of food to your storage supply (or one day, one month… etc.)

Add some items to your food storage. If you can’t afford an entire week’s worth of food storage items, add enough for a day or two, and do that each time you go shopping. If you’re consistent, you’ll have a good supply of food before you know it.

I’m putting a bedside kit together this weekend—I’ve got an extra tote bag lying around somewhere that should fit all those items in it, and I’ve got an old pair of sneakers that look about ready to retire; those will give me a good start to my kit. Now all I need is a light stick and my favorite snack…

--Urban Girl

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