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Feeling Burned? Try BurnFree


Since burns are common injuries both at home and during emergencies, it is important to be familiar with proper first aid treatment of all types of burn injuries. BurnFree can be used at home to treat burns, ease pain, and can even help sunburns.

BurnFree contains a unique combination of water and natural plant extracts. The active ingredient is melaleuca alternifolia. This ingredient has been found to help cure burns and disinfect small wounds. Since BurnFree is a complex natural mixture of organic compounds had has been proven to have effective germicide properties, it can be used on or around mucous membranes and on broken skin. If a wound has blistered, or occurred with an invasive wound such as a scrape or impalement, you can still treat the burn with BurnFree gel and not cause serious infection problems to the open wound.

Unlike gauze pads which can shed threads or fibers that may adhere to the wound as it heals, premedicated BurnFree dressings will not shed and will conform easily to the injured area for less restricted movement and added comfort.

BurnFree provides immediate results and can be used to reduce pain and trauma from wounds caused by fire, flames, chemicals, electrical burns, as well as phosphorous and magnesium. The dressings are strong enough for injuries caused during industrial accidents but remain safe for home use. BurnFree can be a real lifesaver for everyday emergencies such as a burned finger while cooking or a burned brow from a hot curling iron.

"I am very impressed with BurnFree. Having a good friend that works in the County Hospital "Burn Unit" I was able to talk to her and ask her opinion on this product.. She had only good things to say about this gel. She said that they use it often, and that it really seemed to help those that needed the use of it. So I ordered it and put it in the First Aid Kit just to have. We have had to use it on a Sunburn and on a burn from a soldering iron. It really does do the trick of easing the pain fast and stopping the burn. Those that may question this product, you will never be sorry if you do purchase this. I keep one bottle close at hand now. Thank you for offering this to us at a low cost. It is so worth it."
-- Patsy, AZ

4 thoughts on “Feeling Burned? Try BurnFree”

  • robin

    with it having melaleuca in it, does it have a strong ordor in it? I am highly sensitive to scents and once tried several melaluca products and found that I could not use anything in their product line. I would be interested in this, but the scent would be the only thing that concerns me.

  • Emergency Essentials®

    Robin - Thanks for your inquiry. BurnFree does have a strong scent. It is an incredible product that we highly recommend for burns, but may not be the best option for you if your sensitive to odors. Thanks for your question.

  • WiJoyMom

    How long does this last unopened? Then once it is opened, how long does it last (assuming it isn't used up :)

  • Jason

    I have been using Burn Free since 1997. I used it for soldering iron burns, welding burns, exhaust burns, etc. That being said, burn free is the ONLY burn relief application that actually took the pain away and made it easier to continue working. I have many years of this product stored away and every BOB and INCH bag in my family has a box of it as a standard first aid prep. Excellent product.

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