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Water Storage Solutions



Water Storage Solutions

As I've learned more the past year about being prepared for everyday situations as well as emergency situations, I've discovered one area I am sorely lacking in is water storage.

My efforts in this area have been almost (but not quite) non-existent. So I started with the things that most of us start with. First I purchased bottled water. Next, I moved on to refilling used pop and juice bottles. While this method did expand the water I had available to me, I very quickly became aware that it would take a LOT of individual bottles just for a two week supply of water for one person, let alone a supply for my entire family of 5.

So, I sat down and worked out a plan. I knew I still needed some form of portable water inside the house, so I started investing in water boxes that held 5 gallons each and came in a kit of five. They were easy to fill, were very sturdy, easily fit on the bottom shelf in my storage room and behind the doors. They are easy to empty and refill every six months so we can always have fresh water at our disposal. The best thing is that just three of the kits supplied more than the recommended amount of water per person per day for a two week supply for my family of 5.

Having that one small goal taken care of, gave me great peace of mind and allowed me to set further goals for my family's water supply.

While working on our 72- hour kits and trying to come up with light-weight solutions for the kids packs, I came across some pre-packaged "personal" water boxes. What a perfect solution for the little ones. Since they were just like a juice box, with a straw included, the kids are able to use them all by themselves and in a crisis situation they will be able to be independent and feel more in control.

I liked this option so much that I have added cases of them to our food storage. We always carry a supply of them in the car and I also put a few in the stroller when we are going on our outings. Since they are closed boxes, they are less likely to spill and lose their water supply.

Finally, knowing I live in a flood zone, and that our drinking water could easily be compromised, I started looking for solutions to store larger quantities of water. For my family I have found water barrels to be the best solution. They come in several sizes and I am able to store them in different locations in the house. Having the option to store water throughout the house where it would be needed the most was a key reason for choosing the smaller barrels over one of the options that would store hundreds of gallons of water in one place.

Having so many options for the water our family may need in any situation helps me feel so much better prepared to face whatever challenges may come our way.

--Tammy, Utah

6 thoughts on “Water Storage Solutions”

  • lunalupis

    Here in the "Great North Wet" we are really into rainwater harvesting! Used food grade 55 gallon plastic barrels and larger are definitely the way I have been going. I would love a brand new, never been used barrel though, as the security of knowing it has never been used would make me feel so much more at ease!

  • MamaRandom

    I also found that the mylar water bags you sell fit into 5 gallon buckets with lids. It adds very little weight, but allows me to stack them higher and I don't have to worry about the boes getting wet.

  • wrightinidaho

    Thank you for some of the soultions!

  • April

    I found a system that is extremely portable and will purify even lake water! Maybe that's not exactly "water storage" but it's a start for me. I live right near Lake Erie, so if disaster strikes, I have a whole lake my family can drink from!

  • garry

    I haven’t any word to appreciate this post..... Really i am impressed from this post....the person who creates this post it was a great human. Thanks for shared this with us.Water storage tanks

  • Matt

    I wanted to ask if anyone is treating there water to give it a longer shelf life. I was originally going to just use tap water when I decided I might want to treat with Aquamira Chlorine Dioxide Water Treatment. I wanted some oppions before I filled the boxes and put them away for storage.

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