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Is Prepping on the Decline?

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There was a time when being prepared for emergencies was a national past time. The Great Depression all but forced people to live within (and less than) their means, and save everything they could. Following the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001, even more people saw the benefits of preparing and began building up supplies. Then there was the stock market crash of 2008, forcing countless Americans to live off what they had. Some had stored up enough with which to subsist until a new job or other means could be found. Many others struggled.

Then the world was supposed to end in 2012 as predicted by the Mayans. Before the predicted date arrived, more and more people began stockpiling food, water, and gear…just in case. The world still stands, but that didn’t stop countless others from investing even more in emergency prep in the months before the 2015 blood moon tetrad.

Preppers kept on prepping since then. That is, right up until election day. According to some sources, prepping is on a decline as people let their guard down with Donald Trump about to become president. They trust him to boost the economy, to produce jobs, and make everything awesome. Whether that will happen or not has yet to be seen (fingers crossed). But even if he does make everything awesome, that doesn’t mean we’re done prepping.

Natural disasters don’t really care how good our economy is. Massive earthquakes, super tornadoes, category 5 hurricanes, and the biggest, baddest snowstorms can be debilitating. Even smaller disasters can leave you without power, water, and other comforts for an extended period of time.

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Stocking up for the unexpected is more than just preparing for the stock market to crash (although also important). True, the Dow Jones has never been higher, and the market is looking good. So money might not be as big an issue as it has been in the past. But what about water storage, just in case your water get shut off? Broken water mains and other issues can do that without warning. Will your food storage be enough to see you through a hurricane if you can’t make it to the store? Or what about a way to warm yourself (and your family) when your power goes out during a blizzard? Or will you have sufficient food in your storage to get you by following a job loss until you can get yourself back on your feet? The list goes on.

There are so many reasons why being prepared is a good idea. Don’t leave your safety and well-being up to fate. Just like any good ship, make sure you have a life boat. Nobody goes out expecting their ship to sink (Titanic, anyone?), but if your good fortunes do spring a leak, make your you have a lifeboat handy.


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4 thoughts on “Is Prepping on the Decline?”

  • Cindy

    We live SD and a couple of weeks ago we lost power for 2 hours. Not a big deal right, except is was -4 outside and clear. Now it can get real cold real fast. We were ready. We started our generator and keep warm. We also had food to eat. My point is you never know when something will happen. Weather is not always a predictor if the power will go out. It dose not matter who is in office. Civil unrest can happen any time. As well as a disaster or sickness. One way to look at it, is 4 years to be even more prepared. So keep on prepping.

  • Karen

    Just because Trump got elected doesn't mean that our country is not still trillions of dollars in debt. We could see a super volcano go off, the San Andreas of Madrid Fault blow leaving thousands without power or food. We could suffer an EMP or attack on our power grid at any time. Don't stop prepping!!!

  • Beth

    A few weeks ago, a major ice storm was predicted to hit the Midwest, and of course, people were rushing to the stores to buy basics, including water. Lines were extremely long, and many items were gone. We didn't have to panic because we had everything we needed, including water, a generator, and fuel. Fortunately, we were fine. My advice is to prep now, and then you won't have to panic later.

  • Melissa

    Prepping for me isn't only about being able to provide basic needs to my family in a time of crisis, but also to leave behind a legacy. I know I will not always be around to look after my family. I have three girls and nearly everything I purchase, I purchase three at a time. I also have a number of survival books. I always wanted to start a "hope chest" for them. So now I have. Not only do I prep for whatever may happen in the not-so-distant future, I prep for my family for what may happen when I am no longer around.

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