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The Kelly Kettle: How it Works

What is the Kelly Kettle? How does it work? We set out this week to answer those questions in our series "The Kelly Kettle: How it Works". 

The larger, "corked" vessel is actually the kettle that you boil the water in. It is double walled, and the water goes into the angled spout, between the two walls. The center is hollow so the heat from the fire can pass through. This increases the surface area of water exposed to the heat, making it boil faster. The cork allows you to fill the kettle before you leave and transport cold water with you.

The fire is lit in the Fire Base. You can use the supplied can of Fired Up! Emergency Fuel and Fire Starter, or gather sticks and kindling to light your fire with. Or use a combination of both. As your water is heating up, if you need to add more fuel, this can easily be done through the chimney on top of the kettle.

Below you will find a photo walk-through of using the Kelly Kettle to boil water.
Everything you need to boil water
Fill the Kettle with water. The provided cork-and-chain is to help store cold water and transport it to where you are going.
Fill the Fire Base with your fuel source. Here, we are using 1 cup of our can of Fired Up! Emergency Fuel and Fire Starter. You can also use wood, leaves, twigs, pine cones, etc.
Before lighting your fuel source, place the Kettle on top of the Fire Base.
 VERY IMPORTANT!!!! Be sure to remove the cork BEFORE you light the fuel in the Fire Base. Forgetting to do so can result in explosions. REMOVE THE CORK!!!! The sides of the kettle have these nice hooks, designed to keep the cork off of the ground.
Point the hole in the Fire Base into the wind to allow adequate air flow. If it especially windy, adjust so only some of the wind will be blowing into the hole.
Orient the Kettle so that the Spout is pointing into the wind. This will keep ash from the Chimney from falling into your water.
 Light the fuel in the Fire Base, using your preferred fire-starting method.
As you can see, the chimney goes all the way down into the Fire Base. More fuel can be added by dropping it down the chimney. Be careful to not get burned!
 Your water will boil in about 4-8 minutes, depending on the type and amount of fuel used, the weather conditions, and how full the kettle is.
 Once your water has boiled, you will need to remove the Kettle from the Fire Base very carefully. Hold the Handle at a 90 degree angle, so that it is sticking straight out, level with the ground. Do NOT hold Handle above Chimney while on Fire Base. You will burn yourself.
 Now that the Kettle is not over the Fire Base, you can hold the handle above it, like normal. use the cork and chain to tip the kettle (since the sides will be VERY HOT) and pour the water out.

And that is how you use the Kelly Kettle. Stay tuned, because next time we will be demonstrating how you can boil water and cook food with the Kelly Kettle. AT THE SAME TIME!

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