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  • Wow. WOW. Have you seen this video?

    A supercell near Booker, Texas from Mike Olbinski on Vimeo.

    I only wish he’d captured more!

    These images from Sean R. Heavey, a photographer in Montana, are also astounding. They're scary and beautiful at the same time.

    Supercell Sean Heavey

    You should know that the images have been altered; they’re compiled from several different images that he took. Still, they're worth looking at.

    Man, nature is impressive.

    ~ Steph

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  • iStock_000015792320Small

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    If you are already signed up on our email list, you should have received a product email from this new address today. If it hasn’t arrived in your inbox, check your spam folder to see if it got sent there by mistake then be sure that you add our new email address to your contacts.

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  • What’s the weather like in your neck of the woods? It’s sunny and clear in Utah, but here’s a heads up if you live on the east coast in any of the Mid-Atlantic States: It’s gonna be rainy today!

    June 13 2013 Mt Holly NWS forecast

    According to a brief from the Philidelphia/Mt. Holly office of the National Weather Service (NWS), there is potential for widespread flash flooding and river flooding. There is also the possibility of “tornados, strong damaging winds, and large hail” which may cause trees to uproot and increase the likelihood of damage to power lines.

    Hopefully, like yesterday’s expected derecho, the weather will be less severe than predicted. It’s never a bad idea to plan for the worst, so take this information and get ready. You might not be able to get one in time for this week’s storms, but having a radio on hand, and tuned to the NOAA Weather Radio station for your area, is an easy way to get weather updates – especially watches and warnings.

    This brief a great example of the information you can get from NOAA’s National Weather Service. They work hard to stay ahead of the weather to give you as much warning as possible. Get familiar with the NWS website and sign up for alerts. You’ll be glad you did!



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  • Today's Possible Derecho

    June Blizzard Derecho


    If you live in the Midwest you want to be especially watchful today.

    Large hail, strong winds, lighting, and possible tornadoes may cause widespread power outages. That would mean your access to water, air conditioning, and electricity could be reduced, or possibly eliminated if the storms get strong enough.

    Here’s an article from ABC news that sums up today’s storm situation and a succinct video that shows maps of the potentially affected areas.

    Stock up on important survival items like water storage containers, alternative lighting, and food that doesn’t need to be cooked (include links). Consider how you will keep cool if your AC is out.

    For those of you travelling this week, make sure you keep checking the weather. If you’re flying, expect flight delays or cancellations. If you’re driving, keep an emergency kit in your car, make sure to have alternate routes mapped out (check out baby step #4), and know where accommodations are so that you can find shelter if you need it.

    We suggest following NOAA and FEMA’s Twitter feeds for your region. We’ll also keep you posted via our Emergency Essentials Twitter feed as we receive information we’ll tweet storm watches and warnings from 8 am -5 pm MST. If you don’t use Twitter, or if we’re not Tweeting, check out these websites:

    Good luck this storm season!  

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  • 2013YetiCombowithFREEsolarPanel

    From June 9th through July 7th, when you purchase a Goal Zero Yeti 1250 Kit you will receive an extra Boulder 30 Solar Panel (a $240 value) for free!! This extra solar panel means that you can charge your Yeti from the sun even faster, allowing you to power your devices in less time and with less waiting. You can also power devices for your daily use while cutting down on your electricity bill.

    This special offer includes all of the benefits from the regular Yeti 1250 solar generator kit. Each generator kit includes:

    • 1- Yeti 1250 Solar Generator
    • 3 Boulder 30 Solar Panels (the third panel is free! For a limited time)
    • 1 Fabric Carrying Case for Panels
    • 1 Roll Cart

    The Yeti 1250 Solar Powered Generator stores 1250 watt hours of power to run multiple devices. It can charge your smartphone up to 100+ times and can run 12 v lights for up to 400+ hours of use. The Yeti is also great for powering laptops and tvs and can even run a refrigerator (note: these averages are based on the most popular brands of these devices).

    In addition to charging from the sun, the Yeti 1250 can also charge from the wall in 18 hours so it will be ready when you need it. The Yeti kit also includes a roll cart to use for your everyday/recreational use.

    The Yeti 1250 provides a silent and indoor-safe source of power— you don’t need gas to run this generator! There are no fumes emitted or fuels to store, protecting you and your family from carbon monoxide poisoning. This also means there are no dangerous moving parts, making it safer to have the Yeti near kids or pets.

    Take advantage of this offer from June 9th to July 7th. Buy a Goal Zero Yeti 1250 kit and get a third Boulder Solar Panel for free! Check out our Goal Zero Product page to see other great products that let you create and store energy from the sun.





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  • Tired of getting Dad that same old plaid tie each year for Father’s Day? Are you looking for a new gift idea that your dad will truly love? If your dad is “the rugged outdoorsy type,” or just wishes that he could have more time to hike, camp, or use awesome tools, we've got the perfect gifts for him.

    All of these Father’s Day gifts are on sale, so you can get your dad a great gift at an excellent price. Just make sure to have your order in by 11:59 p.m. Mountain Time on Sunday, June 10th 2013, and we guarantee that you'll receive your shipment in time for Father’s Day or we'll refund your shipping costs!


    Outdoor Glacier II Hydration Pack

    Perfect for a day hike or bicycling trip, help dad stay hydrated and cool by getting him the outdoor glacier II hydration pack. With a deluxe padded back with an Airway™ cooling system, this hydration pack can holds a 2-liter Cyclone bladder with neoprene hose cover. Now on sale for 34.99 (originally priced at $59.99).

    Outdoor Glacier II Hydration Pack from Emergency Essentials

    Bear Grylls Survival Tool Pack

    Bear Grylls Survival Mini Tool Pack includes the Gerber Mini-Multi Tool that will help your dad to survive in hostile environments. The pack is light weight, but packs a punch for its small size! It also includes a nifty pocket survival guide. Now on sale for $64.99 (originally priced at $85.00)

    Bear Grylls Gerber Ultimate Knife

    This drop point blade includes a diamond sharpener, fire starter rod, and a steel pommel base for hammering. It also comes with an Emergency whistle! Now on sale for $47.99 (originally priced at $62.00)

    Bear Grylls Ultimate knife (by Gerber) from Emergency Essentials

    Gerber Shard Key-chain tool

    This Titanium coated pocket tool will allow your dad to carry the basics with him while preparing him for any type of emergency. Now on sale for $4.79 (originally priced at $7.00)

    High Uinta Gear™ Multifunction Tool

    With more than 13 functions, this tool will come in handy for your dad’s fix-it needs. Now on sale for $3.99 (originally priced at $9.99)

    2-Pound Hatchet

    The Perfect tool for driving in tent spikes or nails, this 2-pound Hatchet includes a carbon steel head and fiberglass handle with a no-slip grip. Now on sale for $18.99 (originally priced at $24.95)

    Vario Dual Technology Microfilter

    If your dad’s on a camping trip and runs out of water, the Vario Dual Technology Microfilter is the perfect tool for creating a premium drinking water system. With a high water output (it can fill up to 2 quarts per minute), and an extended cartridge life, this tool can filter up to 500 gallons per cartridge. This tool also can attach directly to the most popular water bottles and is easily adjustable to provide maximum water output. Now on sale for $69.99 (originally priced at $94.95!!!)

    Katadyn Vario Water Filter from Emergency Essentials

    Lighthouse Lantern and USB Power Hub

    Ok, this is pretty cool! What dad doesn’t want a lantern that includes a USB outlet port for charging portable devices like your cell phone while camping! This lantern also has a built-in hanger and provides 6 hours of use with a four hour charge. Now on sale for $34.99 (originally priced at $49.99)

    Alpine 5 Degree Sleeping Bag

    With its double-layer construction and compression sack, keep your dad warm in adverse camping conditions with the Alpine 5 Degree Sleeping Bag. Now on sale for $37.99 (originally priced at $67.95)


    These two items aren't on sale, but since the way to a man’s heart is reportedly through his stomach, you might want to consider them anyway!

    Jerky Spices 6-Pack

    Help your dad turn ground or whole meat into delicious jerky! Seasons up to 6 lbs. of meat. Comes in two flavors—original and teriyaki—priced at $6.95 each.

    Yoder’s Canned Bacon

    Most dads love a good slice of bacon, so consider getting him a can or two of Yoder’s Canned bacon. Each can comes with 50 slices of pre-cooked bacon packed for long-term storage, so your dad can enjoy it this Father’s day or on Father’s days in years to come. Priced at $16.95 ($.34 per slice)

    Yoders Bacon from Emergency Essentials


    Happy Father’s Day to all you dads out there! And for the rest of you, be sure to order your gifts by 11:59 p.m. this Sunday to get them to your Dad in time for Father’s Day on June 16th!!

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  • Imagine being in an emergency where you have to evacuate your home on foot. You may have to run or walk for several miles in order to get to safety. You may even have to build an outdoor shelter out of natural materials. Just thinking about these scenarios really makes me tired and makes me think, “If I were in an emergency would I be physically prepared to keep myself safe?”

    Building your cardio health through Stamina, Strength, and Endurance training will help you to stay healthy and to keep yourself out of harm’s way during an emergency. Select one or more of these areas to focus on for your summer fitness routine. Building a Survival fitness regime requires a lot of time, patience, and practice—it may be painful now, but it will be well worth it in the end. Set goals for yourself and take things at your own pace.


    Assess Your Health and Fitness

    Before you begin exercising, assess your health as it currently stands. Talk with your doctor before you begin about which exercises are best for you.

    After visiting your doctor, plan and execute an emergency drill. This drill will help you to determine which skills you may need to work on. Practice building a shelter, carrying supplies or people, using your emergency ladder to escape a second story room, and walking or hiking to your emergency meeting place or evacuation location with your supplies. Ask yourself these questions to determine what you need to work on:

    • Can I build an emergency shelter?
    • Can I lift/carry someone else?
    • Can I carry a backpack full of several days (or even weeks) of emergency supplies?
    • Can I fill and carry sand bags to help protect my home against flood waters?
    • Can I help clean-up damages after a natural disaster?

    Your answers to these questions will help you to determine where you should focus your attention during your fitness regime.

    Building Stamina

    Stamina is your staying power or ability to endure. Your stamina can help you to withstand fatigue and disease. In essence, it’s what keeps you healthy. In order to build stamina, you can:

    • Work out three or more times a week. Make sure that your heart rate does not exceed 60 to 80 percent of your maximum heart rate for 20 minutes or longer. Moderate exercise can increase stamina. (Click here to calculate your maximum heart rate.)
    • Mix up your workout regime. High intensity training, mixed in with more relaxed exercise can help you to build your endurance and stamina. Variation and moderation are important to strengthen your muscles and to help you acquire stamina and endurance.
    •  Strengthen your abdominals. Working on strengthening your abdominal muscles will help you to gain strength and power for any activity that involves the torso. Try adding push-ups, sit-ups, and other core-strengthening moves to your exercise regime.
    • Weight training can also build strength. If you are new to weight training you may want to go to a gym or trainer to help you do it safely.

    Building Strength

    Strength is the ability to exert yourself physically with power and force. In order to build strength you must remember that your arms alone are not where your power comes from, so consider working on:

    • Legs, chest, back, shoulders, glutes, abdominals. Strength is largely built through weight training. However, you can also do squats, chin ups or flexed-arm hangs in addition to shoulder presses, dead lifts, bench and leg presses, which will strengthen all of your large muscle groups.
    • Strengthen your large muscle groups. Learning how to use each of these muscle groups will give you more power, leverage, and force to do heavy carrying or lifting.
    • Use resistance bands. Although they are generally thought of as rehabilitation tools for sports injuries, using resistance bands while working out and stretching also builds muscular strength. You don’t have to be a bodybuilder to gain strength!

    Building Endurance

    Endurance is the ability to continue exerting energy despite stress, fatigue, or other adverse conditions. In order to build endurance it is important to remember to:

    • Pace yourself. Gradually build up your endurance through variation in your exercise routine. Start at a level that you are comfortable with (walk four laps around a track), then increase by 10% each week until you can run four full laps around the track without having to break. This applies to any type of exercise.
    • Gradually Increase. Once you can run/walk/bike a certain distance without stopping, gradually increase speed and distance (this also applies with any form of exercise).

    Succeeding with your regime

    Getting fit isn’t solely about exercising longer or faster— a nutritious diet, rest, and hydration also help to increase your health and endurance as much as traditional exercise will.

    Select activities that you enjoy to increase your chance of staying with them long enough to get into shape. So, if you feel like you are dying when you are running (like I do), try something else to improve your cardiovascular health.  You can walk, do aerobic exercise, swim, ride an elliptical, bike, or row. Always warm up, stretch, and cool down each time you exercise.

    At the end of the summer, execute another emergency drill to see how and where you have improved. Continue your workout regimen for the rest of the year.

    Now drop and give me 20.

    What does your Survival Fitness Regime include? 


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  • El Reno, Okalahoma Tornado

    Last Friday, the second deadly EF5 tornado in a two week period hit Oklahoma, this time near the city of El Reno. The tornado was a record-breaking 2.6 miles wide, with winds up to 295 miles per hour. Fortunately, the storm didn't affect most of the developed areas of El Reno.


    El Reno Mayor Matt White said that while his city of 18,000 residents suffered significant damage — including its vocational-technical center and a cattle stockyard that was reduced to a pile of twisted metal — he said it could have been much worse had the violent twister tracked to the north.
    "If it was two more miles this way, it would have wiped out all of downtown, almost every one of our subdivisions and almost all of our businesses," White said. "It would have taken out everything."
    Click here to continue reading this story.


    Everyone is grateful that the majority of the town was spared. Still, 18 people died from the tornado and the flooding it caused. Our condolences and heartfelt prayers go out to all those who lost loved ones or who were affected in other ways.

    Photo credit: AP Photo/Alonzo Adams, File

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  • Hi, friends!

    Urban Girl here. Did you know that we have Freeze Dried Salmon available this month? It's on pre-order right now until about mid-month. Snatch up your cans before they sell out, because this fish is delish, and it's selling like crazy (crazy as in... we might sell out before the truck even arrives with the inventory)! We made salmon burgers last week in the test kitchen, and lemme tell you… they were healthy, flavorful, and satisfying. Take a look:

    Salmon burgers


    They look pretty good, right? Well, if you want to recreate them, here’s our recipe—I hope you enjoy it.



    1. Mix all ingredients together in a medium bowl until combined. The ingredients should be fairly sticky and hold together into patties pretty well. If they crumble apart, add more whole egg mix and/or bread crumbs as needed.
    2. Form into patties. Be sure they’re not too thick unless you’re cooking them over low heat—you want them to cook all the way through before the outside is overcooked.
    3. Grill over medium heat on a gas/charcoal grill, or cook on a stove-top grill pan (do not use lid of grill pan—it will smash the patties too thin and they’ll turn out dry). You could also bake them or cook them on the stove top using a frying pan, but we love the added flavor from grilling.
    4. Cook on each side for 2-3 minutes, then check the center of the patty to be sure the fish is opaque and has cooked all the way through. Continue to cook if needed.
    5. Serve on a charred bun with a white sauce or (our preferred topping) a spoonful or two of reconstituted freeze-dried pineapple. You could also use fresh pineapple spears/rings and grill them before adding to your sandwich. Add any other toppings you prefer (like thinly sliced red onions; lettuce, spinach, or shredded cabbage; tomatoes; or a mango salsa).

    If this recipe doesn't whet your appetite, I’m convinced you don’t like food at all—just writing this is making me hungry. These burgers are super tasty, you can take my word for it. Wait, no… don’t take my word for it. Get some freeze dried salmon for yourself and try these burgers—or make your own favorite fish-lover’s dish.

    Bon appétit!

    --Urban Girl (a.k.a., Sarah)

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  • Inventory-Reduction-Sale

    Do you know about Emergency Essentials’ Inventory Reduction Sale? It’s summertime and we’re ready to make some space in our warehouse, not to mention give you another great reason to shop for emergency supplies and food storage.

    You’ll want to save your time for shopping so I’ll make this quick. Here are three highlights from our sale:

    Save 58% on Provident Pantry’s Freeze-Dried Salmon. I made Salmon Burgers with this salmon and let me tell you, this freeze-dried fish is tasty! Normally it sells for $50.95, but as part of our Inventory Reduction Sale you can get it for $20.99. And if you buy six or more #10 cans you can get it for $19.99 each! We don’t carry this product year-round, so once it’s gone, it’s gone. (Note: this product hasn't quite reached our warehouse yet, so although the website says "backordered," for the time being it's actually on "pre-order" status, so call and reserve your cans today!)

    Our Premium 2000 Year Supply of Food Storage is on a special sale this month. Putting this combo together from individual cans would cost $3359.33; you can get the 168-can combo this June for the sale price of $2599.99. That’s more than $750 of savings!


    Freeze-Dried Tomatoes from Provident Pantry are something no food storage supply should be without. You can use freeze-dried tomatoes in sooo many ways (click here for ideas) and at 40% off, this bargain shouldn’t be passed up. Maybe this will make it a little more clear: this is a $43.95 value that you’ll be getting for $25.99. Or call your friends, order together, and get it for $24.79 if you buy six or more!


    Be sure to check out the items we’ve put on sale for Father’s Day. There are SO many great deals and they’re going to sell fast. (Pssst… here’s a tip. Check out the Ridgeway Hydration Pack by Kelty. We have very limited quantities and they’re on sale for $59.99, a $100 value. Quantities are so limited that we’re not even posting this on our website. Look in your catalog and call our Customer Service reps to get one! If there are any left, that is…)

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