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  • Guest Blog post: Use what you store, store what you use.

    Hi! I am Diane from NH!

    I am here to tell you that being "prepared" can mean different things to different people. Recently, I weeded through my kitchen cabinets to get rid of all my nasty canned food items. (It is amazing how outdated some of these turned out to be. Yuck! ) We turned to Emergency Essentials to provide our replacements. And I am so glad we did!!! No more worrying about dates going by…and even better, no more wilted celery stalks, slimy mushrooms, or mushy green peppers in the back of our crisper drawers of the fridge! Now, I always have the necessary ingredients on hand without a gas guzzling trip to the grocery store in town.

    The easy storage of Emergency Essentials' products couldn't be any better. The product is recipe-ready without washing, peeling, slicing and dicing…pop some in water and in a few minutes strain them, and VIOLA! Ready to go! Time and gas savings have been priceless. Using these Emergency Essential products is how I prefer to be "prepared"!! 

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