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Monthly Archives: January 2011

  • Survival Swap Meet

    Find out what skills and supplies your neighbors have to offer in an emergency, and plan your own neighborhood Survival Swap Meet!

    During an emergency like a power outage, flood, earthquake, or even winter storm, you may find yourself working with and helping your neighbors. Planning ahead and knowing the supplies and skills of your neighborhood friends can be a huge blessing should you find yourselves relying upon each other in an emergency.

    How can you best assess what help you can give and get from your neighbors during an emergency situation? I suggest planning a neighborhood survival swap meet! What is a survival swap meet? Well, it’s the opportunity to meet with your neighbors and discuss the products and services you could swap with each other should disaster strike.

    For example, you might have a neighbor who works in the medical field. Knowing beforehand that they might have specialized supplies and first aid knowledge would be beneficial. Perhaps you have a neighbor that owns a chain saw that could help in the clean- up efforts after a disaster. You might even discover that your neighbor would be willing to swap some of her bottled fruit for your extra tent.

    In my neighborhood, I’m an at home mom, while my neighbor works during the day. It might be wise for me to know how to shut off the gas supply outside her house should an earthquake necessitate this while she may be stuck at work. I might also create a plan with her for helping get her children safely home from the nearby school and have a neighborhood meeting point should we be unable to contact each other. List this information, along with contact information and then copy for each neighbor.

    Meeting with your neighborhood friends to assess the skills and supplies each can provide will help you work together should you experience an emergency. You may be pleasantly surprised at the things you will learn and exchange at your Survival Swap Meet!

    -Angie Sullivan

  • Taking Care of Business

    Emergency Toilet and Sanitation Kit

    It’s a subject we don’t often discuss, but it is a basic need—and one that can get tricky in an emergency if you haven't planned ahead. Waste disposal and sanitation is essential because no matter what is happening, you’ve still got to take care of business!

    A while back, my husband planned a fun weekend camping trip with his father and my three daughters. When the men were discussing what hiking they would do, what sights they would see, I was concerned about something else: bathrooms. You see, these three little girls of mine are just like their mother, and I know they won’t be comfortable going to the bathroom just anywhere. I began voicing my concerns to my husband, but he had already taken care of the problem. He had a portable toilet and a privacy shelter packed in the back of his truck. Problem solved.

    This situation reminded me of how important it is to have these types of supplies on hand in an emergency. If I can barely use the restroom in an amusement park, how would I fair should the water be shut off and I’m forced from the comfort of my own home?

    With a few supplies, I found out that you can create a very comfortable restroom in an emergency:

    A portable toilet is simply a large bucket with a snap on toilet seat lid. You can line these toilets with special garbage bags
    Enzymes can be added to your portable toilet to help breakdown and deodorize waste.

    Disposable vinyl gloves can be priceless when you need to change bags, or clean your portable toilet.

    Portable privacy shelters can be assembled in a matter of moments and will quickly provide a space for your portable toilet, or even just a private place to change or wash.

    Having sanitizing wipes or gel on hand is also a good idea. Water will be a commodity, but cleanliness will still be a necessity, so make sure you have plenty of both.

    Take the time to put together these restroom basics and just like my daughters and their camping trip, you can be clean and comfortable “taking care of business” in an emergency!

    -Angie Sullivan

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