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Gamma Seal Lids

Food Grade buckets are a great method for food storage. They keep your food fresh, help you store in bulk, and can stack, making them more space-efficient. Here at Emergency Essentials®, we love food storage buckets.

What could make these great tools better? Short answer: Gamma Seal Lids

These lids simplify the entire process of using your food. Two rubber gaskets insure an air tight seal. The twist lock action makes it incredibly easy to open and close, getting access to your food. And they come in a variety of colors, allowing you to create a color-coded system for your storage.

Now these lids can be a bit tricky to get on the first time, so lets walk through what I think is the easiest way to get them on and working.

The first step will be to purchase a bucket and Gamma Seal Lid:

Got them.

The second step is to take the lid off of the adapter ring:

Righty tighty, lefty loosey

Next, get the adapter ring onto the bucket. This is the tricky part. I recommend that you place the bucket on the ground, then use your knees and hands to force it down. Really put your weight into it. You will hear the ring click into place once you're done:

This was a surprisingly difficult picture to take.

Then screw the lid on and you are ready to store:

What will you use a Gamma Seal lid for? Do you already have some? Sound off in the comments!

7 thoughts on “Gamma Seal Lids”

  • katie z.

    I love the ease to open these, but getting the ring on the bucket for the first time was terribly difficult! I'm glad I only have to do that once.

  • plainoldsarah

    Getting it on is hard - but getting them off to put on new buckets is even harder! Usually instead of moving the lid, I just refill the gamma lidded bucket from the newer buckets.

  • Dana ♥

    I have several gamma lids (different colors) and love them. This is how I put the initial gamma seal on: I unscrew the top from the ring, then i set the ring on the bucket edge. Next I use a board that is long enough to span the entire diameter of the bucket and set it on top of the gamma seal ring. I then use a hammer and hit the board, I rotate the board around the gamma seal ring and hit it every few inches.By the time I make it back to the starting place, It is down nice and tight. I just put one on 5 minutes ago. Really! I would not recommend hitting the gamma seal ring with a hammer - hence the board. It works great!

  • Anonymous

    Just got our first one tonight - it took me about 10 minutes to get the lower ring on but it was worth it. What a great buy!

  • tbonecanoes

    I use gamma seal lids for keeping items waterproofed while canoeing. When canoe-camping they also double as a seat. Use them to keep anything from drawing moisture such as charcoal, grain and of course food.

  • millenniumfly

    Gamma seal lids are awesome... I only wish I had invented them!

  • Erica @ ChildOrganics

    We have put our gamma lids to good use. It has helped us to save money when purchasing organic rice. We can buy it bulk and store it in the buckets and not need to worry about it going bad. I love the tips of taking the bucket/lids camping to keep everything dry. Thanks!

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