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8 Unexpected Uses for a Mountain House Pouch

We all know that Mountain House food can help you to survive in an emergency, but did you know that an empty Mountain House pouch can help as well?

8 Unexpected Uses for a Mountain House Pouch

Mountain House created a series illustrating various ways to re-use a Mountain House Pouch. Here’s what they came up with.

  1. Bet you didn’t know you could use a Mountain House pouch to warm up your sleeping bag . . . Simply fill up an empty (clean) pouch with hot water and place by your feet inside your sleeping bag.

 8 Unexpected Uses for a Mountain House Pouch


  1. How about using an empty pouch to wash your utensils while camping? This is a great way to conserve water and to get your utensils clean without them getting lost. Simply put soapy water in, close, and shake—no scrubbing required! You could even use the water to clean other small items.

8 Unexpected Uses for a Mountain House Pouch

  1. Use a clean Mountain House Pouch as a Waterproof container for your keys, cell phone, and other items you don’t want to get wet while exploring a lake or going white water rafting.

 8 Unexpected Uses for a Mountain House Pouch

Inspired by Mountain House’s idea, we’ve come up with five more ways to re-use a Mountain House pouch in an emergency:

  1. If you’re lost in the wild and need a container to filter water into, use your empty Mountain House pouch as a container to drink from.
  2. You can carry extra water for cooking and cleaning in Mountain House pouches.
  3. Use a clean Mountain House pouch as a waterproof mini emergency kit (similar to an SOL origin survival pack) to carry with you in your day pack.
  4. Searching for wild edibles, but don’t have a basket or container to carry them back to camp? You can use a Mountain House pouch to collect edible plants and flowers. For plants that need water to stay fresh before cooking, you can add a little water into the pouch.
  5. Lost in the woods and need a way to signal for help? Open up your Mountain House pouch and use the silver lining inside to reflect the sun similar to a signaling mirror.

Have you ever used a Mountain House pouch or another unconventional tool to help you during a camping trip or emergency? We’d love to hear about your experience!

Photos courtesy of Mountain House Instagram

8 thoughts on “8 Unexpected Uses for a Mountain House Pouch”

  • Shine

    Put your blue bag in it to add an extra layer when packing out ALL your waste…

  • Janet S Richards
    Janet S Richards October 2, 2014 at 11:19 am

    Cut in half, the bottom makes an improvised drinking bowl for pet (dog or cat). Also can be used to collect rain water.

  • Q

    when walking the dog put some paper towels and/or rubber glove in and use to pick up poop. Then just drop in the waste bin.

  • Mike

    Not 100% sure, but probably would work as an EMP protector for small electronics/phone/radios. Might also prevent phone tracing/tracking.

    For this use I would seal and roll down bag as far as possible, then tape or use rubber band to keep roll fastened.

    This is predicated on the aluminum foil in the pack.

    You might test by putting phone in pack and see if it still receives; same with radio.

  • Buck Goldstein

    A Mountain House pouch could be opened-up and carefully folded into a nifty aluminum foil hat for your favorite =^,,^= cat.

  • Tracy

    Cut a hole in the bottom of a clean pouch and slide in your favorite penlight, LED light etc. Then open up side seams to diffuse light for more coverage inside your tent or on a writing surface.

  • Joe Gibson

    Way to go Mountain House, when I buy your products I'LL remember you are concerned with conservation/recycling issues!

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