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15 Food Storage Hacks to Make Cooking Easier

15 Food Storage Hacks to Make Cooking Easier

You may think of food storage as buckets of wheat and beans that are useless in your everyday cooking.

Not so, my friends. Here are 15 food storage hacks to make your cooking easier and more awesome on a daily basis:

1. Dehydrated onion flakes = no chopping onions = no tears. Win.

2. Freeze-dried fruit crushed into powder in a blender makes an awesome addition to frosting and filling for cakes, cookies, and other treats.

3. Powdered milk is fantastic for baking and everyday use (especially when you unexpectedly run out and your kids are about to stage a mutiny).

4. Powdered milk is also great for those who use milk infrequently. No sense in letting half of the container go bad—just mix up the amount you want on an as-needed basis. Also, powdered milk has come a long way since your childhood days of “scorched-tasting” milk. Don’t be afraid.

5. Use the powder or leftover pieces of your favorite freeze-dried fruits or spices to create delicious compound butters to spread on bread and other treats.

6. Instead of chopping up garlic, minced garlic is a super convenient product to store. It will cut your prep time in half, and you can use it in your favorite meals. (And, bonus, your hands won’t smell like garlic.)

7. Freeze-dried veggies are an easy way to have seasonal vegetables at any time of year. Add them to soups and casseroles without having to chop, slice, or dice.

8. Add Peanut Butter Powder to smoothies. You’ll get all the flavor with much less fat.

9. Use Butter Powder to make spreadable butter in a hurry.

10. If you get home late or forgot to plan dinner, you can use taco mix to make tacos in a flash!

11. Freeze-dried fruit is perfect in smoothies. You can also use Freeze-dried fruits to make apple-peach or strawberry-banana bread.

12. Looking for a great after school snack for the kids? FD fruits are healthy and taste so good, the kids won’t miss candy (well . . . )

13. Use Freeze-dried meats as toppings for homemade pizza.

14. Got a “Helper” meal or pre-packaged meal that requires meat? You can use freeze-dried meats as substitutes in your favorite pre-packaged dishes.

15. Wheat berries don’t just have to be used for flour. You can use wheat berries as a meat extender or a substitute for meat in meals.

How do you use food storage to make cooking easier?

2 thoughts on “15 Food Storage Hacks to Make Cooking Easier”

  • Cheryl

    I like FD vegetables for making cold salads (rice with spinach, onions, peppers). It's a lot easier to rehydrate the FD veggies because they won't be steaming hot (I rehydrate in lukewarm water). Plus you can rehydrate them together and the flavors blend together.

  • Kent

    Re: the title of this article, I don't think the word "hack" means what you think it means.

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