Volcano Collapsible Stove Combo Giveaway!!

June 19, 2014 | 17 comment(s)

As we've just stepped into summertime, we want to make all your barbecues, camping adventures, and other activities fantastic. What better way to do that (and celebrate the warm weather) than to offer a Volcano Collapsible Stove Combo...for FREE! Just take the quiz below to learn a little bit about the Volcano Collapsible Stove Combo and you'll automatically be entered to win!

Entries accepted until June 30, 2014, 11:59 pm MST. Winner will be chosen within the following week. Official rules available within the contest quiz.

For Mobile users, follow this link to take the quiz:


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  • Shelly  |  June 19, 2014

    I would love to have this volcano stove!

  • Calvin Wilkins  |  June 19, 2014

    I would really love one of these!

  • Terry Wydick  |  June 19, 2014

    This cooker is great would love to win one ...I've been trying to win A Solo stove sense march I think there give a way is a scam ..They have not gave one a way yet ... I gave up on them cant handle a Company that there word is no good ....I like your cooker Tons better And I think if you say your going to give one Away you will ,,Thanks for the chance to win a great cooker ..

  • Shelly Iles  |  June 19, 2014

    I would love to win this!!

  • Margo Lewis  |  June 19, 2014

    No quiz was available :(

  • Tracy Ramsey   |  June 19, 2014

    Interesting stove.

  • Lee   |  June 19, 2014


  • Kipper FisH  |  June 19, 2014

    I have seen this stove used b4 and it is awesome so hope I win it 2 share w/my 6 g/kids We camp alot!

  • pat clark   |  June 19, 2014

    look great

  • Richard Kannarr  |  June 19, 2014

    It would GE fun to learn to use it.

  • beprepared  |  June 20, 2014

    The quiz should be in the large black box with the picture in it. There is a large button at the bottom of that box that says start. If that box isn't showing up on your browser, please let us know.

  • beprepared  |  June 20, 2014

    Thanks for letting us know. We will work on getting it updated.

  • beprepared  |  June 20, 2014

    For all those who are looking for a way to take the quiz on a mobile device or in general, follow this link to take the quiz http://bit.ly/1qnCY2L

  • Ian  |  June 20, 2014

    No quiz available on my iPad, or Droid. No picture, no box.

  • Billie Davis  |  June 20, 2014

    Wow !! Awesome stove !!! What a great stove for everyday use and a must have for any true prep-per...... Got my fingers crossed. Thanks Emergency Essentials for the chance to win this little baby.

  • Dan K  |  June 30, 2014

    Tried to enter but there is no quiz :( Only a few hours too go.

  • beprepared  |  July 7, 2014

    Dan K,
    I'm sorry that happened. We tried to fix this problem by offering a link right to the quiz. We will look into fixing our quiz software for our next giveaway. Please be sure to come back and again. Don't hesitate to call our customer service as well if you are trying to enter a contest, but can't do it for some reason. The number is 1-800-999-1863.

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