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BePrepared.com New Website Survey

At Emergency Essentials, we have always valued your feedback about how we can better serve you. We know that you have input and opinions to share, and we would love to have you share them with us today.

Please take some time to look around the new BePrepared.com website. Explore a bit and see what you find. We would love it if you would then come back here and answer the questions below.

Then if you include your email address, you could be one of 10 people who will receive a thank-you prize for participating!

12 thoughts on “BePrepared.com New Website Survey”

  • P. Phillips

    I hate new website. Firt you lost all my order history, second
    it lost the shopping cart lis I was peparing, third,I could not put in a differnt shiping and biling addess, each time I changed one it would change the other and I could not find info on the new site I used to access on the other. etc etc.
    This is NOT progress. PUT the old one back.
    Signed a Pissed Off Customer

  • mark

    Like the new site, very easy to navigate. One recommendation would be to have reviews for products (specifically water filters) as I am looking to purchase one.

  • Mike

    Everything is out of stock? Why not close down the website?

  • jill kutscher

    Site has nice appearance. It was just easier to locate sale items quickly. Since catalogue is arranged one way and site another is makes it harder to translate.
    It won't stop me from shopping with you, and I will get used to it asap.

  • Terry  Wahrer

    Driving over from Colorado, which of your stores would you suggest as having most everything in stock or on display? Thank you.

  • William

    Had issues with page loading on IE 9.

  • E J Cerul

    I resent this portion of the survey. Why do you require me to fill it out when I don't feel like commenting. More of the decrease in customer service that I see coming from this company. Like the incorrectly filled (shortage) backorder which was not corrected after my phone call. Emerg. Essent. customer service has deteriorated in the past year. Concentrate on that, not how "pretty" your web site appears.

  • victor principe sr.
    victor principe sr. February 14, 2013 at 11:36 am

    find info on wood gas used as a fuel to run a gen.

  • jim lambert

    Thank you for valuing your patrons enough to put up this page, and to set it up so, we can customize it to our own liking.
    You have a great product and wonderful people or Staff working for you always ready to be of help.
    THANK YOU from a satisfied customer.

  • Tami

    I don't really care for the way we have to search for what we are looking for instead of keying an item # or name . Also the old list that we could just scan down and order was much easier. Thanks for trying to improve, even it it doesnt work exactly the same for everyone. Your customer service is helpful and polite. Thanks again.

  • Laura

    The previous site was much easier to use. I miss seeing the reviews as well. The new site typeset is too light and appears blurry. The recipes are a nice touch however it would be nice to see recipes that only use food storage items. Hope you will continue to improve on your improvement.

  • Jana

    I understand that you are trying to update your site, but the website has too many bugs and should have been fine tuned and better prepared before putting online. Too much aggrivation for your customers. We MUST have our old order history included in our account information. Need to include the product reviews that you used to have.

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