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Could you Survive an EMP?

Could you Survive an EMP?

Are you ready for a blackout triggered by an electromagnetic pulse? Experts such as Peter Vincent Pry, the executive director of the Task Force on National and Homeland Security, warn that the civilian world isn’t as prepared as they should be.

An electromagnetic pulse, or EMP, is a burst of electromagnetic energy that can come from nuclear missiles detonating in Earth’s atmosphere or from super solar flares (explosions on the surface of the sun) that reach our atmosphere. This burst of energy is capable of disabling or even destroying electronic devices connected to the grid (cellphones, computers, television, toaster, etc.) whether or not they are plugged in.

According to Watchdog.org, “Electricity is the lifeblood of the modern world. Food, transportation, medical facilities, and communication systems all need it to function.” In our daily lives, we use electricity for even the simplest of tasks: cooking our food, washing our clothes, lighting the dark, charging all our technological devices, and more.

Not only would an EMP interrupt daily tasks, it would prove detrimental to many people’s way of life. The kicker is… we could prevent it, but we don’t.

To read more, check out Watchdog.org’s article “Experts: Civilians not ready for EMP-caused blackout

If the electric grid went down in your area, would you be able to survive? Think about the following questions:

  • How will you keep your perishable foods safe to eat?
  • How will you light your home?
  • How will you provide warmth?
  • How will you communicate with loved ones?

If you can answer these questions, then you are on your way to preparing for a blackout. Make sure you add the appropriate gear to your emergency supplies. Consider adding some of the following:

Also check out these other categories for more gear that could help you survive a blackout:


Adding the right gear into your emergency supplies will make a huge difference if you find yourself without power for days on end. Learn more about what you can do to stay safe and prepare for an EMP-caused blackout with some of our Insight Articles:

What preparations have you made for a blackout?





Photo Courtesy of WatchDog.org

3 thoughts on “Could you Survive an EMP?”

  • Rich

    You will need a lot of supplies for an EMP. The transformers used in the substations are built over-seas and usually have over a years lead time. Gov't report on EMP estimates grid could be down from 3 to 10 years!

  • Neil Foster

    The problem with Solar Power Supplies, many of them use solid state circuitry for control. Unless the devices are in a Faraday Shield, they will be rendered uselessl

  • Bob

    What grants are available for Civilians to set up the protection needed for an ENP?

    I work with Church and Local groups in Disaster Preparedness. We partner with North-State Food Bank. Food is not a problem for 4-5 days. Without Electricity beyond 5 days all of our frozen products will have to be thrown out unless we find a propane freezer..

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